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Five Things Friday: 03/15/13.


I feel like I say this every time we get to the halfway point or to the end of a month lately, but jesus, time is going by quickly. Wasn’t I just saying how awesome it was that it February was over?

Crazy – but no complaints here. After today, I’ve officially got 4 weeks left of classes (plus a few more weeks that I’ll have to do a few papers). The countdown is on – this semester has been stressful so I’m so happy to see the end in sight.

But yay Friday lists!

5 Tasty Meals that Have Escaped the Blog this Week:

1. Iowa Girl Eats – Sweet Potato Maple Hash.


So this was dinner Monday night, and it was fabulous – I subbed the pork sausage for turkey and added a fried egg on top. I’ve decided: brinner is going to become a regular in this house. The savoury sausage combined with maple syrup is to die for.

2. Slow roasted chicken, spinach salad, and baked sweet potato with cinnamon and coconut butter.


3. Banana oats with honey and coconut butter.DSCF4294

4. Butter popcorn rice cakes with cream cheese, ham slices and runny eggs, with yellow beans on the side.DSCF4303

Butter popcorn rice cakes > regular rice cakes. Loved them.

5. Snacktime – coconut Oikos, peanut butter, and a crumbled graham cracker.


5 Happenings this Week:

1. Evidently, I am following suggestions for my coconut butter.


You guys are so smart Open-mouthed smile It doesn’t replace my beloved peanut butter, but I definitely like it!

2. The morning that I woke up to this:


Was the same morning that my space heater broke. Eric tried to play handyman, but nope – it is definitely done.


So now there’s another reason for me to wish for spring. My apartment gets extreme with weather – it’s crazy sticky and hot in the summer and freezing in the winter. So if we don’t get spring weather soon, this is not going to be an uncomfortable couple of weeks…

3. I’m trying to make friends with this thing:


(yes, it could probably use a cleaning). And…it’ll take a couple tries. Heather did give me a recommendation for a tea that will do what I needed the coffee to do, so I may just have to look for that.

4. We recently had a club-size box of graham crackers come into our possession, so I have been eating them all week.


I actually couldn’t remember the last time I had a graham cracker…but they’re tasty little things! I’m not going to lie, I’m thinking I need to find some Marshmallow Fluff this weekend…

5. I opened my bottle of BCAA Splash this week.


I liked it! Anything watermelon flavoured works for me.


The only thing I don’t like about it is that I can’t just drop a spoonful in a glass of water and stir up – in order to make it mix, I have to use the blender bottle. A small complaint, but a complaint nonetheless Smile with tongue out

5 Things I Will Ration Because I Hate to Run Out Midweek:

I don’t do midweek grocery trips, so there are some things I really, really hate running out of.

1. Eggs. I eat them daily – they might be one of my favourite foods.

2. Baby carrots. Favourite thing to munch on!

3. Cheese. I don’t care for a cheese-less existence.

4. Crackers – the boyfriend snacks on them daily.

5. Almond milk – I don’t even buy cow’s milk anymore (I prefer the vanilla flavour I get with almond) so if I run out, it’s water or nothing.

Have a great Friday!

<— Will you make a mid-week grocery run if you run out of something?

<— What did you get up to this week?


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38 thoughts on “Five Things Friday: 03/15/13.

  1. Generally I will avoid it at all costs unless it is a necessity like toilet paper but I hate mid week shops.

    I’ve not tried coconut butter. Looks good though

  2. Mmm pleeeease make s’mores this weekend, Sam! Otherwise top a graham cracker with peanut butter, sliced bananas and grill that bad boy till the banana is gooey!

    I hate running out for groceries during the week too but wil an exception for eggs, apples and broccoli!

    Have a great Friday!

  3. Squee!! Coconut butter on oats 😀 Definitely one of my favorite ways to eat it. And with honey?? Gah! I haven’t had breakfast yet and I’m getting a little more than hungry. As for the coffee thing, I know I already told you, but I’m seriously hoping it catches on 😉 Sharing addictions is always more fun, right?

    I’m nit the biggest fan of midweek grocery runsm but there are definitely a few things that I’ll make an exception for… Yogurt, AB, cereal, bananas, and bread are things I kind of can’t live without…

  4. Ketchup is something I can not run out of! I actually wrote about running to the store in my post this morning.

  5. I run into the grocery store quite regularly during the week. My roommates and I all buy our own groceries so I like to buy just a few things at a time to help make sure things don’t go bad. My two apples and one bag of mixed veggies has never lasted more than a few days. That coconut greek yogurt YUM!

