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Rehashing March.

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone is having a fabulous holiday weekend. I definitely am, so I’m just popping in for a quick hello and a quick March recap.

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Working on my Fitness:

  • SSE Phase 2: My review of the second phase of the current workout plan.



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Random Stuff I Blog About:


With the exception of a couple of fantastic days, March was largely unexciting for me. I blame school for that one Smile with tongue out But, I have some fun things planned for April!

Once again, have a fabulous Easter!

<— What did you get up to in March?

<— Any fun plans you have for April?


Five Things Friday: Feb. 15th/13

Good morning! I hope you enjoyed your Valentine’s yesterday, whatever you did! Mine was pretty tame, but I did get a nice surprise delivered:


You guys over at Mott’s, you’re too nice Smile

I have one class today, and then I am officially on READING WEEK! I’m pretty sure if you listen carefully, you can hear the collective sigh of students everywhere.

So while I’m enjoying the beginning of my week of freedom, here’s my Friday list for you:

5 Awesome Things I’ve Eaten Lately:

1. Simply Protein Chips (chili flavour) dipped in Skotidakis Jalapeno Greek yogurt dip.



2. Ice cream.


With sprinkles, of course. Gotta live up to that blog name Smile with tongue out

3. Banana pancakes and bacon dinner.


This was on Wednesday, so I guess we were a little behind on the pancake Tuesday thing. And I had some maple syrup on the side for dipping – including the bacon.

4. Smoked salmon with spinach cream cheese on a whole wheat English muffin with a side of roasted red pepper and tomato soup.


The soup was missing something (and side note – clearly exploded in the microwave a little bit) so I added dried basil and cracked black pepper. This also served as a reminder why I don’t buy smoked salmon often – $7 and I got two small portions out of it.

5. Sick-boyfriend Valentine’s dinner of chicken breast and mashed sweet potatoes.


Eric’s still on the mend from the flu, so instead of our planned lobster meal I made chicken and mashed sweet potatoes. Hopefully, he’ll be feeling recovered enough that I can break out the lobster tonight.


5 of My All-Time Favourite Books:

1. Wuthering Heights – Emily Bronte

Now that is one hell of a love story.


2. Pet Semetary – Stephen King.

I’m a huge King fan and I’ve read the majority of his books. But this is the one that I keep going back to – freaks me out, but I love it.

3. Game of Thrones – George R. R. Martin.


So, if you’ve held a conversation with me that lasted more than 10 minutes, you probably already know that I adore this series, both the books and the TV show. I’ve read them all (there’s a fifth, but I borrowed it from someone) but the first one is still my favourite.

4. Angels and Demons – Dan Brown.

The movie, not so much.

5. Intuitive Eating – Evelyn Tribole & Elyse Resch.

This book was seriously vital in teaching me how to listen to my body signals and just eat what my body wanted me to eat. Whenever I feel like I’m losing that connection, I read it again. Apparently, they’ve released a new edition – thinking I’ll have to find a copy!


5 Better With Sprinkles Search Terms:

Because really, it just makes me laugh.

1. ninja saw teeth.

sounds dangerous.

2.I am queen of cupcakes.

I will be challenging your title.

3. hummus good for hair.

Well, it has olive oil in it so…maybe? it might not smell the greatest afterwards, though.

4. toned girl lifting a barbell.

Why, thank you. Smile with tongue out

5. cheese crackers cure for headaches.

Let me know if that works for you?

5 Best Ice Cream Flavours (in my humble opinion)

1. Chocolate chip cookie dough. Really, who doesn’t have this as one of their favourites?

2. Reese’s. My love of peanut butter and chocolate extends to ice cream.

3. Moose tracks. Vanilla ice cream with chocolate peanut butter cups and fudge swirls. Cannot go wrong with that!

4. President’s Choice Candy Cane. I’ve been trying to ration it, but I only have about one serving left. Sadness.


5. Bubblegum.


That right there is essentially childhood on a cone.

Enjoy your Friday!

<— Favourite ice cream flavour?

<— Favourite book of all time?


Bloggers as an Influence. {VLOG}

Good morning!

So, I had a lot to say last night/this morning. Instead of writing it all out, I talked to the camera for a while.

To sum it up:

  • I’ve been reading blogs for years, and while I’ve gained so many positives from it, there have been some negatives too.
  • even if bloggers don’t realize it or don’t intend for it, their blogs influence people. If the image they’re presenting is a false one, this could cause a lot of problems for viewers who stumble across their blogs.
  • I love blogging and being an active member of the HLB world. But there are a lot of issues in it that need addressing.
  • It’s very easy to start a blog. There’s no screening process and there are no credentials to ensure that bloggers actually have a healthy relationship with food. So what a blogger may display as healthy, may not be.
  • What works for a blogger is not the be-all, end-all of health. Do what makes you happy and healthy.
  • Take everything you see with a grain of salt. If a blogger seems to have an unusual relationship with food, there’s a good chance there’s some disordered patterns there.

I’m not trying to point any fingers, it’s just an overall trend that I’ve been noticing in the HLB blog world that I really think deserves attention. A lot of blogger friends I have are amazing runners and I admire their abilities, and they recognize the need for proper fuel and do the best they can to ensure that they do so accordingly. I also have friends that are openly in recovery from an eating disorder, and make a point of saying so when they are struggling. It’s one thing to be honest that you are overcoming issues with an eating disorder and don’t always reach your goals intake-wise, it’s entirely another to portray what you are doing as healthy, normal and best for you (just realized I should have clarified that).

With that rant out of the way, enjoy your Tuesday!

<— Do you think that you’re influenced by blogs?

<— Have you noticed the same disturbing trends that I have?