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MIMM: Monday Confessions.


Hello and good morning! I hope everyone had a delightful weekend. Friday and Saturday were crazy busy for me, but fortunately I was able to fit some relaxing in. Absolutely necessary for my sanity, especially because I’m hitting the books again this week.

But to start the week off on a fun note, I’ve got some confessions for you today. Because confession is good for the soul. And if it’s good for the soul, that means it must be marvelous, right? Winking smile

And of course, happy, light fun stuff is marvelous in itself! Thanks to Diva Katie for the linkup!

So, the confessions.

1. Whenever I park in a large parking lot (like at the mall or a movie theatre) I will always forget where I parked. And spend at least 5 minutes wondering around the general area of the parking lot where I think I parked, looking for my car. Once, the best friend and I spent ten minutes circling a parking lot, convinced that her car had been stolen because we couldn’t find it. Yea…we parked in the lot around the corner. We were pretty proud of ourselves that day.


Side note: I really want to do this to people who park like that.


2. I cannot go into a mall without making a beeline directly for the bookstore. Umm, book nerd much? I’m pretty sure I could browse Chapters all day.


3. This is what happens when I paint my nails;



Yup, unsteady hands over here. And while were on the topic, somebody needs to paint these for me:



I can’t even handle how awesome those are.

4. I consider Cosmo to be one of my biggest guilty pleasures in life.


I get a subscription for Christmas every year, and I love it. Easily one of my favourite “turn off my brain” activities.

5. I really, really hate croutons. Even when I was younger and wouldn’t order any salad besides a Caesar, I would always ask for it without them. The thought of chunks of stale bread on my plate is completely unappetizing to me.

6. I never wash my fruit before I eat it.


In fact, the only produce I usually wash is lettuce and greens. I realize this is probably a terrible habit and I’m ingesting all sorts of things that I shouldn’t be…but laziness wins out, apparently.

7. On a similar line of thought, I am the furthest thing from a germophobe that one could be. I mean, I do clean, but it’s more out of a distaste for the look of dirt and grime than actual concern about germs and bacteria. I break out the bleach once a week at most (and when I’ve had raw chicken on the counter) and I think that that’s plenty. In fact, I’m entirely convinced that we live in an over-sanitized society – I think that having no exposure to germs and bacteria weakens immune systems. In fact, some research is suggesting that over-sanitization can be partly to blame for the rise in allergies in kids (there’s an article in Jezebel, if you’re interested).

8. I take an “organized chaos” approach to my workstation. Or, maybe just the second part…


This would be “my” side table where I keep all my schoolwork. This is what it’s looked like the last couple of weeks…oops. I did organize it today though, so be proud of me Winking smile

9. My hair routine on an average day involves washing it, brushing it, maybe smoothing some Moroccan oil into it on a good day, and then walking away. I have really thin hair so I have to wash it daily (or else it gets greasy quickly) and adding product to it just seem to weigh it down. So my already straight hair become pin-straight…not really working for me when my goal is to add some volume.

10. Taco night = the best night ever.

I’m pretty sure I went almost two weeks without Mexican food. That’s pretty unacceptable. Also: when Eric and I have taco night, we stand at the counter and eat over the sink. We’re classy.

Hope you have a fabulous Monday!

<— Do you have a ‘guilty pleasure’ book or magazine? What magazines do you subscribe to? I subscribe to Cosmo and Women’s Health, but I’m thinking about adding Food Network Magazine in there.

<— Are you particularly concerned about germs or bacteria? Do you think society is too concerned?

<— Any similarly thin-haired ladies have any magical volumizing tips? 


64 thoughts on “MIMM: Monday Confessions.

  1. I don’t really wash my fruit before eating it either. Or rinse my quinoa, oops! 😉

    I got my hair blow dryed on the weekend and they used this awesome volumising powder that when your hair gets flat you just use your fingers to activate it again and it gives you volume. I do have very thick hair though so I don’t know how well it works on thinner hair.

  2. High 5 on not washing fruit- I am glad I am not the only one guilty ;)! And another one about painting nails- my skills are so poor that I’ve given up painting my own nails…either I go for a manicure or they stay au naturel ;)! I used to subscribe to Zest (a health magazine in the UK) and Runners’ World but recently unsubscribed to both. I got fed up of Zest’s “tips” (i.e. 1,200-calorie menus) and I find RW to be extremely repetitive with their content.

  3. I always, always, always forget where I parked my car. It’s terrible haha. I love the nail meme, too. So true. I suck at painting my own nails usually!

  4. That parking spot picture 😆 Oh man I would love to do something like that to the self-righteous buggers who think it’s okay to take up 2 spots. Brilliant. And I definitely think that society is too obsessed with sanitizing everything. I do wash my fruit before eating it, but that’s mostly out of habit than anything else. All the sanitizing wipes and antibacterial soaps kind of freak me out… I keep reading things about superbacteria and the fact that we’re just making all those little microbes stronger and more resistant to things, and yeah… no good. ANd your workstation looks eerily similar to mine 😛 Strangest thing is that I know where pretty much everything is, so I guess I’m doing okay.

