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Once, I Met a Celebrity’s Mother.


Good morning and happy Tuesday! Anything good planned today?

A few days ago, the wonderful Amanda at Running With Spoons nominated me for the One Lovely Blog award.

Rules: Share 7 things about yourself and then nominate 7 others.

Thanks love! I am all for sharing random tidbits of information (and learning them about others) so I’m happy to bring you seven random bits of info. Open-mouthed smile

1. I’ve never met a ‘real’ celebrity, but I have met a celebrity’s mom.

So, I’ve mentioned before that I used to work at a group home for teenage mothers. The big ‘claim-to-fame’ we had was that Justin Bieber’s mom, Patti Mallette had been staying there when Justin Bieber was born. AKA: we were the first home of Justin Bieber.


When she was writing her book, she came back for a tour – and by some crazy coincidence, I was actually working that day (I was working relief at the time so I usually didn’t get day shifts). She was an absolutely sweetheart and gave the girls a great pep talk about how their situations would not prevent them from being fantastic mothers to their kids. It was so inspiring and uplifting for our girls, which I really respected.


And yes…I read the chapter in her book where she talks about her stay. But that was the only part of the book I read – I’m pretty much the furthest thing from a Bieber fan!

2. I have really weird pinkie toes.


I bet you’re excited you got to see a picture of a foot today.


My baby toes have a weird little hunchback to them, and my pinkie toenails are pretty much non-existent. And the nail that is there, has basically no nerves – I won’t notice if it splits or comes off completely. When I’ve gotten pedicures in the past (and evidently I will be needing one as soon as we’re back in sandal weather) they’ve had to actually paint a toenail onto my toe. Awkward.


3. Years of nail abuse has left me with insanely brittle nails.

I’ve been wearing gel nails on and off for years. I got them for the first time for my grade 8 graduation, had them on and off throughout high school, and wore them pretty much nonstop from when I started university up until this past summer. So now, I have the shortest, most brittle nails ever. As soon as they get past my fingertips, they crack. Don’t abuse your nails, ladies!


I’m not going to lie…I really miss them.


4. There are three reasons why I could never go vegan.

And those are eggs, cheese, and pulled pork. I eat egg almost every day without fail. If I don’t eat them for breakfast, I’m eating them for lunch! And cheese improve everything. Literally everything – I cannot imagine eating pizza or lasagna without it. Pulled pork is just amazing. When I go to London’s ribfest in the summer or to any BBQ joint, I guarantee you I’m getting pulled pork. Best thing ever.


5. My specialization school-wise is in media.

So, I’m currently in the midst of obtaining my MA degree in Criminology. I didn’t expect this when I started, but almost every paper I’ve done has been related to the media in some way – fictional, news representations, or social media. The meanings that are portrayed in our chosen forms of entertainment and news and how we respond to them are fascinating to me.


6. One of goals for the next (school) year is to start learning French.

I live in Canada. If you want to work in government (which I think an MA in crim is gearing me towards) knowing French is a huge asset. Unfortunately, my French teacher from grades 5-8 traumatized me from the subject, so I stopped taking it at the first opportunity. Clearly, I’m now wishing I stuck with it!


7. I’m a fidgety person.

I’m forever twirling my hair, tapping my feet/fingers, shifting positions, playing with something…I kind of suck at sitting still.


And there you go! My seven nominees:



Have a good one!


<— What is one food you eat without fail pretty much every day?

<— Ever met a famous person?

<— If you could learn one other language what would it beI wouldn’t mind learning Italian! 


50 thoughts on “Once, I Met a Celebrity’s Mother.

  1. Definitely yoghurt.

    I learnt Italian in primary school and I’d love to relearn it if I could.

    I don’t think I could ever do vegan either for the same reasons as you. Especially cheese.

  2. Awwwwww thanks girl!! This made my morning 🙂 Omg we have the same pinkie toes btw!! Mine are horrible and the nails don’t grow anymore…I blame running (even though I’ve had that problem for way longer than I’ve been running :P). I’ve met hockey players and figure skaters haha and some broadway actors 😛 I fully approve of your reasons for not going vegan (although I’d have to add burgers to mine…seriously nothing is better every now and then)…a food that I eat every day? Chocolate 😀 And I love to learn languages so I’d go with whatever!

