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SSE: Phase 3


So, this week has continued to reinforce the idea that I need a puppy.


Leon goes home tomorrow Sad smile We had one bad morning with him (let’s just say that dealing with a dog in digestive distress does not make for a good time) but otherwise, it’s been awesome having a cuddly dog in the apartment.


So…anyone in need of a dog-sitter? Winking smile

Slim and Sculpt Elite: Phase 3

(review of phase 1 and phase 2)

So, the week before Easter, I finished up with The Slim and Sculpt Elite Training program I bought from Carrie at This Fit Chick. I had worked with her before for her original Slim and Sculpt program, which I enjoyed so much I purchased the Elite program in January. This was the superset phase – girl knows how to finish it with a bang! Almost all supersets, all the time. Due to the layout out of the gym I had to break down some of the workouts into single sets, but I still feel like I got a great workout and saw progress.

The final phase had 5 workouts a week; 5 days of lifting and 4 days of cardio, broken down into steady state, intervals, and HIIT. It was an intense four weeks – no wonder I didn’t feel like hitting up the gym at all last week!

  • Workout A + Cardio: I used to hate working biceps…until I actually developed some semblance of biceps Smile with tongue out Now it’s one of my favourites!
  • Workout B: I freakin’ adore working legs. I had to break down one set of supersets here due to my gym layout, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Although goblet squats = paaaain. I did make some deadlift progress though, which always makes me happy.
  • Workout C + Cardio: Again, due to gym layout had to break up one of the supersets. It was also my first time doing overhead presses – those are definitely challenging. And a friend of mine pointed out that I was making his (male) roommate look bad for pressing the same weight he was (he was joking, obviously). I took it as a compliment…hells yea I’m strong Open-mouthed smile The HIIT almost left me in tears each week. Definitely challenging.
  • Workout D + Cardio: Nothing really of note here…although for steady state cardio, I would usually just jump on the elliptical for a while.
  • Workout E + Cardio: A pretty simple workout for the weekend, which I appreciated. It had been so long since I’d done planks!


So definitely a great plan overall. It was a challenge, but it was doable. I saw progress in my lifts,which was my ultimate goal. I’m continuing to put on (muscle) weight, which I’m happy with. I would wholeheartedly recommend it if you’re in the market for a good workout plan to follow!

So between the two plans, I feel a lot more confident in the gym. I’m by no means a personal trainer (or anywhere near that level), but I feel like I’m starting to figure out what combinations work and what makes for an effective routine.

The next phase: no workout plan at all. I’ve been back at the gym this week, which I’ve been enjoying, but I’m still waiting to see where the unplanned month of workouts takes me.

Now, I am off to my AM class – where the professor is treating us to breakfast at Williams Open-mouthed smile The perks of having a class that consists of six people. Hope you guys have an awesome Thursday! 

<— Any “hell yea!” workout moments for you lately? New PR, hit a new yoga pose, things of the sort?

<— Do you follow routines for your workouts, or do you make up your own?

<— Favourite chain coffeeshop? I think mine’s probably Coffee Culture.

36 thoughts on “SSE: Phase 3

  1. Oh jeez you and my roommate would get along great. She sprung the idea of getting a puppy on me last night. I’m not so sure about all of this dog business… I’m still a kid!

  2. I’m all for getting a puppy if you have the time and money to properly take care of one. My first year away at school it was so hard without my dongs and now I love coming home to Bentley, dogs are such a good companion! I love that your teacher is treating you to breakfast, last year one of mine took us all, 8 of us, to BWW for class one night to eat while we talked.

  3. Leon looks so cute!! Happy that you had a great time with him!
    Great job on the workout program, definitely looks like a challenge! I treat myself with a personal trainer currently, since I want to lean out. Not this week obviously since it is my restweek 🙂 But last week I pushed 3 kilos more on the bench press. I love these ‘hell yeah’ moments!

