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SSE Phase 2.


AKA: Holy crap that’s a lot of lunges.

 Good morning!

So this last Sunday, I finished Phase 2 of the Slim and Sculpt Elite workout plan I purchased from This Fit Chick. I completed her original program back in December, so when school started up again I decided to continue with her Elite program. It’s 12 long, with 3 phases of 4 weeks each.

So phase 2: 4 workouts a week. 2 upper body, 1 lower body, and a full body dropset workout, plus 3 cardio workouts.

Upper body workouts: Definitely well put together. I’m pretty proud of myself – I’m now doing pushups on a BOSU to make them a little more challenging for myself. Yay upper body strength! It also made for a really long time that I’ve been at the same weight for my chest presses, which is why I made it one of my goals this month to up that weight. I did see some good increases in shoulder presses and one-armed rows though, which is lovely.

Lower body workout: two different lunge workouts – one group weighted, one group bodyweight. Have I ever mentioned that lunges are the only lower body exercises that I strongly dislike? I was definitely feeling that one. I hadn’t done one-legged exercises in a while, and I forgot how challenging, but fun they are. I had to skip it in the fourth week due to knee pain, but I’m still happy with my progress.

Dropsets: Yea…these are painful. I didn’t see a lot of weight increases with these, but I didn’t really expect to. Really, I was just happy to get through it each week!

Cardio: The first week was incredibly painful (gotta love HIIT) but it got easier as the program went on. Although, it made me realize how much I’m looking forward to spring weather and a nice long run outdoors – I’m getting a little sick of treadmill sprints.

Other things of note: I made sure to really emphasis stretching after my workouts, which really helped with muscle soreness. I got DOMS a lot in the first week, but they pretty much disappeared afterwards. I also starting following workouts with a real meal (usually, I would eat lunch after my workout) as opposed to a smoothie made with a banana and protein powder. I felt a lot more satisfied – not hungry again an hour later. Real food for the win!

If The Walking Dead is teaching me anything…


The next phase: 5 workouts a week, broken down into isolated muscle groups. Bring it.

<— What are your workouts looking like right now?

<— Do you run outside in the winter? Cannot. handle. it.

34 thoughts on “SSE Phase 2.

  1. I also despise lunges. I’m currently doing the 12wbt( but only doing exercise not food. I also don’t really like running outside in winter I can hack the rain but it is more if it is windy then I really can’t stand it.

  2. Ewwww lunges. We do them sometimes with warm up and it’s terrible! Good for you for switching back to a real meal. They are more satisfying and better for you if they have real ingredients 🙂

  3. Only way I can run 😉 no treadmill access for this girl…but I don’t mind it either. I’m weird, I know. My workouts look like run, core workout, lower body workout, run, yoga, run, mix of the non running stuff…plus foam rolling and leg.knee exercises. Had my first pain free run this morning in a few weeks so looks like something is working right 😀

  4. I have a love-hate relationship- I hate the thought and actual process of doing ’em but I sure love the burn afterwards! I like the way Carrie’s program is split up into phases…great way to keep your interest and momentum high and also keep your muscles guessing! And yay for progress in your upper body- makes all the DOMS worth it ;)!

  5. I’m getting better at running outside in the winter but I tend to prefer the gym. Cannot go on the treadmill though!

  6. Sounds awesome, I am glad you are enjoying this plan so much!

  7. Workouts have been with a resistance band so I dont lose all of my muscles during my surgery recovery. After I recover back to the weight room I go! I love to run outside but the cold weather gets me too ,; ( countdown till spring! Love + shine Courtstar

  8. Wahoo! Sounds like a great plan, glad you’re enjoying it so much!
    Um, nope I definitely don’t run outside in the Winter…or ever actually ha.
    Walking yes, but it also doesn’t snow a drop over here! So that makes it easier.
    My workouts are spin + pilates of course:)

  9. Running outside in the winter sounds like the worst workout ever!! I hate the cold!

  10. I’m trying so hard to train outside, otherwise I’ll cut my runs way short on the treadmill because I hate it SO MUCH. This plan sounds intense! I really just want to get on a lifting schedule so I stop my slackin’!

  11. Wow, good for you! This all sounds super intense and inspiring! My workouts have been lacking motivation lately. I am hoping to amp them up soon!

  12. I hate lunges too! I did some yesterday and I’m in so much pain today!

    I never run outside in the winter either. I like running to be an enjoyable thing for me… and freezing my tushie off running in -10 degree weather is not my idea of enjoyable. 😛

  13. Oh my gosh, I had no idea Carrie was a trainer now! I started reading her blog, Moves n’ Munchies when she was still in high school in London (back in 2011?)! Then she stopped writing, and I hadn’t realized she was doing this now. Awesome! 🙂 Once I’m done here, I’m going to go stalk her site. 😉

    It sounds like the program has been really effective; I couldn’t agree with you more about lunges, though–they’re killer! I’m still sore from Tuesday’s leg workout, and that’s the exercise I’m blaming. 😉

    I started a new program two weeks ago, and it’s pretty hardcore. I’m in the gym 5-6 days/week, however cardio is limited to 15 mins of HIIT three days/week. I’ve modified the workouts a bit because some of them are waaay too long. I have 3-4 upper body days and 2 lower body days. It’s intense, but I guess that’s to be expected when you work with a professional bodybuilder! After I’m finished, I’m definitely going to need to de-load for 1-2 weeks. By then, the spring weather will be here (hopefully!), and I’ll definitely be taking advantage of the trails outside!

    • Yup, she’s offering a lot of workout programs now – I’ve been impressed so far!
      That does sound intense! I hope to hear more about it in the next few weeks – I’m definitely intrigued.
      I’m planning for a deload once I’m done phase 3, so I’m really hoping for some nice weather by then so I can get outside!

    • Sara!!! So good to hear from you! Hope all is well 🙂

  14. Sam,

    So so proud of the progress you have made! You are a beast!!!! Im so happy you have been enjoying my programs and I really appreciate all of your support 🙂

  15. Ahhh, I LOVE lunges! …well, when I can do them that is! Due to my knee trouble, I haven’t been able to do them in a while. I also love squats! But I HATE jumping lunges…or jumping squats…or really any kind of plyometric moves…yep, I’mma wimp! 😉

    Even when I was the QUEEN of running (went through a “phase” last year…though I really hate calling it a “phase” since I was so passionate about it back then…hmphf!), I hated running in the winter! I would actually do 6-7 miles on a treadmill on any given day if it meant I got to stay in where it was warm! See? Told you I was a wimp! Lol

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