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Five Things Friday: 04/19/13.


Happy Friday! Despite the fact that I haven’t had classes all week, I’ve been insanely busy. I don’t really have exams in grad school, but I’m definitely weighed down with final papers/assignments. Plus, I’m trying to work on my thesis proposal AND job hunt.

So…yes. Glad it’s almost the weekend. Open-mouthed smile

Lists of things!

5 Things I’ve Eaten This Week:

1. Homemade applesauce (?)


I don’t know if I can really call it applesauce, because I let all the liquid soak up so it’s just the cooked, cinnamon-y apple pieces. Suddenly I understand what all the applesauce fuss is about (Khushboo and Amanda!). I’m pretty sure most of this stuff has been eaten directly out of the fridge with a fork. So good.

2. Annie’s Mac and Cheese with hot dogs, broccoli, and ketchup.


Note: mac and cheese of any sort must include ketchup. But, it must be squirted on top and never mixed in. Mixing the ketchup in just ruins it. Smile with tongue out

3. A turkey and hummus wrap and a cheese string, eaten for lunch at school.


Usually I arrange my schedule so that I don’t have to go to school until after lunch, or I just go home during. I kind of hate packing lunches…it’s going to suck when I have a job that requires me to actually leave my house for most of the day.

4. The wafflewich.

I’m pretty sure that this is the reason why freezer waffles exist. The best things you can do with waffles, in my humble opinion. Especially when you go for maple cinnamon waffles and throw some jam on there…sweet and savoury at it’s best.

5. Chicken tortilla soup.


I’ve never actually had chicken tortilla soup before, let alone made it. So this was a “throw-together and hope it works” sort of meal. Worked pretty well, actually – although really, it’s hard to go wrong with anything that’s topped with grated cheese, avocado and crumbled tortilla chips.

5 Things Happening This Week:

1. The first really warm day of the year (Monday) this happened.


That would be a vanilla and chocolate swirl soft serve cone with a cake batter dip. It is just as fabulous as it sounds. I made a trip with some friends to the Dairee Delite in Brantford, which is a soft-serve, seasonal, walk-up ice cream place. I knew I wanted a cone with a chocolate dip, but then I looked directly above my head and saw a list of at least 15 kinds of dip – white chocolate, peanut butter, cotton candy…but cake batter seemed like the way to go.

When I got the cone (regular size) I took one look and thought “wow! that’s really big, I should have got a child’s, I won’t be able to eat all of this!” Then I laughed at my silliness and proceeded to devour it. So.good.

2. It was 25 degrees yesterday. 25!!! It was amazing. I wore flipflops. In April. Day made, right there.

Except I will never complain about warm weather…I kind of thrive in humidity.

3. I won Vice President for my Student Council for next year!! Open-mouthed smile

And by I won…I mean I ran unopposed. But nonetheless, I am excited. Smile with tongue out

4. I’ve presenting in and volunteering at a conference on Saturday. When handing out roles for the volunteers, I was offered the role of the official “tweeter”. Umm, that is pretty much the coolest volunteer position either. You guys set up the food, I’ll sit on my computer and tweet about things Smile with tongue out Awesome.

5. Between Boston and Texas, I think we could all use some happiness next week. Still sending positive thoughts to all those who have been affected.

5 Reasons I Can Waste Hours on Buzzfeed.

1. The 40 Greatest Dog gifs of All Time.

I actually can’t even handle how cute that is. Jesus, I need a pug (so do you Caitlin!)

2. The 7 Funniest Frustrated Gordon Ramsay Memes.

Yes, it is vulgar. But it is hilarious. And my inner nerd always appreciates a Mario reference.

3. 25 Foods You’ll Never Be Able to Eat Again.

Please tell me that you remember these. And you miss them. The jalapeno cheddar flavour was amazing.

4. 26 Ridiculously Amazing Sweatshirts you Can Actually Buy.

Umm, I just posted a recipe for donuts yesterday. And the sprinkles go without saying. Clearly, I need this.

5.Peter Dinklage’s Hottest Moments as Tyrion Lannister.

He’s already the wittiest character on the show, but he’s also compassionate? I’m sold.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

<— Regular ice cream or soft serve? What would be your ideal ‘dip’ for a soft serve cone? I might have to go back and ask them if they can mix the peanut butter and chocolate varieties…

<— What’s a discontinued food that you wish still existed? The green/purple Heinz ketchups was on that list too…as gross as it looked, it was oddly compelling.