  4. Awwwr dogs ❤ I love them, but dealing with a new puppy is definitely a challenge… Talk about sleepless nights! My girl is close to 10 now so it's been a long time since I've had to do any puppy training and I've almost forgotten it enough to be tempted to buy another puppy lol. I'd feel a little bad though since I live alone and I'm gone a lot between work and traveling. Still tempting though…

    • He’s 10 as well, so definitely past the puppy stage too. But just having him around is making me want to get a puppy.
      I think Eric and I have different enough schedules right now that we would be ok, but that’s definitely a concern.

  5. That does is such a poppet. I need him in my life. That mop of hair gets me every photo you post! I tend to follow my own workouts, sometimes it works better than others! I am def going to make a workout plan after this half marathon though, esp with cross training!

  6. I love this post!

    I like following workout plans when I find myself in a slump and literally need someone to tell me what to do… Otherwise, I like to listen to my body – always cardio, but strength training as I need it!

  7. love puppies 🙂
    great job with your workouts, we do a mix of planing things out and just doing what we feel like that day, though we try to stick to a plan.

  8. I want a puppy sooo badly, but my apartment building doesn’t allow dogs 😦

    I love structured workouts versus being left to my own devices. I do Bar Method 4 days a week, and I love that it follows a set routine. I def get my best workout that way. And ok, I know everyone who reads this will probably groan, but I love Starbucks- i think their blonde roast is really good.

  9. I am considering rescuing a dog this Summer. They can just be so darn expensive, though, so I definitely need to consider that before making any rash decisions.

  10. That dog is absolutely too cute for words…i’m not sure I’d be able to give him back ;)! That’s so nice your professor is taking you out for coffee. When I was in college, I actually preferred smaller classes because they were more interactive and I felt like I got much more out of it. As overly priced Starbucks might be, I am a huge fan…it might be a chain but I am hooked on their coffee 🙂

  11. One of my favorite parts of living at home right now is having puppies again. You should get one! They are the best companions. I have also been having a very un-planned exercise routine lately and I am realllllly enjoying it. Sometimes with all the structure in life, it’s nice to take one of them away!

  12. I am not a dog person really….I feel bad saying it since it seems everyone loves ’em! I just think about the mess & the everything that goes along with ’em! BUT I must say, puppies & kittens steal my heart every time ❤

  13. Ok that dog is adorable…almost as cute as our future pugs 😉 i think my latest “hell yea” moment was finishing my seven mi pain free on sunday…very excited about that!

  14. My running’s been getting faster recently and that just makes me so excited! No loud protests from my post-injury knee either! That’s totally a hell yeah feeling. And I’ve been addicted to Dunkin’s iced coffee lately. I had never had one until Tuesday. Now I can’t stop thinking about it.

  15. Ok your classes get CUPCAKES, and sometimes SUSHI and now BREAKFAST. can I come? I mean it. every time I see a dog I think I want one more than ever. too bad I have zero time for a bugger like that

  16. That’s awesome you found a good program! I follow what my trainer gives me, but I love writing workouts too. I go rogue from time to time. 😉

  17. Haha that’s so awesome you can press as much as a guy! Who says girls aren’t strong? 😉 I haven’t really had any accomplishments at the gym lately but I’m okay with that because it’s not really my focus right now. Once I’m back to running though, you bed I’ll be aiming for some PRs!!

  18. Leon is such a cutie!! Is there any chance he’ll be paying you a visit again? I think I need to get into the pet-stiting business…Several of my friends do it on weekends and make a lot of money. I’d do it even if I didn’t get paid, though, because I miss having dogs in my life!

    Umm, amazing progress in the gym, girl! GET IT! I’m nowhere near being able to press as much as the meatheads in my gym (the guys that work out there during the day–which is when I’m usually there–are super intense), but maybe someday? Baby steps… 😉 No major gym milestones in the past two weeks, but I am going to yoga tomorrow for the first time since 2008! I’m both nervous and excited. It’s vinyasa, which I’ve heard is a bit more difficult, so it may be, umm…interesting.

    Favorite chain coffee shop is Peet’s, however, I’m only able to go there when I’m in California and Boston. I also love The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, but I can’t get that in DC or Idaho, so I guess I’ll say Starbucks. :-p

    Happy Thursday! ❤

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