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WIAW: Crazy for Sangria…and Cute Babies.


Good morning and happy Wednesday!


Which, of course, translates to happy WIAW Smile

So I already covered Saturday and Sunday of my long weekend, but I held onto Friday just for WIAW purposes. Friday was family Easter at my parents. Basically, it was a typical family holiday for me: lots of food and lots of people (I think we ended up with 21 in total…yup, it’s getting to be a pretty big family).

Pre Workout

Because we were going to head to London around noon, I headed to the gym first thing. I wasn’t too hungry when I woke up, so I just had my watermelon BCAA’s and a handful of grapes before a back workout followed by 20 minutes of easy elliptical.


And of course, wanted breakfast as soon as I got home.


Eggy oats with jam. Shock surprise, right?

In the early afternoon, Eric and I headed to my parents with my Easter contribution in tow. The contributions for the main meal are split up depending on whose hosting (the host family makes the turkey/main dish, my other aunts bring the sides), but my uncle, my cousin and myself are always in charge of dessert. Yes – there’s three of them.

What I decided to make this year:


Easter cupcakes!

I used my go-to chocolate cake recipe (Betty Crocker recipe…it’s delicious) and made a peppermint buttercream icing. I added green food colouring and used a star tip to make ‘grass’, which I then topped with toasted coconut ‘nests’ and mini eggs. I do not consider myself much a decorator AT ALL, but I’m definitely learning!

I was pretty hungry again by the time we got to my parents, so I attacked the appetizer table:


The cheese and crackers tray. My great uncle brings this to every get together, right down to the brand of crackers (Wheat Thins and Vegetable Thins) and the black tray. I helped myself to a few crackers and pieces of cheese.


I have absolutely no idea what this is, but it was some sort of phyllo pastry stuffed with spinach and feta. Whatever it is, it was good! And is making me think that I need some more feta in my life…

There was also a shrimp ring that I went to town on. Unfortunately, so did everyone else so it escaped pictures.

Then, my mom pointed me in the direction of her homemade sangria.


I’m not a huge red wine fan, but I will make a definite exception for sangria. Especially my mom’s – hers is fantastic. I love the addition of fruit too – oranges, strawberries, and peaches. This glass times maybe…4 or 5 spread throughout the afternoon? Yup, I’m a fan.

Family time!



And then my cousin arrived with her seven-week-old baby.

It can be said that I am baby-crazy. Although I’m nowhere near the point in my life where I would be ready to have one myself (I’m 23 and still in school. No thanks) I absolutely melt whenever one is brought in my vicinity. And baby Liam just happens to be an absolute cutie:


Oh god. I die. Those little overalls. And baby socks – I swear, baby socks are the cutest thing ever. And just to add to the heart-meltingness of the situation:


Eric looks pretty cute holding a baby! Smile with tongue out

Side note: I was actually tempted to text my dad a picture of a positive pregnancy test for April Fools. But considering how I act around babies, he would probably believe it. And then he might have a heart attack.


Or maybe not. Smile with tongue out

Ok, I’m done with baby pictures now.


The peeps that come out at every Easter family gathering:


Nobody actually eats the peeps, so most of them actually end up being thrown out. But my grandmother (who passed away when I was 10) used to bring them every year. So my aunt continues that tradition – it’s a nice touch! I kind of wish I had rescued a couple to bring home so I could make Peeps s’mores. That would have been pretty awesome.

Pinot Grigio to start:


And a deviled egg.


These things are like currency at my family dinners. Everyone adores them, and they’re the first thing to go. So when you sit down, you grab one ASAP. And that’s a pickle in the bottom corner there.


My dinner: stuffing, mashed potatoes and turkey with gravy, ham with applesauce, steamed baby carrots and garlic green beans. Plate cleared.

And then dessert:


Yup…my family does dessert well. This plate was split between Eric and myself, which meant that he ate a few bites of everything and I ate the rest Open-mouthed smile

We’ve got my cupcake, a chocolate lava cake, and Oreo cheesecake. It was all fabulous, but obviously, mine won out. Smile with tongue out

The rest of the night was spent digesting, playing card games, and more playing with the baby. And a Game of Thrones rerun we randomly found on TV – good way to end a holiday, methinks.

Today I’m back at class – I got an impromptu cancellation yesterday, so I ended up with a five day weekend. Definitely not complaining about that one.

Have a good day!

<— For family holidays, is there a certain course/dish you’re responsible for?

<— What are some of your family’s Easter traditions? The Peeps is my favourite.


57 thoughts on “WIAW: Crazy for Sangria…and Cute Babies.

  1. Wow that dessert plate looked like it was all kinds of delicious 🙂

    I love sangria too. I’ve made it myself before and had both good batches and bad batches but it always got drunk no matter what 🙂

  2. I wanna come over to your house for dessert!! Seriously, those cupcakes.. adorable!

  3. Wow Sam those cupcakes are so CUTE! They make me want Easter again so I can make them :). That spinach and feta roll looks amazing too 🙂

  4. Oreo cheesecake?? Oh lord that looks insane…YUM! Actually the whole spread looks delicious! And good call on using the Betty Crocker recipe for the cupcakes…as much as I love homecooked food, nothing beats boxed cake! And presentation wise, you did a fabulous job! No Easter traditions here but I may or may not use it as an excuse to eat more chocolate than normal 😉

  5. “Not much of a decorator” WHO ARE YOU? Those cupcakes are straight out of a magazine! You look SO pretty with baby Liam. I’m baby obsessed too, and it totally freaks my parents out because I gush and tear up and repeat “I want onneeee! Give it to me!” whenever I see one. But, right now I can barely keep a plant alive, much less a human. Your family gathering sounds like so much fun, and I’m so glad you enjoyed yourself!

