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Goal Talk: April.


Good morning!

Did anyone prank/get pranked yesterday? I had my guard up all day, and am proud to say I survived unscathed. Open-mouthed smile

And a side note – I have a guest post up on The Run Within today! Alex is an absolutely fabulous person and I adore her blog, so I’m thrilled to be posting for her.

And on to the bulk of this post…the goals.

First up: March goals.

1. Foam rolling after workouts.

While it definitely did not happen after every workout, I did break out the foam roller 3-4 times a week. I’d consider that a success! It definitely made a huge difference – not a lot of DOMS or extra soreness last month. It also proved to be a fantastic thing for my knee; absolutely no achiness or pain. I’ve noticed that my IT band on my left side is really tight (the side where I get an achy knee) so I’m pretty convinced that that’s the problem.


Foam rolling is the definition of ‘hurts so good’. Apparently, it is worth it.

2. Show up on time.

I did show some improvement with my chronic lateness last month. I was by no means perfect, but overall I’m happy with how I did. Confession: a lot of the time when I’m late for something, I was probably reading blogs or responding to comments. Oops. Just can’t tear myself away from you guys!

3. Computer gets shut off at 10:15 on weekdays.

ehh…more like 10:30 most nights. But better than the 11:15 it was before! There was a huge improvement in my sleep quality once I started crawling into bed and reading for about 20-30 minutes before turning out the lights.

4. Destroy my chest press plateau.

So…still at the same weight. But I moved from 8 to 10 reps. Not quite total destruction, but I’ll take it. Smile with tongue out

April Goals

1. Have a month of unstructured workouts.

I’m going to address this more later this week, but basically this guest post on Amanda’s blog had me thinking about my relationship with exercise and the gym. I like being on a workout program, but then I become too focused on it and I feel like my life revolves around the gym, when it should be the other way around. So, my workout plan for April is to workout whenever I feel like it, doing whatever I feel like. And taking rest days whenever I feel like those. I’ll talk about it more on Thursday though!

2. Get a summer job.

Because things like rent and food cost money. I have been doing a bit of hunting and I think I may have a couple of good leads, but if I can get something locked down for the beginning of May, that would be fabulous.


If this ends up being a problem, that would be fabulous.

3. Make a Goodwill donation.

All winter, I suffered from the “I hate every article of clothing I own” problem. So I bought some new ones. Except that I still have the old ones, so now I just have drawers that are on the verge of exploding every time I try to open them. I need to do a lot of organizing. And anything that I haven’t worn in a year or more needs to be donated (minus special stuff. Like my prom dress…I’m pretty that’s still in my closet at my parent’s house).

4. Do some yoga.

I like yoga. I don’t like to do a lot of it, but I do like to do it once in a while. With focusing so much on workout programs the last several months, I haven’t done it regularly since…October, I believe. So I want to reintroduce it a little bit. I don’t know if that means going to a class or doing a podcast at home, but I will work it in there at least a few times this month.


the one and only time I’ve tried hot yoga. Unfortunately, the studio in Brantford closed – I’d love to do it again!


And that’s all I got for you today! Have a good one!


<— Does blog reading/editing make you late for stuff? I know it happens to Hollie too! Smile with tongue out

<— Any goals for April?

<— Anyone else still have their prom dress tucked away somewhere?


45 thoughts on “Goal Talk: April.

  1. I can send you some good online yoga routines if you want!

  2. I got pranked pretty good last night… I was not okay with it. I hate April Fools day haha I’m glad to see that you got better about turning your computer off. It’s something I definitely need to do for myself.

  3. Ohh way to go on your meeting your goals for March..foam rolling 3-4 times a week is a success if you ask me! I especially love your April goal to take a more relaxed approach to working out. Taking the pressure off having to exercise always results in me enjoying my workouts that much more. I’m sure you will agree that exercise should just be ONE aspect of our life, not our entire life :)!

  4. You have some great short term goals. See that you are having problems with your knee. Is it tendinitis? That is killing my knee.

  5. I’m definitely loving your April goals, girl! I’m currently in the process of cleaning out my closet and I have a pretty decent stack of clothes that are waiting to be donated. Sometimes I find myself getting all antsy about giving stuff up even if I haven’t worn it in years because there’s the off-chance that I MIGHT need it some time in the future, but let’s be honest… that never happens… and it always feels so good to just let go of those things. And YES to unscheduled workouts! I’ve been doing that for a good long while now and I seriously love how much stress it removed from my life. I’m no longer planning my entire day around when I can get a workout in, which has made them much more enjoyable.

    • I do the same thing! I have clothes that I haven’t worn in years that still hang around because I don’t want to get rid of them. I’m so in need of a good decluttering.

      That’s definitely the attitude I’m going for!

  6. oh I am spring cleaning my closet this weekend and cannot wait to donate everything! I love de-cluttering!

  7. I really like your goal to have unstructured workouts. Whenever I feel like I’m forcing myself to much to workout, I try to remember I’m doing this for myself and there’s no need to overdo it. Some of the best workouts I’ve had have been unplanned random ones!

