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Five Things Friday: 03/29/13.


Hi there! If you have the day off today, I hope it’s gotten off to a fabulous start. The university is closed today, and my Monday class got cancelled. So…four day weekend? That’s pretty fabulous.

Friday lists!

Five Tasty Things That Escaped the Blog:

1. Whole wheat penne with meat sauce. I used a bottled sauce and added onion, mushrooms, bell pepper, celery and seasonings, with parm sprinkled on top. I threw mine on some arugula for some green.


2. Chipotle tuna mixed with hummus on top of toasted English muffin halves spread with cream cheese. Steamed broccoli on the side.


3. Veggie and shrimp stirfry with udon noodles.


Side note: I really, really love udon noodles. They’re fat, squishy and delicious.

4. Chicken with BBQ sauce, baked oven fries and broccoli.


5. Mini eggs Open-mouthed smile It is not Easter until I get some mini eggs.


5 Thoughts of the Day:

1. I’m not impressed with myself that I let these sit in a cupboard for about a month before I opened them.


Popcorners in Kettle Corn. They’re pretty fantastic.

2. I woke up Wednesday morning with horrid neck pain. It started out feeling like I just slept on it wrong, but it kept getting worse throughout the day to the point where I spent most of the evening with a bag of frozen peas on it. It’s feeling somewhat better, but it’s still sore. I have absolutely no idea what I did to it!

3. Another weird body thing: Sunday and Wednesday mornings after breakfast, I developed a rash on my chest, shoulders and elbows. It was never itchy, but it was bright red and hot to the touch. Both times it faded within the hour. I don’t know if it’s stress, or if I’m developing an intolerance to something, or what. Body, stop doing things I don’t understand!

4. I haven’t had to wear my winter boots or my coat all week. That is fantastic – I want to say it’s Spring, but I don’t want to jinx it.


5. The season finale of The Walking Dead is on Sunday. And so is the season Premiere of Game of Thrones. Cannot even handle the TV excitement right now.



5 Things I’m Doing in Preparation for Easter Weekend:

1. Painting my nails an Easter-appropriate colour:

Essie Turquoise and Caicos. Looks like Spring to me!

2. Baking.


of which I will show you more later Smile with tongue out

3. Getting excited because Devon will be in my hometown this weekend! She’s in visiting a friend, and I’m freakin’ ecstatic that I get to meet her in person.

4. Getting my laundry together. Trip home = doing laundry Smile with tongue out

5. Preparing for two fabulous Easter dinners – my family on Friday night, Eric’s family on Saturday. I’m all about the good meals!

Hope you have a fabulous holiday weekend!

<— What are your Easter plans?

<— What’s the best Easter candy? Reese’s eggs get my love too Smile with tongue out

38 thoughts on “Five Things Friday: 03/29/13.

  1. Swedish fish jelly beans! Cadbury eggs! Any form of chocolate! Peeps! Not too picky clearly 😉 easter plans are brunch with my fam and dinner with joe’s…busy day but should be nice 🙂 i’m incredibly jealous of your date with devon! I want to meet up with both of you! And this is the second post i’ve seen this week with udon noodles…i don’t think i’ve ever had them but now i want to since i ❤ noodles. Enjoy your day off love! Have some fun for me 🙂

  2. Omg Walking Dead. I can hardly control my excitement. Last week’s episode was SO good. I don’t know how they’re going to top it!

  3. Have a fantastic time with Devon! My favorite easter candy is starburst jellybeans hands down. And peeps for every occasion. I love your nail polish! Very summery/tropical. Have an amazing weekend, girl 🙂

  4. I freaking love udon noodles but I can never seem to find them at the store. This post has renewed my interest in the search, though! My favorite Easter candies are Cadbury Cream Eggs, hands down. I also love jelly beans…let’s be honest, I don’t really discriminate when it comes to Easter candy 😛

  5. I’ve never tried Udon noodles, but now I want to… they look like the kind of pasta with the texture that I would love! You always do have such great eats going on Sam… the tuna sounds like a tasty combination. I just had tuna fish the other day with good ole mayo, cucumber and celery and yumm a classic delicious dish. Chipotle flavoring in it must be even better, yet another thing I have to try!
    That is definitely odd about the rash, maybe it’s something to do with stress or something in that moment? Clearly I have no idea lol, but let’s hope that weirdness stops asap! You best not be developing an intolerance to something, too many good things out there that should not have to be restricted in anyway 🙂
    Pretty nail color for easter, I think I’ll do a festive color too! Light pink perhaps….
    Have a most delightful weekend Sam!