    • I forgot to comment on the Sangria! I knew I was forgetting something.
      THE SANGRIA! Ohh my god there is nothing better than a good homemade one. My mom makes a white one that ROCKS, and your momma’s red looks just killer. No shame in going back for 4ths or 5ths. Ahh is it too early to be craving a glass of that fruity deliciousness right now?

  6. I would have NEVER guessed that you’re not a decorator by looking at those cupcakes – they’re freakin’ fabulous! And so is everything else. does your family ever do Easter well. Our holiday feasts are usually a lot smaller, but that’s because it’s only me and my parents. I’ve always wondered what it was like to have huge family gatherings, but all of my extended family lives in Poland, so we don’t get to see them all that often. But at least there’s dessert! – which I’m always responsible. This year I made a simple cheesecake, but I’m thinking I should have gone with an Oreo one because it looks delicious!

    PS – little Liam is ridiculously adorable, and the only thing cuter than baby socks is little baby feeties!

  7. Oops, I forgot to celebrate April Fool’s Day this year!! But the phyllo and spinach dish is spanikopita – I used to LOVE it before I realized that cheese makes me really sick. It’s so yummy!

  8. Dessert! Always dessert 🙂 and your cupcakes look adorable and delicious as does the rest of your meal! I don’t think there is anything that melts my heart more than seeing joe with kids…the day he came to go to the bakery with us i couldn’t stop smiling at how cute it was to see him holding big kid’s hand 😉

  9. That dessert plate?!?! Oh my goshhhhhhh. YUM! 🙂

  10. Those cupcakes are adorable!! I would never manage to decorate them so pretty! And that pic of you with the baby is the cutest. Eeeee……Oreo Cheesecake – I never had that and I would be all over it, sounds to die for!

  11. I love your peeps traditions!!! Except I would be walking around the table asking each person if they were going to eat theirs. And then proceed to fill a heaping plate with desserts all to myself. What can I say, I have a sweet tooth 😉

  12. It looks like you had an amazing day! Good food and family is the perfect way to spend a holiday. Your cupcakes are adorable, I wish I was that creative!

  13. wow dessert looks DELICIOUS!!! Looks like you had a amazing time with your family 🙂

  14. Those cupcakes are TOO cute! I could eat that whole dessert plate right now..and it is only 9 a.m.! 😉

  15. Looks like the phyllo dough dish is spanakopita, its one of my favorite things to order out at Greek places.

  16. Hahah that would have been a funny April Fools joke for your dad! My mom would KILL me if I did that haha.

  17. Your cupcakes look fab! I’m super impressed!
    Your fam knows how to do an Easter celebration, that’s for sure. Um, this year my family forgot it was easter so we did absolutely nothing haha. Fail.
    Oh my gosh, baby cuteness! Ah adorable.!

  18. Your cupcakes look amazing! I was totally intimidated by detailed cake decorations before I made my roommate that birthday cake, but now I just kind of want to make more! My mom makes AMAZING spanikopita, I wish I had her recipe. Actually, I’m going to GET her recipe and make it 🙂

  19. OH those cupcakes are adorable!!! NICE work!

  20. That dessert plate looks delicious! Wow! The cupcakes you made look so pretty too 🙂 I love Mini Eggs they’re my vice at easter!
    Your oats look cooked the ideal way I like them too..super thick and claggy haha!

  21. The cutest cupcakes EVER!

  22. This all looks SO tasty!! Especially the dessert plate 🙂

  23. Looks like a fantastic Easter! I love Easter cupcakes…yours look so cute! 🙂

  24. Sangria I miss soooooooo much! I can’t wait to have it again!

    Your baby cousin is adorable, just so sweet!

    Looks like you had a wonderful easter love and I hope your week is great! ❤

  25. Mmm what an awesome feast! I looove appetizers like that spinach and feta one. And your cupcakes are SO cute. I’m kind of all over the place when it comes to contributing to family dinners – sometimes I do side dishes and sometimes desserts (and sometimes nothing if I’m being a lazy bum).

    Also Liam is adorable!! I love babies too. Definitely can’t imagine having one right now though – yikes. But every so often I start wanting one. 😛

  26. Dude, my family is the SAME way with the deviled eggs…you better snatch one up as soon as you can or you ain’t gettin one!! Lol

    Your cupcakes look FANTASTIC!! I love the icing “grass”…too cute! And speaking of cute…ohmigoodness, melt my heart…BABY LIAM!!! Ahhh! And the only thing cuter than baby socks? Baby shoes!! Awwww!

    Oreo cheesecake…WHA- WAHT?!?! And ANYTHING with spinach and feta is a winner in my book! Love Sangria…but haven’t had it in FOREVERRRRR! <- wow, I am like completely random with the comments tonight, huh? 😉

    We don't really have any holiday traditions in my family…just glad whenever we're able to get all of us together under the same roof!

  27. Wow those cupcakes are decorated perfectly! Everything looks delicious. Spinach, feta cheese and phyllo…sounds delicious!! All these pictures are so great!

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