    Happy Monday, love!

  5. Well we’re the same person. I don’t do anything to my hair. People are lucky if I brush it. Cosmo is awesome, I don’t know how to paint my nails without making a mess, and I never remember where I park. BUT I am obsessed with croutons. Especially the ones that are still slightly soft. If we ever hang out, I’ll eat your croutons and you can eat the non-lettuce/carrot/cucumber/celery ingredients in mine 🙂

  6. Because of my job, I need to be concerned with germs and bacteria, but outside of work, I’m much more laissez-faire like you. The house is clean, but not immaculate — sanitized but not sterilized. And even though I was immunocompromised because of my ED, I haven’t had any kind of cold or virus since 2008. Now that’s saying something. I totally think it’s because my parents let me eat dirt as a kid.
    I think that we totally have the same kind of hair too. More than 30 hours without shampoo and it’s ridiculously greasy. That being said, I appreciate how easy it is to maintain.
    And as for the organized chaos — how else are we supposed to be able to find things if we can’t see them?! 😉
    I love your confessions. They’re normal, and they really shouldn’t be “confessions”. They’re true life and non-extremist. It’s almost like this post should be titled “MIMM — Real life”. Blog world = crazy. Sam’s world = relaxed and enjoyable.

  7. Haha, I totally can relate on the lost car thing. My Mom and I experienced the exact same thing, we were close to call the police because someone ‘must have stolen’ my car 🙂
    Washing fruit and veggies – that really depends on my mood 🙂 Sometimes I am lazy, but I do try to be good and wash them. I too, think that we are overconcerned. I lived for 3 months in a little hat on a beach in the Philippines with very limited water and power – it was clean, but not clean like we are used to. I survived and had no sicknesses at all.

  8. Girl, I don’t always wash my produce either.. and it drives Joshua crazy! I don’t know why, I just never seem to think of it at the time?

    p.s. your parking spot story made me giggle ❤

  9. Totally agree on the over sanitized society! I bleach when the whole house sickness hits, there’s chicken guts on the counter, or I need the whites really white! LoL

  10. I am the opposite with my work station and cleanliness – maybe TOO organized and clean but that’s just the way I am. I guess I don’t oversantize, I more just like things tidy haha and I hate croutons too! There has only been one time that I enjoyed croutons and it was at this Italian restaurant where it tasted like fresh garlic bread chunks.

  11. I don’t wash fruit and vegetables, my mom always tells at me about it when she’s in town. While I do think pesticides and chemicals are bad a little dirt isn’t going to hurt you. Honestly I think a lot if younger kids get sick now because fear of germs leads to over washing, resistant bacteria and lowered immune systems.

  12. Love #2! I could spend hours in Barnes and Noble :).

    And no croutons?? Ahh, this makes me sad! 😉

  13. Ahhh yes! I am the same way when it comes to germs and cleaning…I wipe down the kitchen every other day or so but that’s the extent of my weekly cleaning…when it starts to look bad, i do some more intensive things with a duster or vacuum cleaner but that’s maybe once every two weeks. We haven’t gotten sick from my cleaning methods yet so i think we’re ok 😛 oh and i love cosmo too 🙂

  14. Haha i don’t wash my fruit nearly as often as I should either… I’m not overly concerned about germs though. I think a little exposure to some germs is a good thing.

  15. Excellent confessions, great way to being the week 🙂 I ALWAYS forget where I park, I like to think the horn on my remote will “guide me” to my car, it works about 30% of the time…FAIL! And I never wash fruit either, never have & probably never will! And tacos are on our agenda this evening as well, yum!

  16. we tend to forget to wash our fruit before use too, usually only really rinse our greens. we try not to think about germs as it would drive us crazy, we just try to do our best when we can 🙂

  17. I could FOR sure browse Chapters all day! I love it there, actually, a day might not even be enough time there’s SO much there and so much I want to read.
    I agree with society over sanitizing things, and I admit I’m one of them! I blame my OCD though. I have 7 mini sanitizers in my purse at all times and have about 12 or so at home…just in case I run out of 11 of them at one time I guess? Who knows. I’m odd.
    Haha, that parking spot picture is awesome, my Sister does it all the time when I’m with her and it’s so embarrassing. I always feel so bad.
    Happy Monday love!

  18. Love this fun post!!

    Taco nights are the best nights! Amen! Well mexican food nights, just any mexican food yum!!!

    Hope you have a great start to the week love!

  19. I just sauntered over here from Sprint 2 the Table and love your blog! I admit, I also don’t wash fruit – I figure my stomach acid will kill anything before it hurts me first! I’m not overly type A when it comes to germs. A good hand-washing does the trick. In fact, my husband and I saw parents putting hand sanitizer on their 1-yo yesterday and I have a feeling they are prepping him to become resistant to something in the future. Growing up, you were taught to wash your hands properly – there was no sanitizer – and we turned out just fine 🙂

    My mom has recently been fighting some hair-thinning. She started using an Aveda volumizing formula and likes it. I don’t think it leaves a film like some other products do.

