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Italian, Thai and Irish.


Good morning! I hope you had a fabulous weekend and you’re not feeling too hungover this morning Winking smile And if you’ve wandered over here from my guest post on Enjoy Your Healthy Life (if you haven’t seen it, go check it out!) this morning…hi!! Hope you enjoy my little corner of the interwebs Smile


I was pretty much dragging all day Friday. I think it was the last of Daylight Savings kicking my ass. I had class followed by a meeting, so when I got home I was happy that I had an easy dinner planned.


Pizza night! A pre-bought whole wheat crust with crumbled turkey sausage, red bell pepper, spinach, and mozzarella.


And wine…definitely a wine night (more than pictured).


Friday nights are made for pizza and wine, in my humble opinion.


So, Saturday was the most relaxing day I’ve had in a while.

About a month before Christmas Eric and I were talking and the topic of massages randomly came up. He had never had one before, but he mentioned that he thought he would enjoy it.

Umm, yea. Who doesn’t love a massage? I did some looking around at the local spas and found one that offered a one-hour long couples massage, so I got him a gift certificate for Christmas.

Saturday, we cashed it in at the Grand Wellness Centre in Brantford.

So…that was the most blissful hour I’ve had in a long time. It’s crazy how fast time passes when you’re getting a massage – an hour feels like ten minutes. I told her that my shoulders and my legs are usually pretty tender, so she focused on those. I had no idea how tight my left shoulder/left side of neck was – it was insane! That’s the side that I carry my (sometimes crazy-heavy) laptop bag on, so I guess it makes sense.

Eric enjoyed himself too! He’s back to work this morning (he was off for March break) so it’s nice for him to go back in a more relaxed state. He’s also been complaining of lower back pain lately, which the massage seemed to help with a bit.

Merry (much-belated) Christmas love!


From the Christmas party we went to in November.


We did some errands and then headed home for a bit, followed by a quick trip to the gym for me. Afterwards, we went out for dinner at Viet Thai, a small Asian food place a few blocks away. It’s small and hole-in-the-wall-ish, but their food is absolutely amazing. We actually discovered it on our first night in Brantford after we moved!

Some hot tea to start to warm me up:


Yup – living without the space heater hasn’t been fun. It’s not unbearable, but it means I’m wearing sweaters and sweatpants pretty much full time at home. Come sooner, Spring weather!

Eric’s choice: beef and vegetables on soft egg noodles.


He cleared his plate, so I think he must have enjoyed it Smile with tongue out

As for me, I was feeling Pad Thai. The last time I actually remember having it was probably about 3-4 years ago, which is pretty unacceptable. I went for a seafood version:


Amazing. I have no idea what a good chunk of the seafood in there was (I got scallops, shrimp, squid, and crab…no idea about the other stuff) but it was so good!

Afterwards, we went home and watched the remake of Dawn of the Dead. I swear, there’s a good reason I watch so many zombie movies/tv shows.


Aka: clean/homework/kitchen experiment time.

For lunch, I decided to try making kale chips for the first time.


So, they definitely ended up crispy…


A little too crispy. Yup, those were burnt – but I hate wasting food, so it was fixed with copious amounts of ketchup. Definitely back to the drawing board with that one! And yes, I ate them besides my Thai food leftovers…and that’s kind of weird.


Kitchen experiment number two was a success though! Various versions of Irish Soda Bread has been taunting me around the internets lately, so I decided I would try my hand at it this weekend. I made this version by Jenna of Eat, Live, Run, except I used half whole wheat flour.


Going into the oven…


And it’s done.

So, I had never tried Irish soda bread before. And now, I’m kind of kicking myself for going over 23 years without it – it’s so good! This version was dense in the middle, with an incredible, crunchy crust.

And it was the perfect accompaniment to the beef stew I made for dinner:


Followed by many more hunks that I ripped right off the loaf Smile with tongue out That will not be around long – it was fabulous. Aaaand that was about as celebratory as we got this weekend. I was talking to the best friend on the phone last night and telling her how we’ve really become old people – we ate stew and homemade bread and watched tv on St. Patties, and then went to bed early. Animals!

So, Italian dinner Friday night, Thai Saturday night, and Irish Sunday night. I guess I like my culinary adventures?

Today is a pretty typical Monday for me: homework, the gym, and going to my TA class in the afternoon. Hope you have a fabulous one!

<— What was the last thing you baked/experimented with in the kitchen?

<— Any good St. Patrick’s day stories for me?

<— Do you like making homemade bread? I want to make it more often, but yeast kind of terrifies me.


42 thoughts on “Italian, Thai and Irish.

  1. Wait… pizza and massages in the same weekend. Not fair. Can I please have your life? Seriously, though. And my roommate is obsessed with Irish Soda Bread. I’m about 89.7% positive I wouldn’t like it. I’ll let you enjoy it 🙂 but I do love love loveee homemade bread

  2. So I said that I’d like to try out an Irish soda bread recipe to celebrate St. Patrick’s, buuuuuuut it didn’t end up happening. Instead, my parents came over and we watched videos from our trip to Hawaii while complaining about the cold weather outside 😆 Good times. BUT! I did manage to do some baking this weekend… Blueberry muffins and protein bars 🙂 I’m still kind of kicking myself about the bread though – yours looks fantastic!

