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Lacking in Appetite + Goal Talk–March.


Hello there! Hope Tuesday is treating you well.

You know what’s kind of terrible? Going to a Chinese buffet with no appetite. My stomach was feeling a little off yesterday (I think it’s the probiotics starting to kick in and my system adjusting) and in the morning/afternoon, my appetite was absolutely dead.

I didn’t feel like eating much, but I made sure I went for the good stuff.


  • sushi (tilapia, futomaki, and mango salmon) and mussels with cocktail sauce
  • wonton soup
  • steamed pork bun, sticky rice, garlic roasted green beans (I skipped the other steamed bun when I realized it was plain)
  • banana chunks with a strawberry sauce

Such a buffet fail – I’d much rather go with a big appetite and get my money’s worth. Next time King’s, next time.

I also have to mention – those beans. Amazing. I’m definitely roasting green beans the next time I buy them.

Goal Talk

So, we’re five days into the month, but I can still talk about my goals, right?

February Goals

1. Work on my hip mobility.

I actually did really well with this one. I started each workout with some of Paige’s hip mobility exercises, and worked hip mobility exercises into my stretches at the end of the workout. You want to know what’s awkward? Doing a frog pose in a crowded gym.

Do not look anyone in the eye…


I’m definitely seeing some improvements though. Slowly but surely, my front leg in pigeon pose is inching it’s way parallel. Something that I’m going to continue, for sure.


2. Try to keep an eye on my grocery budget.

Success! I managed to stick to my budget pretty well and avoid the “YES ON SALE!” thing that happens to me quite regularly. I stand by my weekly lists and meal plans – it makes budgeting a million times easier.


3. Figure out a solution to my digestive problems.

I’ve upped my carb intake and cut back on my protein, which has made a big difference. It’s still not quite there yet, so I’ve introduced  probiotics as the next step – hopefully, it’ll be enough to make my stomach behave the way it should.


4. Not letting myself stress out too much.

Kinda worked, kinda didn’t. February was particularly stressful for me school-wise, and I know it’s going to continue into March. While I felt overwhelmed at times, I did do my best to make sure that I was relaxing when I needed to and taking care of myself. Of course, it didn’t always happened, but it would have been worse if I didn’t make a point to think about de-stressing.

This month will involve retail therapy and time with friends and family – definite stressbusters in my mind.

Plan B.



March Goals

And what I want to focus on this month:

1. Foam rolling after workouts.

After experiencing a bit of knee pain last week, spending the weekend resting and foam rolling had it feeling 100% again by Monday. My legs tighten up easily, and I know foam rolling will help with that.

I bought my roller a few months ago with the intention of using it often, and I only break it out like once a month. Time to change that.


My ‘ow-this-hurts’ face.


2. Show up on time.

I am that person who is late or almost-late to everything. For 95% of my classes this semester, I’ve walked in exactly as class is starting. I know I get annoyed when people are late, so I should probably stop doing it so often myself. The goal is to get to class/anywhere else I need to be a few minutes early. 


3. Computer gets shut off at 10:15 on weekdays.

I’m usually in bed at 11:00 during the week, and all too often I end up sitting on my computer right up until then. Of course, my sleep is affected and I toss and turn all night. So, goal is to turn off the computer at 10, although I’m giving myself 15 minutes of leeway. When I spend the last 30-45 minutes of the day curled up in bed with a book, I sleep so much better.

I’d been hearing great things about this book, so I picked up a copy. So far, I’m absolutely loving it. It remains to be seen whether I like it more than Game of Thrones, but it’s definitely a good contender. Eric actually got the audiobook, so we’ll actually both be reading it.

4. Destroy my chest press plateau.

In the gym, I’ve been stuck at the same weight for chest presses for the longest time. Chest is easily my lagging muscle group in the gym, so I’m determined to beat it this month. It will be done!

And that’s what I got for you today. Talk to you soon!

<— What are your goals for March?

<— What are you reading right now?

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46 thoughts on “Lacking in Appetite + Goal Talk–March.

  1. I really need to start turning my computer off earlier at night. It has become a problem and I’m going to bed way too late. That’s happening starting tomorrow. I’m jumping on the bandwagon of the technology free evenings.

  2. WOOT WOOT!!! Another one jumps on the Name of the Wind bandwagon 😀 Welcome aboard…oh yeah, I’m in the middle of that book too haha…love it 🙂 I think my goals for march are computer off by 8 (I have a much earlier bedtime than you crazy college kid 😉 ), at least one hour to myself doing nothing on Sat/Sun, try to let go more, and continuing to work on knee/leg exercises to build some more strength…I’m going to check out those hip opening exercises too…might as well throw those in there to make sure I’m balanced 😉

    • All fantastic ideas! And that’s ok – that means you can wake up at 6 or earlier and not feel like you’re dying :-p Cannot handle being awake before 7.

      I love the idea of an hour doing nothing on weekends. I would benefit from something similar!

  3. YAY for goals and achieving them!!! It seems you make over all progress!
    My goal in March is to stop eating sugar habitually. It’s not that I am CRAVING the sweets – because if I really crave a cookie, I definitely eat it – no, it’s that I eat it just because it’s there without listening to my body. I then feel guilty and I don’t like that. So with the sun and the more positive energy that comes up with it I want to be more aware of that!

