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MIMM: End-of-Semester Celebrations.


Hello there! I hope you’ve got some marvelous in your Monday morning Smile

Of course, it’s time for the most positive linkup I know. Thank you to the wonderful Diva herself for hosting!

So, I don’t have classes anymore. Which means that I didn’t have to get up to an alarm this morning. That in itself is pretty wonderful Open-mouthed smile

But for today’s #MIMM, I wanted to discuss my day last Friday, which included a visit from my best friend, a trip in a limo, a nice dinner, and a dance party. Pretty awesome.

But first, this new-to-me breakfast I made Friday morning.


I decided to try one of those ‘paleo’ pancake recipes out of sheer curiosity. So this was 2 eggs, a mashed banana, and a tablespoon of almond flour turned into a pancake, topped with peanut butter (see? I couldn’t do paleo even if I wanted to) and blueberry jam.

Eh. It was ok. It tasted really ‘eggy’ to me – probably not something I’ll be making again anytime soon.

But I digress…

Friday night was the Graduate Students’ Association Year End Banquet, held at my university’s main campus in Waterloo, Ontario (I attend a satellite about 45 minutes away). The GSA graciously offered to send a limo for those of us who wanted to attend, which was awesome.


Eric would be working and wouldn’t be able to make the limo pick-up, so I extended the invitation to Laura. She’s been my best friend since high school, which we figured out has been almost 10 years. Which then made us feel old. She was able to come up, which was fabulous! Plus she brought her boyfriend up to keep Eric company when he got home from work, so it was an ‘everbody-wins’ sort of situation Smile with tongue out

We got ourselves prettied up and headed downtown to meet the…limo?


So…that’s a short bus. But it’s a limo. I had to laugh when I saw it! Of course, the inside was done up like a regular limo (lights, leather seats, tables, wine glasses, etc.) but the outside was kind of funny. It got us there in one piece, which I suppose was the important thing Smile with tongue out

We arrived at the Waterloo just in time for awards and a champagne toast. Of course, my immediate attention went here:


I kind of live for chocolate fountains. They’re just so pretty! Especially when I can dip marshmallows in them Open-mouthed smile

After the toast we made our way upstairs to the reception, where the theme was “tulips”. So cute for Spring!


My lovely date and myself!

Of course, we stopped at the bar.


Apparently, I enjoyed my Tom Collins the week before so much that I wanted another one. The only issue was that they didn’t add simple syrup, so it was so sour! Apparently, it didn’t bug me too much because I had two throughout the night (between that and the wine, don’t be surprised that the pictures got kinda blurry…)

Passed apps!

Passed Apps

  1. cocktail shrimp on a prettily-sliced cucumber. That is freakin’ cute.
  2. Some sort of chicken alfredo flatbread and a crab cake.
  3. Bruschetta. Forever, it will be my favourite bread-based appetizer.

And of course, I enjoyed the company!




Ok, going to sidetrack for a moment. I was really freakin’ bright that night! My original plan was to stick to a simple black dress since my shoes were so attention-grabbing, but I decided to go big.


Or in this case, go blue. For someone who normally dresses almost entirely in neutrals, I’m pretty proud of myself Smile with tongue out

Dinner time! We were asked ahead of time whether we wanted the chicken, the roast or the vegetarian option – I went with chicken.


I asked for “one small extra scoop of veggies” and the server gave me a massive helping. Can’t go wrong with extra greens, right? I was actually really happy with this meal – the chicken had a nice flavour, and the mashed potatoes were awesome.

We happened to choose a table at the back, which meant I had this 2 feet away from me all night:


Which made it entirely too easy to reach behind me and snag desserts and bits of candy all night Smile with tongue out


A macaroon with a bit of crushed mint on top. Umm, whoever came up with that idea is absolutely brilliant.


So…this thing was shiny. And purple. But it was entirely edible – in fact, it tasted like a Lindt milk chocolate truffle. I had a couple of these throughout the night, despite the fact that they left me covered in sparkles.

After chatting for a bit, the dance floor opened up. And that was literally the last two hours of the evening: dancing for a while, getting tired and sitting down for a few minutes, and then getting back up to dance again.