  3. Friday night IS DEFINITELY for pizza and wine 🙂 And that soda bread makes me want some realllllllll bad haha…I love baking bread but didn’t get a chance to make some for St. Patty’s Day this year since we were in DC 😦 Maybe I’ll have to do that this coming weekend! Better late than never right?

  4. I definitely agree regarding Friday nights…..

  5. Oh all that great food!! The Pizza looks sooo delicious. Well, I told you that i failed on kale chips 🙂 but I baked some good banana bread lately. Your bread looks so good!! Happy Monday!!

  6. I’m so impressed by you and Chelsea with both your loaves of freshly made bread! I don’t know why but seeing the word “yeast” in bread recipes always daunts me- it just makes the recipe seem 100x more complicated than it probably is! I think you guys have convinced me to give it a shot. Let’s be honest bread in general is yum but bread right out of the oven is in a league of its own ;)!

    It’s been about 2 weeks since I last baked (cookies) but I think I shall be breaking that hiatus tomorrow with a loaf of Apple & Walnut Bread!

  7. This sounds like such a great weekend 🙂 So happy you enjoyed your massage! You guys make a beautiful couple.

  8. That pizza looks amazing!! And don’t even get me started on the Pad Thai. What an awesome weekend of eats!

  9. Pad Thai is like one of my top favorite things!!! So good, now I have to be careful because of dumb mustard powder 😉
    You ate well this weekend! I like it, so many delicious things.
    Haha, I’ve done that with kale chips before, it annoys me to no end.
    The hour long massage sounds pretty magical. Ah, how I could use one.
    Happy Monday!

  10. Every single thing you ate looks delicious, especially that pad thai. I didn’t even know seafood pad thai existed, but it would be my favourite kind for sure. No really St. Patty’s day stories, other than that I test-drove my car! Eeee!!

  11. I am so glad you got a massage, well deserved. I have not been able to successfully make kale chips by myself at all. Always taste nasty.

  12. Sounds like you had an amazing weekend! I love making homemade sweet breads like banana and zucchini!

  13. This all looks delicious! And yes, Fridays are MADE for pizza and wine 🙂

  14. I’ve never made homemade bread before and reallyyyy want to. That Irish soda bread looks so good!! Such a baking success.

  15. Yum that soda bread looks good! 🙂 I’ve baked home made bread years ago but it didn’t work very well and tasted yeasty. I haven’t been game to try it again but I know I should.

    I had a very lazy saturday too, sometimes you just need it.

  16. This sounds like the perfect weekend to me! I love homemade bread. I wish I had the time to make it more often. It beats store bought any day!

  17. That was a smart move getting him a couples massage for Christmas – that way you get to enjoy the present too. 😉

    I’ve been eating my weight in Irish soda bread this past week since I made 2 loaves of it. So good! I want to start making bread with yeast more often too. The last time I did it was 2 years ago I think!

  18. Your weekend sounds so ideal… massages= true love! Whenever I splurge or “treat” myself, it’s on a massage, the greatest hour ever like you said 🙂 That’s great that he enjoyed it too! Couples massage is a gift you should probably get each other at all celebrations, for the benefits of both of you! 😉
    I couldn’t help but laugh when I saw those kale chips. The first time I made them they came out the exact same way! I couldn’t stomach them though, not a fan of anything burnt… actually a bit of a ninny with that taste lol. Just shorter time in the oven next time you try, and keep checking them! They go from perfect to burnt-death in about 4 seconds
    I do like making bread, although I agree, yeast can be a bit scary to work with! It’s definitely a patient game too if you don’t get instant-rising yeast, but a fun project if you have the time! Looks like yours turned out wonderfully 🙂

  19. Ha! Didn’t I tell you it’s easy to overcook those bad boys?! Lol But before I go and comment on all the delicious (and not overdone) food in your post, allow me just a minute to catch my breath…because you are SMOKIN’ HOT in that dress girl!! Ow ow!! Look at ‘dem legs! …ok, I’m done now! 😉

    Now, yeah…on to the food! I’ve been craving pizza so bad lately…good pizza…gourmet pizza…the kind that I just don’t have the physical ability to make right now. So how about you just come over and make some for me! I have some wine! 😀 Um, is it bad that the FIRST thing I thought when I saw your guys’s Asian dishes was, “man, that restaurant has good lighting!”?? Omg, hahaha! But now that I actually focus on the food…I don’t think I’ve ever had Pad Thai before! Hmm, mental note! Also making a mental note to make THAT BREAD! This is the THIRD loaf of Irish soda bread I’ve seen today! I’ve never had it before but the recipe looks easy enough…on the list of food to make post recovery! 😀

    • Haha you’re making me blush lady!

      You’ve never had Pad Thai?! Ok, I’ve now given you a mission for the week – it is seriously delicious.

      And Irish soda bread is so easy! No yeast and no kneading – pretty much the simplest bread ever. And it tastes so good!

  20. So many kitchen creations this weekend – they all look awesome! Even if the kale chips turned out a little “well-done” 😉 I never have tried making them, nor have I tried eating them, but I bet mine would come out scorched… Now that I’ve said that I probably have jinxed myself 😛 I could seriously survive off of bread – I am a carbaholic and have no shame about it!

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