  4. Nice going on your goals, Sam- February seems like it was a successful month for you :)! That Someecard made me laugh out loud- seriously if assault wasn’t enough reason to get sent to prison, just imagine how much less stressed we would all be ;)! I haven’t set any concrete goals for March yet but I want to continue being consistent with my lifting. I can feel myself getting bored so am trying up different exercises and splits to hopefully recharge my excitement for being in the weights section of the gym!

  5. I am totally with you on the foam rolling and turning computer off goals 🙂

  6. dark chocolate with peanut butter, you def cant go wrong there! Also, I hate foam rolling but it is so good for you, I need to do it more too!

  7. Loving the goals. i have decided stretching needs to come back with a vengeance in my life.

  8. Your Plan B e-card just made my day. I am still laughing, and maybe nodding too. 🙂 Great goals. My goal this month is to not sweat the small stuff. If I am being honest, I have not done a good job of this so far. Cheers to a new day.

  9. I wish I could start turning my computer off earlier, I am often up past one on weeknights workin on school work at the computer. I think it’s interesting upping your carbs has helped your stomach, mine has been having some serious issues recently and I’m wanting to try a few things before making annoyher doctors appt

  10. Aren’t roasted green beans the best?! I randomly threw some into the oven once, kind of experimenting, and now it’s my favorite way to cook them 🙂

    I’m currently reading The Silver Linings Playbook. I haven’t seen the movie yet, but the book is really good!

  11. I’ve been loving that book! It’s really good, but I haven’t read Game of Thrones, so I’m pretty sure I’ll have to read that after especially if it’s better!
    I’m glad you made so much progress on your February goals, that’s amazing! I also found that increasing my carbs helped a lot! Still not completely, but SO much better. Holy. I really need to work on the computer one and foam rolling haha. I really need to get in more social time with friends/family so I’ll be working on this lots!

    • Oh my god, read it. I seriously adore the series.

      And despite what high-protein’ers try to put out there, our bodies need carbs! Definitely has been some awesome improvements in that sense.

      And great goal! Cannot go wrong with more social time.

  12. The roasted green beans from King’s Buffet look pretty darn incredible. If you’re able to replicate them, please share the recipe with us? I would have never thought to pair bananas with strawberry sauce, but all I can say is YUM. They look so so good!

    I’m following your lead on the foam rolling goal. When I’m finished working out, all I want to do is get out of the gym as fast as possible! This means that I rarely take time to stretch, and hardly ever foam roll. My poor legs have been paying for it BIG TIME.

    Being late is an issue I have, too, but I’ve found that bribing myself really helps. For example, I’ll tell myself that if I make it to class on time, I can treat myself to a sea salt dark chocolate bar afterward. If not, no chocolate. I don’t care if they say using food as motivation is “unhealthy,” because it’s been working quite well for me! 😉

    Have a great Tuesday! xoxo ❤

    • It was in a garlic sauce, so i’m sure I can have some fun experimenting with that.

      And hey, if it works, it works! And in all honesty, it would work really, really for me, considering my love of chocolate.

      Have a great one Sara! ❤

  13. Great goal to turn the computer off – I really need to start doing that!

  14. I need to have that same foam roller goal too, sometimes it is just so painful I don’t want to. I’ve already tried to stop using technology after 10 and it works well on most nights. At the moment I’m reading the second novel in the Ender Series by Orson Scott Card it’s an old scifi novel which I was quite into growing up. I’m also reading Jillian Michaels new book and another one on clean eating. I always seem to have multiple books on the go.

  15. the roasted green beans TOTALLY caught my eye first. they look stellar!!! i want to roast green beans now! oh mo-ooooommm….
    hate going into a meal you’re excited for and not being that hungry. def a bummer! whenever that happens i have to remind myself there’s always next time.
    i can so relate to the chest press thing – for me it’s biceps. i can NEVER get my weight to go any higher in that muscle group! it’s frustrating but last night in group power class i increased the weight and though i couldn’t do all the reps, it felt good to push myself.
    i loooove reading before bed. i used to read, and then play with my iphone in bed. yeah, pointless. now i read only when i’m totally unplugged. i only use my phone after to update which page i’m on via my goodreads app 😉

    • They were delicious! Definitely going to be roasting them at home sometime soon. And that is true, I’ve already told Eric we need to go back there for dinner sometime soon.

      And good for you for pushing yourself! I think I need to do that too – I usually do 3 or 4 sets of 8, but maybe I just need to raise the weight a little and go to failure. It’s a good way to push yourself, for sure.

      Haha probably the better way to do it!

  16. Yeah, all of your goals for March are things I really need to work on myself. Maybe I will make them my April goals. I definitely need to bust out my foam roller more often. It is always sitting there staring at me, but I always put it off. Turning off the computer early is essential too. It is going to take me years to get through my book if I keep filling my evenings with Netflix. Damn you, Mad Men!!

  17. That sucks that you had no appetite for the buffet! Talk about bad timing. But at least you made good use of what little appetite you had. That mango salmon sushi sounds good! I once had mango tuna avocado sushi at some place in Toronto and it was amazing! But I’ve never seen it on a sushi menu since, sadly.

    I really need to foam roll more often too. I did it yesterday for the first time in ages and it hurt SO much haha.

  18. Have you tried digestive enzymes for your stomach issues?

  19. good goals! I should make some monthly goals but the fear of not achieving them is too great. haha I think I’ll just keep to my yearly goals

  20. I TOTALLY wish I could follow that ecard thinger. Just punch every stressor in my life square in the face. I think that would help me out quite a bit. 😉 Can’t wait to see how your goals go for March!

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