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Five Things Friday: 03/08/13.


Friday dance! I get to go home tomorrow morning, so I’m definitely excited for the weekend. Now, the question of whether or not I’m going to get any work done during said trip home remains to be seen. But…that’s ok. Open-mouthed smile

Lists of things!

5 Delicious Eats That Escaped the Blog:

1. Heather’s Thin Mint Cookie Pancakes. The only problem was that I used whey protein instead of the hemp protein powder she used, and measured in tablespoons instead of grams. It didn’t convert exactly – I didn’t end up using enough. So, the batter ended up a bit runny…


and the pancakes a little bit ugly/sticky. But still delicious though!

You know what you do with ugly food?


Add sprinkles and more chocolate. No one will notice, promise. Smile with tongue out Next time pancakes, next time.

2. Part 1 of dinner Wednesday night.


Deliciously gooey garlic bread with melted cheese. So. good.

3. The second part of dinner Wednesday:


Yup. Wednesday night Eric and I split a loaf of garlic bread and small shrimp ring with cocktail sauce and called it dinner.

It might have been the best dinner I’ve had in a while. When I go to parties/events I tend to inhale half of the shrimp ring anyways, so why not just make it into a meal?

4. Oatmeal with berries, strawberry jam and eggs + egg whites.


One of my favourite breakfasts. Evidently, I cook the oats in the microwave…messy bowl much?

5. Steak night!


Why yes, I am carnivorous – I bought a 1 lb top sirloin steak last weekend, so Eric and I split it 60/40 (except I gave him what I couldn’t finish…so in the end, more like 70/30? Boy likes his steak) with salads on the side. That’s spinach, blueberries, grape tomatoes, mozzarella and almonds, topped with Italian herb olive oil and fig balsamic. Looove.

I used to be terrified of cooking meat, especially steak – I was always afraid I’d overcook it (I need it medium rare – medium or nothing). But I seem to have gotten better with it!


Peeerfect (and a nice shot of fat on the end…lovely).

5 Happenings of the week:

1. I cannot for the life of me win Roll Up the Rim at Tim Hortons.


Ever. It doesn’t matter whether I buy 1 of the red cups or 200, it just does not happen. C’mon Timmies, all I want is a free donut.

2. Slightly milder weather means I get to wear leggings instead of real pants and not freeze.


I was going to say “Yay spring-like weather!” But then I remembered that it hailed yesterday. And snowed last night. Boo.

3. I’m obsessed with this gum.


I’m going to Costco this weekend and I am stocking up. It remind me a little bit of the Bazooka Joe gum I loved when I was a kid, except there’s no comic, the flavour lasts more than 12 seconds and apparently it whitens my teeth.

4. Eric and I are re-watching season 2 of Game of Thrones in order to prepare for season 3. Yes, we are obsessed.


5. You know how I said I was going to foam roll after my workouts and not be late this month? Yesterday, I got home from the gym with exactly 25 minutes to foam roll, shower, get ready and eat lunch before running out the door again. And I pulled it off – I’m impressed with myself.

5 Songs I’ve heard at the gym this week that made me happy:

1. Mortal Kombat. I’ve mentioned this before, but I’ve heard it again a couple of times. It is actually a good ‘get-pumped-up’ song.

2. Taking Back Sunday.

3. Disturbed. Interesting choice, I suppose!

4. Lonely Island. Nothing like bursting into giggles in the middle of a set.

5. Bowling for Soup. Makes me want a pair of Dickies again…

Have a fabulous Friday!

<— Are you lucky with those sorts of giveaways? I was always terrible with McDonalds Monopoly when I was a kid too.

<— What sort of music (if any) do you like when you’re working out? Really, as long as it’s fast, it usually works for me.

<— When you go to some sort of event where there’s going to be food, what do you always hope will be there? Besides a shrimp ring, buffalo chicken dip. I only have it a few times a year, but it’s amazing.


43 thoughts on “Five Things Friday: 03/08/13.

  1. Oh my GOd, I laughed out loud when you talked about Bazooka Joe. The comics! And the taste that is gone in 5 seconds! And it got too gummy and hard to bite within 2 secs 🙂 I always loved the ones who had little fake tattoo-sticker in it. They turned out terrible on the skin, but I always tried it every time I bought one 🙂
    I love everything that makes my bootey shaling while woking out! That can be from the BEach Boys to Dancefloor or funky beats – not a specific taste.
    Eventfood? Ugh, cheese. We have so MUCH delicious fresh cheese here in Switzerland, I love when there’s a huge cheeseplatter with doughy dried-fruit-bread. Hmmmm.
    So happy for you that you get to be home for the weekend, enjoy it, I hope you are having a fantastic time!!!