56 thoughts on “Five Things Friday: 04/19/13.

  1. That dog gif is too funny!

    That homemade apple sauce looks incredible! so delicious love that it has pieces.

  2. HOLY CRAP doritos 3d were my jam. I could seriously name off so many of those foods that no longer out that I love. buzzfeed,the best way to spend my time

  3. Haha that sweatshirt is amazing! Love the look of your soft serve as well 🙂

  4. CAKE BATTER DIP?! I have never heard of that! Ahhhhh I need to find myself something close.

  5. Wa-hayy for applesauce…I’m glad you loved it :)! As delicious as it looks, I am all over that ice cream cone right now- heck yes to soft serve….well all ice cream for that matter- I don’t discriminate! There was an ice cream place nearby to our place when I was growing up which had the yummiest dipper- it was a chocolate sauce which turned into a chocolate shell! Although as fabulous as it was, I can only imagine how much better cake batter & peanut butter dippers would be…mmm! Happy Friday :)!

  6. I am a mac & cheese fiend and I’ve never heard of putting ketchup on it- I’m so intrigued! I am going to have to give this a try soon! I’m a regular ice cream girl- mint chocolate chip all the way:)

  7. 1. I would be all over that ice cream. Like diving into that cone head first.
    2. Pugs are the cutest! Eek that face!
    3. If you love humidity you should really come stay with me! Heheh
    4. I’ve tried those Oreo o’s and I remember being really disappointed.
    5. And regular ice cream! I like mine thick (???) hahah

  8. I just bought a box of Annie’s mac and cheese last night, and I am so glad you posted this cause I have a pressing question! Can you make half the box at a time, or how do you normally do it? I haven’t made mac and cheese in yeeeears. The whole box is probably a lot of mac (too much is impossible 🙂

  9. I would definitely go for the white chocolate dip! And I need to get a soft serve soon my favorite way to eat ice cream!
    I am obsessed with applesauce too, I just top everything with it 🙂

  10. Hahaha, that sweatshirt is amazing! I would die laughing if I saw someone wearing it. Homemade applesauce is where it’s at, I do mine in the slow-cooker, yum! If I dip a cone, it has to be with chocolate! The list of discontinued foods is basically everything we ate all through the 90’s, good times 🙂 Happy Friday!

  11. Muahaha! Welcome to the addiction that is homemade applesauce :mrgreen: I start making a new batch even before my old one is done because the thought of being without it is just… no good! And I completely agree with your ketchup OVER mac ‘n cheese method – that’s the only way to do it.

    Ice cream. Oh man how I wish it would warm up enough around these parts for me to be able to enjoy frozen treats without freezing my buns off. Soon. Soon. When it comes to ice cream, I really don’t discriminate between regular and soft serve, as long as some kind of crunchy chocolate toppings are involved.

    Happy Friday, love!

  12. we need to get back into making homemade applesauce, so easy and so yummy. love soft serve ice cream 🙂

  13. Mmmm you just made me want a dipped cone realllll bad! I’m a cherry dipped girl all the way but my only options have always been chocolate or cherry…cake batter sounds heavenly 🙂 i love hard ice cream though way more than soft serve so i haven’t had a dipped cone in ages.
    And you are completely correct…i do need a pug 😛

  14. Now I’m craving homemade applesauce! Believe it or not, I’ve never actually tried it before! Well in baking I have, not by itself. Not sure why this is…
    Soft serve ice cream was alwaysss my favorite, but since dairy is off the table for me, I loooove coconut milk ice cream! It’s heavenly.
    Okay, so I thought vanilla coke was discontinued and that was my favorite thing I always wished would come back, but then I saw you had a can, so I’m thinking I need to go searching for it since that was like my one dream item to return ha.
    Happy Friday!

  15. Cake batter dipped ice cream cone, Amazing! My great aunt used to make the best homemade applesauce, she used apples from her tree that had pink skin and would leave it on so it was pink applesauce. Pink applesauce is really fun when your little! I hope your job hunt is going well!

  16. I have to say I love gelato most of all – softer than ice cream, but creamier than frozen yogurt. My powerlifting coach has me eat a pint of gelato every once in a while as a refeed. It is SO GLORIOUS.

    You know what discontinued food I miss? The tan M&M’s. They were nothing fancy, but I liked having them there.

