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Sushi Salad and Barbie Shoes.


Good morning!

So, my weekend was fabulous.

I’ve been feeling pretty stressed out lately with school, so I just needed a weekend away. We all need that self care once in a while! I headed home for the weekend and made fun plans with some pretty fabulous people. I’m feeling a lot more relaxed now, which is a good thing – this is definitely a lots-of-shit-to-do sort of week. But I do have a couple’s massage on Saturday to look forward too!

Because I was going to be gone all weekend, I headed out Friday afternoon/evening to get my grocery shopping done. I didn’t need too much, but the fridge has been restocked.

Farmer’s Market


  • turkey breakfast sausages
  • sweet potatoes
  • mozzarella
  • green onions
  • yellow beans



  • baby carrots
  • English muffins
  • whole wheat tortillas
  • bananas
  • lemon juice
  • plum sauce
  • whole chicken
  • sour cream



  • pork chops
  • chicken fingers
  • shaving cream (Eric’s, clearly)
  • guacamole

And I figured out the meal plan for the rest of the week:

  • Monday: Kristin’s Maple Sweet Potato Hash
  • Tuesday: pork chops, rice and roasted beans
  • Wednesday: roasted chicken and veggies
  • Thursday: Buffalo chicken quesadillas (Mexican food kick still going!)
  • Friday: pizza

And then it was a stay at home and relax sort of night!


I wasn’t leaving until late Saturday morning, so I had time for a good breakfast.


Banana oats with peanut butter and strawberry jam. Delicious!

I made the drive home, and chatted with my mom for a bit before we made the trip out to Costco.


I’m pretty sure that’s the least amount of money I’ve ever spent at Costco – not bad. I made up for it in free sample though: there was Easter chocolate and Nutella involved 😀

Cream cheese and more of that gum that I love. And the coconut Oikos that I tried last week? They actually had it at Costco. Sooo…going to be eating a lot of that for the next little while!

After Costco, I headed over to the mall to meet my best friend for some catch-up and some shopping. And believe me, I shopped.

Suzy Shier had just changed locations in White Oaks Mall and was having a 40% off sale. I took advantage!


1 blouse, 2 shirts, a striped pencil skirt, and a pair of ankle boots, plus two tank tops from Sirens.

Notice how I still haven’t been able to find new jeans or pants yet…oops. It’s all Spring stuff coming out right now, so it’s hard to find long pants!

I don’t consider myself a fashionable person in the slightest, but I’m trying to get away from the jeans and tank tops that have been dominating my wardrobe since high school. I have absolutely no idea what I’m doing, but I’m making an effort! Smile with tongue out

Barbie Shoes

I freakin’ love shoes. Boots, flats, heels – I have a massive collection and cannot go into a mall without at least trying on a pair. Even though I’m already pretty tall (5’7) I have a thing for platforms and stiletto heels. Nothing wrong with towering over people!

So no surprise, we wandered into town shoes.


And I am now eagerly awaiting the arrival of these shoes on my doorstop. Open-mouthed smile More money than I usually spend on shoes, but I am obsessed. Apparently for this line, Town Shoes collaborated with the makers of Barbie to recreate some of the shoes seen on the doll. My six-year-old self would be so thrilled with me right now Smile with tongue out

Now, I just need somewhere to wear them…


For dinner, the best friend and I headed over to Earl’s. I hadn’t been there before, but it’s one of Laura’s favourite restaurants, so I was eager to check it out. The wait was a little long (we waited about 45 minutes for a table) but they gave us raspberry mojito and chili chicken samples, so I guess I can’t complain at all!

To drink, I ordered their vanilla pomegranate mojito.


It was made with vanilla Smirnoff instead of tequila, but it still had the feel of a classic mojito. So delicious!

When I see anything that relates to tuna and/or sushi on a menu, it must be ordered.


This was the Albacore Tuna Sushi Salad: organic greens, carrots, cucumber, mango, avocado, brown basmati rice, sushi rice, toasted nori and rare seared tuna with a white miso vinaigrette and sesame seeds. My plate was definitely cleared – it was amazing!

Right as we were eating, a waiter walked by and offered us tiny, warm chocolate chip cookies.

DSCF2251Hello, free tiny dessert!

I’ll definitely be heading back there at some point – the service was excellent (free samples and the manager coming by to make sure that you’re enjoying your meal? I love that sort of thing. It makes for a great experience) and I was more than happy with my salad. And…I want to head back and check out their martini menu!

After stopping to visit another friend of ours, I headed back to my parents to relax for a bit. Biggest dilemma ever: my mom was watching Downton Abbey in one room, and my brother and his girlfriend were watching Pitch Perfect in another. I floated Smile with tongue out

Sunday was busy and full of fabulous food, but I’m going to save it for another day. Today, I’m diving headfirst back into schoolwork. Only one month left before coursework is complete!