  6. You get to meet Devon? So jealous!!! Also popcorners are awesome, I am with you on that.

  7. Love the Easter nail color! Mine are purple and I feel more festive with them looking that way!
    I feel like on every post, I say I’ve never tried something haha…yet another one, never had udon noodles before. I was very sheltered in my eating habits as a kid. So weird about that rash! Maybe an allergy to something? I can relate, my skin had a freakout to a makeup product I tried and holy moly that wasn’t fun. I didn’t get a rash, but I got super itchy and felt burning all over and it’s lasted for like 5 days now. Not cool.
    But, I have super super sensitive skin.
    My sister got one of those chest rashes too, turns out she was allergic to walnuts. Random! Hopefully it’s just a one time thing.
    I also hope your neck feels better! Those neck pains are not fun.
    Favorite Easter candy – also have to go with peanut butter eggs! LOVE them!

  8. Mini Eggs are, hands down, the best Easter candy ever. I tried to hold off on eating them just so Easter would be a little more special, but I couldn’t do it. Gotta have me some chocolate eggies, and have to admit that jelly beans get a lot of love too 😀

    That Essie color is currently in the running for what color I’m going to paint my nails. Other contenders are Fiji and Lilacism. So many pretty colours that are perfect for spring!

    And can I ever relate to bodies doing weird things. I’ve had this strange rash/bumpy thing happening around my mouth lately and I’m convinced that it’s an allergy to something, but I have no idea to what. It seems to come and go randomly, and I’m at my wit’s end trying to figure it out!

  9. Yay! I’m super excited too! Can’t wait! That’s really weird about the rash. Maybe start keeping a journal of what foods you eat before it appears? I love that tuna/cream cheese combo! I used to do the same thing with goat cheese, and sometimes I would use canned salmon instead. Something about the toasty, creamy, salty combo is just perfect 🙂

  10. That dessert looks amazing!! Great idea to pair the graham cracker with peanut butter and dark chocolate!

  11. Your meals always look so damn good! My neck is also in pain! I think I pulled it sleeping or something and then working out just aggravates it. It’s really annoying! I’ve also been icing and downing lots of tylenol. I hope yours get better soon 🙂

  12. Loving the colour of that nail polish it is so cute and a great Easter colour. I’ve been thinking about getting some Essie polish for ages as I’ve heard it doesn’t chip as easily as some other nail polishes.

  13. Aaah-greed about udon noodles- love the texture :)! Hope your Easter weekend is off to a great start and by the look of it, it sure is! Gorgeous Essie manicure, Easter baked goods, copious amounts of Mini Eggs and family time all sound ideal to me! My favorite Easter chocolate is Mini Eggs and although I haven’t tried the Reeses eggs, I am pretty sure they’d top my list!

  14. Mini eggs!!! Definitely the best Easter candy. I stocked up yesterday. 😀

    Also that’s really bizarre about your neck and rash. Whenever stuff like that happens to me I get really freaked out and start googling my symptoms and then become convinced I’m dying of some rare form of cancer that only 1 in a billion people get. Can you say hypochondriac? 😛

  15. Have a great long weekend!!!

    Favortie Easter candy… either Reeses eggs or Peeps.

  16. LOVE the color of your nails!! And I am too addicted to Starburst Jelly Beans. Reese’s is also a good Easter candy 😉

    Udon noodles with stir fry… have to try it!!

  17. I NEED to buy some of those Popcorners now that I have heard on several blogs how good they are! I am loving the nail polish color, too! Very Spring/Summer! 🙂

  18. The tuna on english muffin looks great! Mini eggs are the best easter candy by far 🙂

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