  20. see I consider myself a clean freak by all means but I don’t ever wash fruit or vegetables. My mom hates it and thinks i am going to get so sick one day out of this, I am just lazy when it comes to that form of cleaning. but if you saw my apartment you would see how much nothing can be out of place.

  21. I’ve always had thin hair too! And stick straight… A bunch of girlfriends always say they’re envious but I’m envious of all those ladies with luscious curls! Something that has helped me is using “lighter” shampoos + conditioners so it doesn’t weigh down my hair and afterward I’ll put in some leave in conditioner 🙂

  22. I kind of have a guilty love of Cosmo too. It’s kind of hilarious to read all of those ridiculous sex tips that no man would EVER want you to follow. Haha. I am the exact same way with germs too, I like to say I don’t believe in them. People laugh at me when I say that, but in India I was the person who got sick the least, SO THERE! People are too clean and then as soon as they come into contact with any kind of pathogen or bacteria their immune systems just say “screw this, I’m taking the day off!”

  23. I’ve downsized my magazine subscriptions recently. I only subscribe to Oxygen, Hers Muscle & Fitness and Lucky so I know what to wear outside of the gym. 😉
    I can’t believe you don’t wash your fruits!!! EKKK!! I actually use a fruit/veggie wash to get rid of all the chemicals. You never know what’s on there!

  24. I LOVE that parking spot photo… I really want to do that to someone, too!

  25. I’m the same way in malls – I head straight to B&N! My friends and I opt to meet up there rather than a shop just because we love it so much. There’s nothing wrong with being a book nerd! 😉

  26. Ahaha, the “I can’t find my car ANYWHERE” scenario happened to me Saturday, after spending way too long in the mall. I walked around the parking lot for what felt like 15 minutes, only to find my car in a completely different area than I’d originally begun searching. Sometimes I feel like I’m a 60-year-old living in a 27-year-old’s body. Oof.

    Unsteady hands? Yep! This is the reason I paid for gel manicures every 2 weeks for a year–I get so frustrated when I try to paint my own nails! However, a few weeks ago, I realized that my nails had become extremely pliable (aka super weak), so I decided to stop going. I actually think it was you who warned me about this! Needless to say, I’m painting my own now, and even though they look messier than I’d like, I’m just grateful that I still have nails to paint.

    I hardly ever wash my fruit! And I’ve never gotten sick from it–or at least I think.

    I’m a magazine junkie through and through, and used to spend way too much money buying them on the newsstand, so I finally bit the bullet and subscribed to the following: Food Network (one of my faves–I highly recommend it!), Real Simple, Oxygen, Cooking Light, and Self. For all the others, I usually park myself in a bookstore for a few hours several times/month, and browse through until I’ve had my fix.

    Happy Monday, Sam! ❤ xoxo

    • Ohh, smart idea with planting yourself in a book store! And great to know that Food Network is worth it, I’ll definitely look into a subscription.

      And yes I did! I stopped wearing mine about 9 months ago and I’m still feeling the repercussions.

  27. I never really buy Cosmo, but I love reading it at the hair salon or if my sister buys it! My guilty pleasure magazines are Women’s Health and Fitness Magazine. I know they have unhealthy approaches to weight loss and have unrealistic images of women, but I still love to read them. 😛 I also love Bon Appetit and Fine Cooking, but those are just pleasures. Not guilty ones. 😉

    Also I totally agree that people in general are too germophobic. I think a little dose of germs every now and then is perfectly healthy! I spent my childhood rolling around in the mud and swapping germs with kids at daycare, and my mom is convinced that helped make me practically immune to getting sick.

  28. I def agree – in my immunology course we’ve learned about the hygiene hypothesis and how increase in excessive sanitation in developed countries may be linked to the rise in autoimmune disorders and allergies in those countries! Not to say we shouldn’t clean of course, but I don’t think we need to over-do it.

  29. I love this post…I may have to do my own confessions post! I am with you on the bookstore visits, my fiance always calls me a book geek!

  30. I wash my fruit, but only because my boyfriend did it once, back in the day when I myself did not, and I could notice an improvement in the taste for sure!

  31. Omg, I completely and 100% agree with you on #7!! I used to be SUCH a sickly kid that my mom couldn’t believe it when I told her I’d decided to take a career in the medical field, but I’ll tell you, since I started working in the hospital 5 years ago, I can count on ONE hand the number of times I’ve been sick…and most of those were really just sinus/cold related. I never even get the flu shot! And I think antibacterial soap was invented by Satan.

    That manicure is epic! I want it!

    I seriously laughed out loud at the thought of you and the boy eating your tacos over the sink! Soooooo classy! Love it!

    I don’t subscribe to any “trash” magazines, but since I just started back to work tonight, I have basically unlimited access to the waiting room mags…I can’t help myself around People magazine…even though half the time I don’t even know the celebrities that are in there! Lol I subscribe to Bon Appetite, Whole Living, and Food Network <- A MUST!! You'll love it!

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