  8. I think one of my April goals needs to be to break out the foam roller more often!

    I’d love to do more yoga too I’m thinking of trying one of those online subscription ones.

    Well done on achieving your march goals 🙂

  9. Blog reading definitely makes me late! I lose track of time! These are great goals 🙂

  10. Totally feel you on the blog reading thing! Worst when it happens at work, haha I just don’t get the prior stuff done, whoops!! 🙂 I love all the other goals and happy for those you already achieved!!
    I am totally the same with Yoga, I like it a lot but I can not do it too much. I have some great practises found on You Tube with Tara Stiles, it’s the easiest, just turn it on and start practising!

  11. Haha I’m always late/distracted by blogs – they’re so much fun!

  12. Thankfully I didn’t get pranked either:)
    I really like all the April goals you listed and may just have to steal a few for myself.
    I’ve been trying to do the no workout plan thing and just go with the flow, but I find it hard to stay on schedule that way since I’m so indecisive. It works on weekends well though:)
    Man, blog reading makes me late and distracted too haha.

  13. My goals for April are to drink more water and to stop snacking so late in the evening. I also really like your idea to shut off your computer by a certain time each night. I need a break from technology, for sure!

  14. I like your April goals! I could definitely use a closet/drawer clothing de-clutter, but I also really need some new clothes– perhaps that could be my reward? I use a big foam roller, but not for foam rolling– I lie on my back on it (with it along my spine) to stretch my shoulders– it does wonders after all the time on the computer that blogging takes.

  15. Never agreed more about the foam roller. That thing is all aboard the pain train LOL. Glad you made most of your goals. 🙂 I’m glad someone else will admit that blog reading can make them late. I don’t get it, I know it must happen to a lot of people…but no one will say it LOL.

  16. I totally need to make a huge Goodwil donation. I have so many clothes I don’t wear and I think I need to get rid of some of my too tiny clothes so that the temptation to try them on and hate myself isn’t there. As usual, I am in full support of the yoga 🙂

  17. I’m late for everything because of blogs haha. I’m ready to go in 10-15 minutes…I get distracted reading and whatnot haha. Joe has come into wherever I’m sitting to get ready and taken away my phone and computer more than once to get me back on track 😛 As far April goals, foam roll, follow PT directions, and listen to my heart/mind/body 🙂

  18. Nice job on your goals! I’ve been foam rolling more often lately too. It feels so good to roll out that tightness. Now I just need to motivate myself to do my knee exercises more often. 😛

    Also I really want to start doing yoga more often too. I’ve been saying that for years, but maybe one of these days it will actually happen haha. If only we lived closer and we could do classes together!

  19. I say good job on the goals overall! Loved the foam roller image, it’s accurate 🙂 I go on kicks where I am great about doing it for a few days in a row, and then it falls by the way side. Enough is enough, rolling is SO GOOD for your legs (something I could certainly benefit from) so time to get my rear in gear on that one
    Getting to bed early still continues to be tough.. 10:00 would be ideal but then I seem to get sucked into the internet abyss around that time and then suddenly 45-1hr has gone by and im kicking myself. So yeah, another thing for me to work on
    I sure do have my prom dress! I fell in love with it the moment I saw it, and that night, felt so beautiful <– a feeling I do not often experience

  20. I’m glad to hear that foam rolling was a success in alleviating DOMS and reducing pain in your knee! You won’t believe this, but I’ve never foam rolled. Ever. I think part of the reason is fear (that picture doesn’t help! 😉 ), and because I’m not really sure what to do!

    A big YES to being late because of blogging, commenting, tweeting, photographing, Instagraming, or all of the above simultaneously. Gah. Social media is so wonderful… yet extremely detrimental to my own quest to become more prompt. I’m glad others can relate, though! 😉

    I’m just coming off a month of unstructured workouts, and really enjoyed it. Exercising intuitively was what I needed–both physically and emotionally. I’m beginning to crave structure again, though, so I’ll probably start working a program back into my routine soon. I think I’ll leave one or two days open for “free exercise”–aka whatever I want (or nothing at all).

    xoxoxo ❤

  21. Pingback: The Non-Plan Plan. | Better With Sprinkles

  22. Ahhh, you must be having sympathy pains for me…my left IT band has been SO tight lately that my physical therapist has had to resort to 10 minutes of massage at the beginning of our appointments JUST so I can do my therapy! 😯 As soon as I can handle the position, I will definitely be foam rolling…until then, my rolling pin seems to be doing the trick! Hey, don’t laugh!

    I am almost ALWAYS late for stuff due to blogging…including late to BED! I can never seem to tear myself away from the computer and my favorite blogs…says the girl who is over TWO WEEKS behind in commenting! Oh girl, I’ve missed you so much! Please forgive me for being MIA lately! Oh, and accept this as a right of passage into the Broccoli Bombing club! 😉

    PS, I went to prom all FOUR years in high school (much to my mother’s chagrin…and I STILL have every one of them in the back of my closet! I just can’t get rid of them Lol

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