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Five Things Friday: 03/22/2013.


Woot Friday!! 3 weeks until I’m done classes! (Why yes, I am counting down).

Thank you so much for your well wishes on my job interview yesterday! I think it went well (at least, I’m hoping I managed to impress them).

And..lists of things!

5 Delicious Meals that Escaped the Blog:

1. Roasted cauliflower, salmon, and brown basmati rice that I cook in chicken broth with a few strands of saffron. While I prefer steamed broccoli to roasted, I’ve decided that roasted cauliflower is amazing.


2. BBQ Chicken nachos. I tossed some shredded chicken with BBQ sauce, and served it on top of low-salt tortilla chips with salsa, red bell pepper, green onion, salsa, and mozzarella. Served with sour cream and guacamole – and yes, we finished it off between the two of us.


3. Buffalo tofu (with more buffalo sauce), kale chips (with buffalo sauce) and Irish soda bread. The obsessions continue. Notice how the chips are significantly less burnt this time.


4. A breakfast cookie. I used to make these once in a while, but I’d forgotten about them lately. Seeing Lisa’s delicious-looking breakfast cookie creations made me crave one again! I made this one with peanut butter, vanilla whey protein, applesauce, cinnamon and raisins. Going for an oatmeal raisin cookie kinda thing.


5. Grilled cheese (mozzarella, brie and a slice of ham) with some incredibly sad looking yellow beans. Dinner of champions – copious amounts of ketchup was added post picture.


5 Things I’m Loving Right now.

1. My candy jar.


It sits on my coffee table. I realize it can be added to the list of things that makes me 80 years old, but I just love it.


C’mon…wouldn’t that make you happy?

2. Coconut almond milk. A few weeks ago, the best friend told me that her mom had picked some up – my immediate reaction was “I want it!” So she very nicely gifted me a box while I was home(thanks love!). It is delicious – adds such a nice creaminess compared to regular almond milk!


3. Quick cooking oats. I usually pick up large flake oats, but I accidently grabbed quick-cooking last weekend. And they’re so much more voluminous than the large flake. Such a little thing, but happiness inducing.


3. The combination of a graham cracker, peanut butter, and coconut Oikos. It is pretty much perfect.


4. Coconut Oil. I’ve been using it as a moisturizer on my face at night, and ohmygoodness my face is smooth. And it ensures that I go to bed dreaming of tropical things…mainly pina coladas. Open-mouthed smile


5. The Name of the Wind. I have about ten pages left right now, so I’ll be finishing it tonight (Thursday night). It came recommended by Amanda (and I know Lisa and Caitlin loved/are loving it as well) and it is amazing!

5 More Gym Music Gems

(I seriously love the music that gets played at my gym. Takes me right back to high school).






Hope your weekend ends on a fabulous note!

<— Would you like me to do a review of The Name of the Wind?

<— What’s your preferred kind of milk? I actually really hate cow’s milk, unless it’s for cooking or with cereal.

<— What are you loving right now?


49 thoughts on “Five Things Friday: 03/22/2013.

  1. I just love your candy jar. I have also been listening to Rock Show non-stop in my car for the last few weeks; why? No clue. Because it’s awesome.

  2. Yes to the review, love almond/cow/coconut (but coconut doesn’t love me in more than baked goods/very small doses…start breaking out like a mad woman 😦 ), and I’m loving the fact that I have a ton of baking I want to do this weekend, which should be able to be accomplished 😀 Oh and your candy jar is amazing, I need to make one and fill it with chocolate (so I guess I really need a chocolate jar), and Blink 182 and Fall Out Boy?? I ❤ them….blast from the past indeed 😀

  3. Ahhh grilled cheese and wax beans. Yum. I think I know what I’m having for dinner tomorrow night…

  4. Coconut almond milk sounds awesome- I bet it tastes great in coffee! As for your meals, yum as always….roasted cauliflower is the only way I’ll eat the stuff! Sorry if it’s too much TMI but when it’s roasted, cauliflower is worth the inherent gassiness haha! If tolerances and availability weren’t a question, my preferred milk would be:

    *Organic cows’ milk 2% if I’m drinking it
    *Organic cows’ milk 0% for cereal
    *Vanilla soy milk for my coffee

  5. I’ve recently fallen in love with Coconut Dream unsweetened (cartoned) coconut milk. I’ve tried the refrigerated cartoned coconut milks but they just tasted kind of weird to me. This one–gah, so good. Perfect consistency and actually tastes like coconut. And it’s available in Canada, aka the main thing I care about ha. I don’t think I’ll be going back to the unsweetened Almond Breeze I’d buy just because it was at Costco.
    Loving: the book Sugar Salt Fat: How the food giants hooked us, by Michael Moss. I’m not going to not eat sugar or salt because of it (and certainly not kicking out fat), or entirely avoid commercial foods, but it’s really interesting to see the scientific and marketing research that has shaped our current food environment.

  6. we are not much of milk people either. we do like kefirs though 🙂
    loving right now is a big cup of starbucks coffee.

  7. Now I have a wicked craving for nachos!! And coconut almond milk sounds like my dream beverage 😀

  8. That coconut oil is my favorite!!! So yummy!
    Oh man, I’m so in love with the Name of the Wind. I usually read 2-3 books at a time (since I get bored fast haha), but in this case I can only read the one, since it has been a great read!
    I actually don’t like any milk. Not even almond or anything. I think it resembles milk too much haha (obviously it’s supposed to), I just can’t stand the taste, but I do use it in cooking/baking since it’s not as detectable. I also like full fat coconut milk in smoothies and stuff too! Yum!

