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St. Patty’s Meal Plan + BlogLovin’.


Good morning! If you were out for St. Patty’s last night, I hope you had a fabulous time, and same goes if you’re heading out tonight to celebrate! With the holiday being on a Sunday this year, I have absolutely no idea if people are going Saturday night (which would be more fun) or Sunday (which would make for a terrible work hangover Monday, but date-wise it’s more appropriate). The fact that I have no idea makes it pretty obvious that I’m not really celebrating it, doesn’t it?


I’ve never really been one to go all out on the holiday – last year, I was working an overnight shift, so clearly wasn’t getting into the spirit then. And the year before, I have absolutely no idea what I was doing. Either way, I hate beer, so I’m not missing anything by not drinking the green variety this weekend Smile with tongue out

But because I love making food reflect the spirit of the holiday, I am planning on making beef stew for tonight with Jenna’s Irish Oatmeal Soda Bread. I’ve never actually had soda bread, never mind made it, so hopefully it turns out well.


I had to split my shopping into two parts this weekend, so I give you grocery haul one and grocery haul two.

One – Proteins, Grains and Frozen Foods


  • eggs
  • shaved ham
  • frozen meals (boyfriend lunches)
  • english muffins (they were on sale, so there’s three bags back there. I keep them frozen and thaw one bag at a time)
  • egg whites
  • cottage cheese



  • white kidney beans (apparently ‘Haricots blancs’, because I failed to notice I was pointing the French side at you)
  • canned green chilis
  • kale (I’m as surprised as you are with this one. I’ve never tried kale chips, so I figured it was as good of a time as any)
  • grapes
  • baby carrots

Haul Two

Proteins, Grains and Dairy


  • buttermilk
  • white flour
  • oats
  • butter
  • tofu
  • salmon
  • stewing beef
  • 2 whole chickens



  • kitchen garbage bags
  • Mr. Big bar (I had Eric with me for round two. We were waiting in line when we grabbed it and threw it the cart and declared “impulse purchase!” Fair enough – and yes, it’s already gone).
  • caramelized onion hummus (love)
  • romaine
  • mio (sometimes I get bored with plain water, so I like to keep one of these around)
  • Vaseline body butter (I swear by this stuff)
  • red bell pepper
  • 10 lbs potatoes (expect to see a lot of potatoes around for a while…)

Meal Plan

  • Saturday: out
  • Sunday: aforementioned beef stew and soda bread
  • Monday: salmon, rice and cauliflower
  • Tuesday: BBQ Chicken wraps
  • Wednesday: pulled chicken nachos
  • Thursday: wing it/leftovers
  • Friday: White Chicken Chili (Caitlin gave me a craving for chili, but I decided to mix it up and try a version with chicken and white beans).


So, we’ve all heard the news about Google Reader.


I spent some time playing around with BlogLovin’ yesterday – I’m still adjusting, but it seems to be a nice alternative to Reader! I’ll miss it, but I suppose all good things must come to an end.

And of course, when you make your switch to BlogLovin’ (I’ve been hearing some good things about Feedly as well) remember to follow me!  –> Button’s over on the side there! 🙂


Have a fabulous St. Patty’s!

<— What are your St. Patty’s plans?

<— Have you made the switch off of Reader yet?

<— Any methods/recipes for making kale chips? We’ll see how well this turns out.


26 thoughts on “St. Patty’s Meal Plan + BlogLovin’.

  1. I actually really LOVE bloglovin’. I’ve been using it for awhile now and I’m glad I didn’t ever get used to google reader. WIth time I think everyone will really love it. I go through a bag of carrots about that big just about every day… oops!

  2. I actually didn’t really like bloglovin, feedly is ok…I still don’t know what to switch to.. bummer

  3. I get all my blog updates via email but have thought about changing to a reader. Might have to give Bloglovin a try instead.

    It is already St Patty’s day here and my bf and I had my step brothers wedding to go to 🙂

  4. I’ve been slowly weaning myself off Reader as well. I tried using Bloglovin but I had a really hard time getting used to it so I switched to Feedly and like that one a lot more. As a bonus, you can import your entire Reader feed into it in less than 2 seconds, so it makes the switch a lot easier. And no St. Patty’s day plans for me! I’ve never had Irish soda bread either, though, so I might try whipping up a loaf of my own as well.

  5. I’m totally not celebrating, either. I have two tests tomorrow, so I have a full day planned! ha. I have bloglovin’ and feedly. I’m trying both to see which I like better!

  6. Like you, I also have to make sure I cover the boyfriend lunch category when I go shopping!

  7. Sooo believe it or not: I’ve been blogging for 3 years yet never got into Google Reader….I am probably the most inefficient reader in that I just keep visiting my favorite blogs to hope that they have put up a new post. Hope the switch isn’t too painful ;)!

    No St. Patty plans for me either. Heck if it wasn’t for blogs, i wouldn’t even know that it was today. The greenest part of my day is the broccoli & dinner I ate at dinner- festive much? 😀

  8. Bloglovin’ is REALLY great! I don’t have any plans for St. Patrick’s day either… moreso worrying about my friends who are actually in Ireland today!

  9. Here in Switzerland no one has a clue about St.Patty’s day, so no greens or celebration here….
    I did play around with Bloglovin yesterday and I love it. Unfortunately it was down on Friday night since everyone was obviously switching 🙂
    Oh I can’t wait how you do with the Kale Chips! I did try to make them and failed big time every single time. Boo. 🙂

  10. I’m not doing anything for St. Patty’s Day either. Instead I went out for a nice dinner with one of my best friends last night. I felt old driving home at 10:30 pm and seeing all the kids out on the streets to go to the bars haha.

    Also I adore that tofu! PC Blue Menu can do no wrong.

    • haha I went out for dinner last night too – and was home and watching a movie by 8 pm. I think we’ve officially become old people :-p

      And it is good! I haven’t bought it in so long, but it’s definitely one of the better brands I’ve tried.

  11. I’ve never used either! I guess I’ll have to figure something out when google reader is done!

  12. Ugh, I spent the earlier part of the day tinkering around with Bloglovin’ AND Feedly…can’t we just keep everything the SAME?!!? Wahhhhhhh! I hate you Google!

    I’m so excited to hear more about the soda bread! I’ve never made it (or tried) it either! And yay for kale chips! Just be reeeeeeeeally careful not to cook them too long…they can burn quickly! The first time I ever made/tried them, I was so confused (obviously I didn’t realized I’d overcooked them) why everyone always raved about them since I thought they tasted like grass clippings! Lol! There are a lot of fancy schmancy recipes out there, but my favorite thing to do is just to coat them in either thinned out hummus or a cashew cheese sauce and then bake them at like 350 for 6-7 minutes!

  13. I’ve never really celebrated St Patty’s Day but love watching what other people get up to! Kale chips sounds like a good green way to get in on the theme :). Crazily I’ve never used google reader, I use wordpress and bloglovin. Bloglovin is fine but it is sometimes difficult to comment as it opens the blogs in a Bloglovin window. You can stop this by clicking on the ‘x’ when you’re on it so it reloads the blog on its own (if that makes sense?!).

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