I love me a good dance party Open-mouthed smile

Thanks again to my beautiful date!


We piled back in the limo for the ride home, where the driver was nice enough to drop us off right at my front door. I was in the door at 12:30 and passed out by 12:45. My nineteen year old self would be a tad ashamed Smile with tongue out

Definitely a great way to celebrate the end of classes. Although, I still have papers to work on. Basically, what my plan is today.

Have a good one!

<— If you wear colourful or bright shoes, do you try to keep everything else neutral?

<— What’s a ‘late night’ for you? If I make it all the way to midnight, I’m usually pretty impressed with myself.

39 thoughts on “MIMM: End-of-Semester Celebrations.

  1. That sounds like such a fun night! What a fancy event for the graduate school to host. Love your shoes, and the fact that you have an awesome friend to tag along as your date for the night. I hope the rest of you Monday is Marvelous 🙂

  2. Aw what a fun weekend! Jealous that you’re done with classes. I am so glad you didn’t like the paleo pancakes either. I haven’t tried them but the eggy-ness is exactly why I haven’t. I’ll stick to good old fashioned pancakes thanks. Extra flour and syrup 😉

  3. Congratulations on being done, Sam! You & your bestie look fab and the evening looks super fun :)! Everything in Mumbai seems to happen rather late so a “late” evening is usually any time post 3-am. And I definitely try to go neutral when my accessories are bright- otherwise I end up feeling like a Christmas tree!

  4.… !! What an awesome night – it makes me reminisce about my own grad, crazy high heel dancing and all 😉 And I do usually tend to keep the rest of my outfit pretty neutral if I’m rocking some bold shoes, mostly because I want people to notice my shoes. As for late nights, I have to admit that I can’t rock some of the crazy hours that I used to be able to pull. Back in the day, 4 or 5 wasn’t rare for me, but now? I consider 12:30 to be quite an accomplishment 😆 And on a completely different note, you didn’t like the paleo pancake eh? I don’t know why, but that actually makes me super happy to hear. Everyone seems to rave about them, but I’m still iffy on the whole paleo thing…

    • I remember pulling 4:30 am on my birthday celebration last year and I have no idea how I did it. 12:30 after the dance and I wanted nothing more than to crawl into bed!

      It tasted like sweet eggs, which was just weird to me.

  5. Sounds like the perfect party night!! Uh, that dessert buffet, I’d have been all over it!
    And I love your outfit, you look so pretty!

  6. What a fantastic event! The food looks amazing. Haha I consider it a late night if I’m still out by 10:30/11… Back in my early twenties I lived in nyc and i could stay out til last call (4am) easy. Ahh what a difference your late twenties makes 🙂

  7. Wahoo for classes being done!!!! How exciting!!
    It must be such a relief to have things done for the year.
    Sounds like a crazy awesome night! How fun.
    In my college days I could party until 5 or 6 in the morning (no clue how) and do it all over again for like 4 nights straight. I was um…a mess let’s say ha.
    Now a days, I can stay out until 2 if I realllllyyy drink some coffee in the morning, otherwise 1 is about all I can handle.
    If I do wear bright shoes, I try to keep other things neutral, unless I’m going for a color block style and mix the appropriate colors together, then it can look quite good!
    Yah, the paleo pancake thing always confused me. I can’t really believe it tastes “amazing” like other people stated. Wouldn’t it just taste like a sweet omelette? I guess I can’t say since I’ve never tried it, but I don’t think I will be anyways ha.
    Happy Monday!

  8. macaroons are my favorite thing ever so seeing that picture made me want to jump through that screen. every time I see those freaking pancakes I wonder… isn’t it just an egg scramble??? I don’t get it.

  9. This looks like so much fun! I looooove your shoes and those sparkly truffle things look amazing.

  10. Oh yeah I keep forgetting peanuts aren’t paleo. I couldn’t do paleo even if I tried, I don’t like meat that much. And peanuts can’t be consumed.. I’m not huge on peanut butter but I love my peanut flour. Awesome fun photos! Looks like a great time!