  9. Those nachos look amazing! I would never think to use BBQ sauce, but I am loving it! The buffalo tofu sounds delicious, too. I really need to make that.

    Isn’t coconut almond milk amazing? I used to think that I did not like coconut-flavored things, but I most definitely LOVE this!

  10. COHEED AND CAMBRIA we are lost soul mates, it is so official. also I would want to be your guest, that candy jar is my favorite part of every house or store

  11. Nachos are sooo good for dinner! I’ve been loving the mexican food lately.

  12. Oh all your eats look delish!! I love coconut milk. I never drink it or any milk just like that, but I love it for cooking or in my smoothies.
    The Candy Jar is precious! I probably just could not have it in moderation! 🙂 Happy Weekend!!

  13. Great post!! I need to get some coconut oil… everyone is raving about it!

  14. I love coconut almond milk! Those kale chips look like they were very successful.

  15. So I was going to say those chicken nachos looked delicious… and then I saw the oatmeal breakfast cookie… and THEN I saw the graham/PB/coconut concoction. You have wonderfully good taste 😀 I’ve really been loving that coconut Oikos as well, especially when it’s paired with applesauce. Actually, I’ve just recently discovered cinnamon apple chips which I’ve kinda gotten obsessed with too. As for milk, I’m honestly not a big fan of any. I never drink milk straight up, but regular old cow’s milk goes into my coffee and smoothies.

    Happy Friday!

  16. I hope they bring out coconut almond milk here in Australia!

    That breakfast oatmeal cookie looks good and I think you’ve given me inspiration for my breakfast this morning.

  17. Coconut almond milk?! Now that I’ve got to try :D!

  18. I hate you. You AND your no good, creamy, and incredibly lust-worthy coconut yogurt! Wahhhh! 😥

    I can’t quit my almond milk. I gave up cow’s milk years ago when I started living on my own and could never seem to finish a carton before it went bad…then, about a year ago, when I tried to go back to it, I realized I had developed a bit of lactose intolerance! Boo! I’ve tried soy, rice, coconut, and even that coconut almond, but I always go back to almond. I recently switched from Almond Breeze to Silk…and I have to say, I think I actually like it better! I’m thinking they must’ve changed their recipe or something though, because I’ve tried it in the past and didn’t like it.

    As for the rest of my comments:
    1.LOVE roasted cauli!
    2. Grilled cheese and ketchup is a must!
    3. I thought your beans were French fries! Haha!
    4. Those nachos?!?!! OMG!!!
    5. Yay for carcinogen-less kale chips!!

    • haha well you guys get all the fabulous Chobani flavours, so I think we’re pretty much even.
      I used to buy it to have it around for cereal and baking, but we never use up a full carton either! I just stopped buying it and neither of us seemed to notice/care.

  19. I have been on the lookout for that particular almond milk! Also I guess there is a new one out with a bit more protein in it, so my eyes are scanning that section like no other haha. Candy jars are 100% both necessary and fantastic and I see a few of my particular favorites in yours! Smarties and a hershey kiss, classic 🙂
    I smiled when I read you added ketchup with the grilled cheese… without a doubt a must when eating such a comforting delicacy!
    If you want to, I would love for your to review that book. I am always on the hunt for future reads and like to have an idea of them before buying on the zeee ole kindle!
    Have a most delightful weekend m’dear

    • I’ll have to keep an eye out for the increased-protein one as well…although you’ll probably get it before we do up here in Canada!

      And alright deal – book review coming in the future! 😀
      Hope your weekend is fabulous Tessa! ❤

  20. Roasted cauliflower is the greatest thing ever. I want to do a BBQ roasted cauli… with bacon, obv.

  21. I just wrote about baked cauliflower too! It is delish!! 🙂 We’ve probably had it three times since we first tried it a week ago 😉

  22. So much awesomeness in my this post! Those nachos and grilled cheese look to die for. I love how you used brie AND mozzarella. Amazing. 😀

    And wow those first 3 songs definitely bring back memories of high school… actually Blink 182 was more like grade 7/8! I can’t believe that was so long ago.

    I tried that almond milk but I was disappointed at the lack of coconutty flavour. My favourite milks are cow’s milk and soy milk!

  23. I have never tried cooking with saffron, but I love the smell so I should probably try it. Your nachos made me drool a bit (a lot) and I can’t wait to try that coconut almond milk! Does it actually have a coconut flavour, or is it just a base?

  24. I had a grilled cheese yesterday that was just delicious. Having a candy jar like that on my desk would make me happy too 🙂

  25. Love these posts! OF COURSE your candy jar would make me happy! Just looking at it makes me happy. I mean, it contains a Reese’s peanut butter cup…’nuff said.

    Your plate of nachos has induced a serious craving. I actually can’t remember the last time I ate nachos. Maybe middle school? I’m not kidding, and think that needs to change this week. And speaking of cheesy things…that brie grilled cheese!!

    I’m glad that there’s at least one other blogger out there who enjoys quick oats. It seems like everyone goes for steel cut or rolled, which are admittedly delicious, but I prefer the mushiness of quick oats! The flavors blend together better, and I agree–they’re more voluminous. 🙂

    I love the idea of using coconut oil as a moisturizer, but what I love even more is the idea of dreaming about pina coladas. 😉

    Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend, Sam!

    • I like steel cut, but I definitely do not have the patience for them…I tend to be a breakfast-in-ten-minutes-or-less kinda girl :-p

      And I think you need some nachos in your life ;-p

      Have a fabulous Sunday Sara!

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