<— heels, flats, running shoes or boots? All of the above Smile with tongue out

<— Is there anything that you *must* order if it’s on a menu? Depends on my mood, but I order seafood at least 80% of the time.


37 thoughts on “Sushi Salad and Barbie Shoes.

  1. LOVE those shoes!!!! I also order tuna a lot when eating out – so yummy 😀

  2. This put a huge smile on my face, girl! I’m glad that you had such a wonderful weekend! Those shoes are fabulous! I’m not a heel girl, though…at 5’10.5″ I don’t need any more height…and Joe is shorter than I am by an inch or so, so I don’t like to make that difference any bigger 😛 I want that restaurant to open up a branch here in the burgh…free drinks, samples, and cookies?? Good grief, that sounds amazing! Anytime I try a new restaurant, I like to keep it classy….I immediately order something with sweet potato fries if they’re available 😉

  3. The shoes- yes. I can’t walk in heels at all so I do not wear stilletos very often (read: twice in my life, maybe). But I think I need to check out this restaurant if it means I’m getting a free chocolate chip cookie.
    Couples massage? Ohh la la 😉

  4. Love the sound of your dinner! I hate canned tuna but like you, I can’t resist seared tuna! Salmon is another one of those foods which I will almost always order if it’s on the menu! Along with those shoes, I am digging your tattoo- I didn’t realise you had one but it’s awesome :)! Barbie shoes are definitely fit for a princess ;)!

  5. Oh!! So many marvelous things in this post! I am so happy for you that you had a great and relaxing time on the weekend. Oh shoes……sigh……All of them. Heels. And I am obsessed with boots too. And sandals…..oh, I love ’em all! 🙂 And so many great things you shopped, yay!
    I am with you on seafood. If there’s seafood, I MUST order it.

  6. I like your tattoo!

  7. this is why I need to go home, I need so many things!! haha. cute shoes though, you will rock them for sure. that mojito sounds tasty to the max

  8. So much YUM going on 😀 The post title made me crack up – then when I saw the shoes I understood why haha

  9. I always go for the tuna too – a perfectly grilled tuna steak and runny eggs in a nicoise is amazing!

  10. All of the shoes! Give me all of them! Haha. Those heels you picked out are AWESOME. I need to get myself a nice pair of heels because I spend most of my time in flats. But I love growing a couple of inches too!

  11. Those shoes are amazing! I love over-the-top, sparkly, way-too-high shoes, I probably have a pair in every colour. I also love Costco, so I’m jealous that you got to go. I have never been offered free, tiny cookies at a restaurant; looks like I need to go to Earl’s.

  12. Looove the shoes! I’m a shoe-a-holic. Seriously obsessed.
    I have way too many, it’s a problem ha.
    Sounds like a lovely and relaxing weekend! Those are always great!
    PS I love your tattoo!

  13. I cannot wait until my local area’s Farmer’s Markets start back up again. I am ready for some FRESH produce!! 🙂

    Love that polka dot blouse, too, by the way! 🙂

  14. Those shoes are GORGEOUS! And free cookies at dinner sounds like my kind of restaurant!

  15. That sushi salad sounds unreal! I’m now craving sushi, thanks 😉

    I’m 5’9″ and I live in heels! Can’t stand being small in flats haha

  16. That salad looks just as good as it sounded when you described it to me yesterday. And free chocolate chip cookies? Yep, I definitely need to go for dinner there soon!

    I love ordering seafood at restaurants too. Or if there is elk/bison, a pizza with figs on it, or anything involving goat cheese on the menu, I always order those!

    Also those shoes are fabulous! But I’m pretty sure I’d break my neck in them lol. I’m a flats or flat boots kind of girl. Although lately I’ve been coming around to wedges. They’re actually pretty comfortable and easy to walk in!

    • Goat cheese is a huge draw for me too…and I don’t think I’ve ever had pizza with figs. Must look for that in the future!

      Wedges are definitely the easiest heel to wear! I’m just getting into them too (the boots I bought are one of the first pairs I’ve had) but I’m liking them a lot.

  17. all of the above in shoes
    we live mostly in tennis shoes but we love it when we can wear heels, as we are short so love the heels 🙂

  18. Omg, those SHOES!! I would break my neck but I LOVE them!! I am such a shoe whore…I can’t even begin to tell you how many pairs I own…and half of that collection is flip flops! Lol

    That salad looks amazing! And a free cookie?! Hello!!

    I’m always a sucker for seared tuna on a menu…or anything with something “different”…I love trying new things and luckily I’ve only been disappointed a couple of times!

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