  17. I love homemade applesauce! YummmmY! I make mine in the crockpot 🙂 And is the recipe that stole my (now) husband’s heart ❤

    I like real ice cream–but it has to be GOOD. Otherwise, soft serve.

    I WANT hot weather!!!!

  18. What a fun ice cream place… I’ve only ever seen chocolate or strawberry dip! I’d go for a peanut butter one for sure 🙂

  19. Gah, I love the GOT gif…quite appropriate for me right now, I may have to steal it!

  20. I loooove homemade applesauce! The processed kind just doesn’t even compare. I used to make it all the time in the fall, but I haven’t made it since then.

    I prefer regular ice cream to soft serve, but I’m usually stuck getting the soft serve because most ice cream shops just dip their scoops in water to clean them, which means there are traces of nuts in like all the ice cream flavours. 😛 I’ve never seen a place that does dips for soft serve, but I bet a chocolate caramel one would be awesome!

  21. There is so much fabulousness in this post, I want to squeal! 😀 Okay, I’ve got it together now…First, Annie’s mac n’ cheese is near and dear to my heart. Love it. You won’t believe this, but I’ve never tried squirting ketchup on top, despite my adoration for the stuff. However I’m almost certain that I’d love the combination, because I’ve really never met a savory/salty/sweet food I didn’t like.

    Second, WAFFLEWICH!! You already know how much I love them. Eggs with maple cinnamon waffles and jam sounds pretty knock-your-socks off amazing. I’m not sure I can find flavored GF waffles, but I’m pretty sure I can find a way to make them.

    Third, dipped soft serve cones remind me of my childhood. We used to go to DQ at least once/week during the summer, and I always ordered a chocolate-dipped vanilla cone. No Blizzards for this girl. I can’t imagine what I would have done with myself had there been a peanut butter option! Cake batter sounds pretty awesome, too.

    Fourth, I need that donut sweatshirt.

    Fifth, CONGRATS on the VP victory!! Clearly you were unopposed because when others saw your name on the ballot, they knew they wouldn’t stand a chance. 😉

    Happy weekend!! ❤ xoxo

    • I’m sure Vans probably has something – they do gluten-free and they have quite a few different ones.
      I’m definitely going back for the peanut butter dip. And thank you! Haha that must have been it 😉

      Happy weekend Sara! ❤

  22. Yay for student council! Congrats! I’m totally with you on the mac n’ cheese ketchup front. It’s gotta be drizzled, as soon as it’s mixed in it’s adulterated. That dip looks amazing too! I have never heard of anything other than chocolate dip, I couldn’t even DREAM of 15 flavours!

  23. I do remember 3d doritos! I actually liked the regular ones more than the 3d though ahaha. That ice cream looks so delicious, I didn’t even realize dips came in those flavours. For me Mac and cheese must be had with chopped tomato and ham 🙂

  24. Can I please eat everything that you are eating? Homemade applesauce, waffle sandwich, and annie’s? Ummm I’ll have all of the above and then some. OMG loved that sweater post. My best friend works at buzzfeed, so she always sends me these things.

  25. Oh man first Amanda and now you with the homemade applesauce! I am completely sick of apple but you still have me wanting to make some!

  26. It’s finally sunny and warm((ish) in London too! I had frozen yogurt the first day we had sun haha. Yesterday I wanted to go lay in the park and tan but Rob refused to become an English person – it was only 13 degrees but it felt unbelievably warm.

    In my hometown in Australia, it only ever got to about 18 in the winter. I used to wear jeans and sweaters then, so I can’t believe I was running around in a skirt and tank top yesterday! Haha

  27. Omg, SURGE!! I completely forgot about those! AND the 3D Doritos!! And seriously, I LOVED Squeeze-It’s…I always looked like this when I pulled on out of my lunchbox at school! Lol

    That ice cream cone is seriously going to haunt my dreams! Cake batter dip?!?! My god, if I couldn’t see the picture proof myself, I’d put it right up there with unicorns and leprechauns! 😯 You HAVE to go back and see about the chocolate pb combo…and of course post a pic so that I can willingly torture myself! Hahaha!

    Sweet and savory wafflewiches are where it’s AT!!! Nothing like a perfectly runny egg wedged between two buttery sweet blueberry waffles! YUM!!

    That Gordon Ramsey meme made me laugh out loud! And now I want to play Nintendo! 😦

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