  3. Wow his mom is pretty! I totally thought that was his gf in the first pic.

  4. Oh I love to learn all these things about you! And I feel you with the Vegan diet. Would be impossible for me. With all that delish Swiss-Cheese around here….and I eat about 4 eggs or eggwhites a day, so no chance – and red meat! Yumm!

  5. My pinky toe looks just like yours does, haha! Justin Bieber’s mom is adorable.

  6. I eat nut butter every single day. And cacao nibs. Could not go without!

  7. This is FABULOUS! The title cracked me up before I even read a single word. I have funky pinky toes too! They like turn under and are a PAIN to try to paint.

    Also I just read your past 4 posts or so (hooray catching up!) I just got into bloglovin’ and follow you! I hadn’t gotten into google reader (who AM i?) so the switch isn’t too hard, but I do like that it puts them all in one place. I’m thinking a return to writing is in my future 🙂

    Also KUDOS to you for making irish Soda Bread! Bread-baking is something I’ve always wanted to try, but I don’t trust my skills. And you KNOW I was crushing hard over your homemade pizza and wine 😉

    Love the (belated) picture of you and your man–such cuties. Glad you could relax! I have a massage lined up for Friday, and a day off can’t come fast enough!

    Love you!!!

    • I’m excited to see this return!
      And there’s no yeast in Irish Soda Bread, so it makes it that much easier! You can congratulate me when I make ‘real’, yeasty bread -p

      Enjoy your massage Friday! Pretty sure it was one of the best presents I’ve ever gotten someone, cause I got to enjoy it too :-p

  8. I am a vegetarian who eats vegan 3-4 days per week. I must say that the major thing that has kept me from going entirely vegan is eggs. Ugh, I just LOVE them and I really do not know of a dairy-free substitution to scrambled eggs!

  9. You and me both when it comes to not being able to turn vegan, and eggs and cheese are huge contributors to that. Although I’m still not eating yogurt, I am looking forward to bringing it back into my diet- I could never a life fully without it. I know vegan chocolate is available but I am kinda hooked on the classics like Lindt, Kit Kat & Toblerone.

    That’s awesome you want to learn French this year. I studied it for quite a few years and once you get your head around the grammatical rules (especially masculine & feminine), it’s pretty easy to pick up!

  10. Thanks for the nomination girl! My feet look so weird, it’s not even funny. Maybe I’ll post a picture one day just to prove my point. I could never go vegan either. I like chocolate milk, cheese, and steak. Sorry I’m not sorry.

  11. YOU MET BIEBER’S MOM??? come on now that is cool stuff. I have to say I can’t go without salsa, eggs, tuna or carrots. i think I eat those weekly.

  12. I’m constantly annoying people with how much I twirl my hair 😆 I honestly think it’s a nervous habit, and people tell me it makes them nervous as well. Oops. I also constantly look around and fidget. Sitting still is definitely not for me. And neither is being vegan! I was vegan for about two years and would I never be able to do it again. I honestly don’t think my body deals with the no-meat thing very well, and I could never in a million years give up yogurt willingly. I eat it everyday, multiple times a day.

  13. Love this post! I once met Vince Vaughn… he went to my high school, and one day I was running with my cross-country team and he pulled up in a red convertible and said “You girls are running fast!” then drove away. We all flipped out! 🙂

  14. Love this! Thanks for nominating me!:)
    That’s pretty cool you met J Biebs Mom! I’d seriously tell everyone haha. I’ve met a few famous people; Robin Williams, The Moffats (if you remember them) actually lived at my neighbors house for about a year or two so I got to know them pretty well, it was interesting haha.
    And too funny about the pinky toe because I have the same thing!!! Except with that, my toes are also double jointed, yes it’s super freaky.
    I never thought I could ever go vegan, but after figuring out my allergies were from eggs + dairy, it wasn’t too hard to cut out. I won’t give up meat though! I like it.
    I’m such a fidgety person too! I’ve had people tell me at school before to stop fidgeting with my leg (I move it around like crazy) super embarrassing, but I don’t even realize I’m doing it. I think it’s an anxiety thing or something.

  15. My baby toes have the same weird curve to them, the bottom of them often gets really bruised after hard workouts. I could never go vegan, I would miss Greek yogurt!

  16. Your pinky toes look EXACTLY like my pinky toes! They’re a huge source of embarrassment when I have a pedicure, because yes, they have to paint a nail on mine, too. Haha.