  2. The fig balsamic looks so tasty Sam – very envious. Have a great weekend! I listen to all sorts, as long as it is varied and catchy it powers me through.

  3. Those pancakes look amazing especially since they’re topped with sprinkles and more chocolate 😉 excellent thinking there! my playlist contains a whole lot of randomness including top 40 hits, alternative rock, and 90s pop…I ❤ a mix 😀

  4. Looks like soooomeone has had a delicious week :)! – I especially love the sound of the shrimp & garlic bread dinner- yum! Along with shrimp, it’s always a nice surprise to see smoked salmon & sushi at events. And at such events, there is no doubt that I will be inhaling both! Have fun at home this weekend and for what it’s worth, productivity on the weekends are overrated ;)!

    • it’s probably a good thing I don’t usually see smoked salmon at events, there actually wouldn’t be any left for anyone else ;-p last time I went to a brunch that had it, I’m pretty sure I actually filled a plate with it. Love!

  5. I like the sprinkles on the pancakes. Genius. Steak- I’m with you- medium or lower. I used to be a well-done girl. Not anymore. No flavors that way. And I could easily make a whole meal out of garlic bread alone. I’m a monster when it comes to that stuff!

  6. I love that dinner was garlic bread and shrimp! Those pancakes look really good too, especially after some additional chocolate and sprinkles 🙂

  7. ONCE I won a free doughnut at roll up the rim to win. That’s it. In 21 years.

  8. I never win those fast food contests, either! You’re not alone 😛 My favorite workout music is probably Fun. Anything by Fun. is perfect!

  9. Taking back Sunday and the lonely island… My kind of girl. I am still so jealous of your delicious food!

  10. Wow those pancakes look really good. I go to Tim Hortons periodically and I have yet to win any free coffees. I might be inclined to go more if I did. LOL.

  11. Ohhh, I want to try those pancakes out! I saw them on her blog and though they looked awesome! Whey protein can be almost impossible to handle with baking/cooking. For some reason it gets rubbery and weird. I’m so excited it’s finally Friday! Hope you have the best time back at home this weekend! I loved returning home from school when I got the chance…when I was actually going to school away from home;)

  12. I used to love the zebra striped rainbow gum when I was young. Wish they still made that!

  13. usually like all types of music while working out, but faster more upbeat the better 😉
    pancakes still look great to us!!

  14. I am so freaking excited for the Game of Thrones premiere! Seriously can’t wait. And that steak looks delicious! I’ve actually never cooked steak before for the same reason, afraid of overcooking it or just plain cooking it wrong. I’m such a wimp!

  15. sprinkles and steak night . mmmmm delicious! I don’t really listen to music when I workout. maybe when I run though.

  16. the sprinkles look FAB on the pancakes and the steak looks great too. love a girl who isn’t afraid to eat steak! and a girl who is OK with calling cheesy garlic bread and shrimp dinner. carbs + cheese + seafood? A-OK WITH ME!
    enjoy home, going home is the best when you haven’t been there for awhile and heck i live there and enjoy going home there every night! 😛

  17. I love that you had cheesy garlic bread for dinner – yours is a blog I can get behind!

  18. I agree – steak is only good if it’s rare or medium rare. Any more cooked than that, and it’s ruined. 😛 I love those shrimp shrimp platters too! Also I love when there is spinach and artichoke dip and cheese platters with Brie, preserves, and baguette!

  19. Ugly pancakes FTW! I don’t know HOW Heather makes hers so pretty, she’s superhuman. I think my favourite parts of nice parties are the shrimp rings. Don’t leave me alone in a room with one of those they’re not safe. I don’t know if I’ve ever won roll up the rim. I wish Timmies had a better way of doing it. So many paper cups Tim! The tree-hugger in me dies a little every time someone wins a donut!

  20. Awww, I’m so glad you tried the pancakes…even if they were a little err…cosmetically challenged? ha, chocolate sauce and sprinkles fixes EVERYTHING!! Well, except for leaky pipes, or a broken transmission, and…ok, so maybeeeeeee not everything! 😉 That is one perfect looking steak though m’lady (sorry I’ve been watching a LOT of Downtown Abbey lately…LOL!). I used to be scared to cook meat too, but I was always afraid of UNDERCOOKING it…and then dying from botulism…or whatever it is you get from eating raw meat! 😉

    That song by Disturbed has been on my workout playlist FOREVER! Love it…always gets me pumped! And like you said, really anything with a good/fast beat! I love The Black Keys “Gold on the Ceiling” or Electric Guest “This Head I Hold”…always makes me wanna bust out dancing in the middle of the weight room!

    At potlucks I’m ALWAYS scouting out the sausage balls and I’m a sucker for cheesy dips! Mmm, queso!

    And I NEVER win at those silly games!

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