  11. That night sounds like so much fun! Can’t go wrong with apps and ‘sserts. (shout out Parks and Rec)I’ve wondered about those paleo pancakes, and I’m glad you gave them a meh. I’ll stick with regular. I’m not sure I would like eggs and bananas mixed together.

    LOVE your shoes and your dress. Total lady boner over here. (I shouldn’t say things like that on the interblags…oh well)
    Happy week my love! Hope its great.

  12. This sounds like an awesome night! I wish my college threw something like this for me! 😛

  13. Looks like fun! When I was younger I would go out three nights a week until 5 or 6 in the morning. I also worked and got straight As. No idea how I did that and survived! I didn’t drink though, so I think that was my secret.

    I’ve never tried Paleo pancakes but the idea of them grosses me out. I will stick to my plain eggs and bacon!

  14. If I make it till midnight, I text everyone I know to inform them of my awesome badass self being able to stay up that late…before passing out entirely 😉 That looks like an awesome way to celebrate the end of the semester, girl!! I think my favorite part is how close you guys were to the dessert table…can’t go wrong with that ever 😉

  15. Oh fun night (said the random stalker 😛 )~! Well for the most part, I wear colourful shirts…so pairing it up with BRIGHT coloured shoes is something I never do…yours look cool though!
    Keep rocking :p

  16. Those banquets that your school puts on always look so amazing! I’ve definitely never gone to an event through Brescia/Western that had a chocolate fountain or limos. 😛 And the food there looks awesome too. I totally agree that bruschetta is the best thing ever! Sometimes in the summers when the tomatoes are fresh and local I will just make an entire meal out of bruschetta. So good.

    Err, I don’t own any colourful bright shoes. Now I feel lame! However I do have a hot pink skirt that I loooove.

    A late night for me is midnight. I don’t know how I stayed out until 4 am every weekend a few years ago! How the times have changed…

  17. First, you look so very pretty Sam and I adore those heels!! That’s cool your program and school had such an event, and it truly looks like a great night! The chocolate fountain? Heck yes to that… marshmallows and strawberries are my personal to dip in. The chococlate purple cake ball thing is indeed pretty and the sprinkles on clothing is totes worth it 😉 I couldn’t help but giggle like you did at the “limo” haha
    Can’t say I have any bright shoes, the best I have is errr light pink, lame! I’m thinking I need a change of some sort now, new shoes in a cool color that is 🙂

  18. What a fun night!! Your shoes are killer–love love love! Sometimes celebration call for going big and bold, and this definitely looks like it was one of those occasions. I’m pretty sure I would have spent half the evening parked next to the chocolate fountain, and the other half tearing it up on the dance floor. I can’t think of two things I love more, actually. Except peanut butter, but that doesn’t usually show up at banquets. 😉 Oh, and those cake pop/Lindt-like truffle balls? Amazing! I’ve never seen them covered in edible glitter!

    I am a night owl by nature, and until recently, it wasn’t uncommon for me to stay out till 3-4:00am. However, now I’m almost always home by midnight/1:00. I usually hit a wall around 12:00, and just can’t keep going like I used to. I guess what they say about getting old is true—I refused to believe it when I was younger, but I’m living it now!

    Hope the paper-writing went well today…You’re almost done! ❤ xoxo

  19. Pingback: WIAW: Cures for Overimbibing. | Better With Sprinkles

  20. What? No centerpieces for the road this time? 😉 Haha! Sounds like you had an absolute BLAST! Also sounds like your school knows how to throw a pretty decent parrrrrtay (even if they did send a short bus for you…Bahaha!) The food looks amazing! I would have been ALL OVER those apps…that flatbread looks delish! And yay for chocolate fountains! I’m not a huge fan of chocolate but I always love how they look!

    Way to rock the bold colors girlie! I’m always pretty neutral…unless I’m at the gym…for some reason, I see that as great time to mix neon colors! 😉

    Ugh, late for me? It’s weird…since I work nights, you’d think I’d be able to party all night, but I remember when I went to visit Laura in Atlanta back in January…we were out until like 3am…I swear I barely made it through the door! Lol

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