    Umm, I’m beginning to think that I need to stop getting gel manicures. I started about a year ago, and haven’t given my nails a break since. The last time I went, they felt so weak when the woman was chipping off the polish. Uggh. I love not having to worry about chipped nail polish, but now I’m beginning to worry about nails that chip–polish or not. Have you tried any nail strengtheners to repair the damage?

    I could never go vegan, either. I was animal food-free for several months in high school, and even though I convinced myself that I loved eating tempeh and tofu ALL THE TIME, I really didn’t. Cheese, eggs, fish and red meat own my heart!

    Thanks so much for the nomination; I’m looking forward to doing this!


    • I’ve tried, but they don’t really seem to do much 😦 I thought it might be an iron thing, so I want to get my levels tested again soon.

      And I’m so glad so many people are coming out with weird baby toes! :-p I’m definitely not the only one.

      And I look forward to reading it! ❤

  17. I love cheese so, so, SO much. It’s borderline addiction. And as far as the language goes, I had wanted to learn Italian for forever. The only thing that go my rear in gear was studying abroad in Rome. Totally wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂

  18. My baby toes are exactly the same–the hunchback and tiny nail! I don’t really ever notice how weird my feet are (or just feet in general) but other people always point out that my feet are purple when they’re cold and really narrow but who’s feet are not weird in some way?!

  19. Grr! How did I miss that up? Haha, I am such a space cadet. Ah well! Fun reading your blog award! I’m super fidgety too…especially when I’m restless and/or bored. And I also really want to learn French one day! It’d be awesome to live somewhere that they speak the language (best way to learn I’m sure) but I may also go the Rosetta Stone route hahaha

  20. Loved learning more about you lovely Sam 🙂 I actually have rather odd pinky toes as well… they are more like little nuggets than toes… gross image haha. Now even though I think Justin Bieber is a major goober, that is pretty cool that you met his mom and that she was nice! Although that would be rather interesting if she was a b*tch in some way heh
    I think it’s great that you are finding your interest with the media and continuously making connections to it. I am ALL about spreading the word through the media, a different topic of course, but we need more information out there that comes from valid resources, rather than simply what the “crowd” wants to read. Did that make any sense? Err well in my head it did! Point is, keep up the great work madam 🙂
    And THANK YOU for the nomination! Will be filling this out soon and telling tidbits about myself

  21. OMG I swear we are pinkie toe twins – mine is exactly how you described yours!

    I could never go vegan either for sooo many reasons… cheese, sushi, Greek yogurt, steak… nope veganism is never going to happen for this girl!

    Hmm they’re not exactly huge celebrities, but I met the Kratt brothers (from Kratt’s Creatures/Zoboomafoo) when I was younger because I was on a few episodes of Zoboomafoo. 😛

  22. My nails are the same way. 😦 So frustrating. I need more vitamins!!

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  24. Eeee!! Thank you thank you! I have been so in and out of the blogging world lately, but I will definitely be filling this one out 🙂

  25. Ok, so you’re not going to believe this, but we have twin (quadruplet?) pinkie toes! Mine are the exact same…weird little hump and almost no nail at all! I’ve never lost the nail before, but it’s so ridiculously small that I have to be careful when giving myself a pedicure that I don’t paint the whole end of my toe! Haha!

    One thing I cannot and WILL NOT go without: yogurt or cottage cheese or my latest re-discovered obsession…ricotta! Mmm, that stuff makes the best dip!

    The only famous person (people) that I “met” were the singers of the country group Montgomery Gentry…ever heard of them? Yeah, me neither! Ha! They shot one of their music videos in an old vacant house up the road from where I lived as a teenager. I only went because someone told me it was John Michael Montgomery (gah, I’m not sure now, but he was one FINE looking piece of man meat when I was younger! LOL)! A little over a year ago, I was in line at Starbucks and looked up to see that I was standing behind Nicole Kidman! Everyone around us was so cool and nonchalant…I didn’t want to bother her so I just kept my mouth shot and worked some iphone camera ninja skills and posted it to facebook! Lol But honestly, I was so starstruck, I’m sure any words out of my mouth would have been incoherent! 😉

    I used to know a fair amount of Spanish. It would definitely come in handy if I picked it back up…ah, one of these days!

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