  6. I will haha…usually just if i run out of milk but when i’m there i’ll grab a few other things i’m low on (and plenty more that i don’t need at all :P) …i can’t even remember what i did this week haha…oh wait, signed a lease on a new place! Yep highlight of the week for sure 🙂

  7. Coconut butter is my love! Coconut butter on squash, or oats is my favorite way to eat it!! SOO delicious.
    I’ll totally hit up the grocery store mid week, I actually prefer going then since they usually stock on Tuesday’s (so more fresher foods) and the line is pretty much invisible, no one goes then!

    • That’s very true! I actually used to do my shopping on Tuesdays before I went back to school, because I got a 10% discount then…and it was so much emptier!

      I need to pick up some squash…I’m so intrigued by your combo!

  8. Oh, coconut Butter on oats, that sounds perfect. I think I have to try that. It’s still in my pantry, untouched! 🙂
    Same herw ith eggs. I eat so many of them and I need them for every breakfast, so if I run out, I HAVE to go, even though I don’t like it at all.
    I hope your weather is getting warmer girl, cause without a heater? brrrrrrr!!!!
    Happy Weekend!!

  9. And yet another brilliant way to use rice cakes! I swear, they are one of the most versatile food products around!

  10. That rice cake combo looks super interesting! In a good way..

  11. I am on such a cheese kick right now. We ordered pizza last night and I was all about the extra cheese. And cheese bread. Because I of course needed that too.

  12. This post makes me want eggs. Why am I at work?!

    I make at least 1 mid-week grocery run. sometime for no other reason than to entertain myself. It’s a sickness.

  13. Oh wow that sweet potato maple hash looks so good! Sausage + maple syrup is awesome together. Same with bacon + maple syrup. Sweet and salty at its finest!

    I will sometimes make a mid week grocery shopping trip if I run out of bananas, oats, milk, or Greek yogurt! Luckily I usually buy enough on the weekends so that I don’t have to go in the middle of the week though.

  14. Graham crackers ARE the best! 🙂

  15. This post is doused with deliciousness! The hash sounds incredible (mmm…maple sausage), and coconut butter-topped sweet potatoes (and oats) hold a very special place in my heart. Oh, and let’s not forget the drool-worthy egg yolk money shots…and the graham cracker and PB-topped coconut Greek yogurt. Gah, it all sounds so good! I’m ready to move in. Can we make that happen? 😉

    I live with five other people, and we all share one fridge, so I have very limited space to store groceries. That means I have no choice but to make several trips to the grocery store each week. Typically, I’ll do half my shopping on Saturday or Sunday, and then return to the store Wednesday or Thursday for a re-stock. The items I can’t go without are eggs, spinach, pumpkin, sweet potatoes and Parmesan cheese!

    Happy weekend, Sam! ❤ xoxo

  16. You’re the second person I’ve seen this week make that hash and sing it’s praises! You know how I am with my love of sweet and savory so I am totally drooling right now over that pic of your plate with the fried egg on top! I need to make this STAT! Annnnnnd? I need to find some butter popcorn rice cakes!! Hell to the yeah!

    I will make a trip to the grocery store on ANY day of the week at ANY time of the day…I love grocery shopping…I can’t stay away…even when I DON’T need anything! My name is Heather and I have problems…foodie problems! 😉

    And omg, I CANNOT buy graham crackers…especially in bulk! I’d be as big as a HOUSE…because I would eat them ALL in TWO days…THREE if I show a mild amount of restraint! 😛

    Let me know if you have trouble finding that tea! I’m pretty sure I saw it at the store the other day. I could send you some! 😀

  17. We’ve just moved to a place with a small fridge so instead of doing one big weekly shop, I now have to go 4-5 days a week. Luckily, I have a bunch of grocery stores right outside that make things easier.

  18. Butter popcorn rice cakes? I’m almost glad they don’t have them where I live, I’d never stop eating them! And I have been wanting that coocnut butter for ages, but my purse can’t justify it! I think it’s extra expensive over here because of shipping. Not going to lie, but I hav a bad supermarket habit. We usually do a big mid week shop, but I’m always forgetting stuff and have to go back!

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