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Weekly Eats and Workouts: 4/28.

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend! We’ve been blessed in these parts with some fantastic weather, so I’ve been sure to take advantage.

But of course, popping in with the weekly groceries, the meal plan, and the workouts!



  • baby carrots
  • romaine
  • blueberries
  • Gala apples
  • red peppers
  • green beans
  • a red onion that escaped pictures



  • shaved roast beef
  • Oikos 2% plain
  • provolone (I needed cheese but was feeling bored of cheddar and mozzarella. I don’t get provolone too often, so I figured it would be a nice change)
  • tuna (woot sale!)
  • butter
  • egg whites
  • pork chops
  • turkey sausage

Grains and Frozen


  • whole wheat sausage buns
  • whole wheat english muffins
  • frozen meals (boyfriend lunches…I realize that the top one is probably aimed at people half is age, but what can I say…I’m a sucker for cute marketing)
  • brown rice crackers
  • Triscuits



  • Popchips in ranch and nacho cheese (yesssss. I’ve been craving popchips for a while, but holding off until I had an excuse to go to Bulk Barn, because they have the best flavours. I haven’t tried any of their tortilla chip varieties, so I’m excited!)
  • Zevia (hello, 6 for $5 sale)
  • all natural crunchy peanut butter (I am officially on the crunchy peanut butter bandwagon. so good).
  • Digestive enzymes (I’m going to post an update on my digestive issues soon, but I will tell you this: those things have been miraculous)
  • hummus
  • icing sugar (I’ve got some baking to do in the coming week!)


  • Saturday: takeout
  • Sunday: pork chops with homemade applesauce, quinoa and green beans
  • Monday: tuna melts, veggies
  • Tuesday: Jessica’s chicken cheesesteaks
  • Wednesday: pizza
  • Thursday: turkey sausages on a bun, salad
  • Friday: chicken breasts, baked fries and salad

The Workouts

And as for what happened with last week’s workouts:

  • Sunday: off
  • Monday: gym for a chest and triceps workouts
  • Tuesday: legs workout
  • Wednesday: shoulders and core
  • Thursday: off
  • Friday: back and biceps + a couple of walks throughout the day
  • Saturday: shopping (absolutely counts as a workout – I was gone and on my feet for about 4 1/2 hours. I actually want to wear a pedometer at some point and see how many miles I get in on a shopping day like that)

Have a great day!

<— Are you drawn in by pretty marketing schemes? The package is shiny?! I’m sold.

<— Best hummus flavour? I was feeling spicy this week, but my two favourites would have to be caramelized onion and sweet potato.


Weekly Eats and Workouts: 4/21.

Good morning! I hope you’ve been having a lovely weekend so far. Mine has been busy, so minus a couple of errands today is going to be all about relaxing for me. But of course, I popped in today to share the groceries, the meal plan for the coming week, and the workouts that I did last week.

First up, eats for the week:



  • asparagus
  • a bag of discounted bananas (I’m hoping on weather warm enough to give me smoothie cravings. But considering that it was 3 degrees and snowing yesterday…maybe not)
  • blueberries
  • “sassy baby blend” – how can you not buy it, with a name like that? The blend includes baby greens, spinach, arugula, mizuna, and radicchio
  • baby carrots



  • sour cream
  • cream cheese
  • 2% plain Greek yogurt
  • ground chicken
  • ground turkey
  • salmon
  • eggs
  • chicken drumsticks



  • frozen meals & chicken strips (boy lunches)
  • frozen pizza – always good to keep one of those in the fridge for “I don’t want to cook” sort of nights.


Apparently, my camera ate this picture (or…I forgot to take it) but it included:

  • toothpaste
  • guacamole
  • salsa
  • taco kit (can you tell I’m planning tacos this week?)
  • english muffins
  • olive oil spray
  • plum sauce
  • almond milk
  • pineapple curry salad dressing (I know, I bought prepared salad dressing. But doesn’t that flavour sound amazing)?
  • marinara sauce


(yes, I absolutely spent some time playing around with PicMonkey)

  • Saturday: out
  • Sunday: ground chicken tacos
  • Monday: salmon, quinoa and bacon-wrapped asparagus
  • Tuesday: turkey burgers and salad
  • Wednesday: french toast (mmm…breakfast for dinner)
  • Thursday: homemade gnocchi with marinara sauce
  • Friday: ‘fried’ chicken drumsticks and veggies

Last Week’s Workouts:

  • Sunday: gym for an upper body workout
  • Monday: 3.4 mile run. It was an absolutely gorgeous day for it. And I got a little further, going a little bit faster than I did the week before. Yay!
  • Tuesday: lower body workout
  • Wednesday: off
  • Thursday: upper body
  • Friday: a ‘built-in’ exercise sort of day. I did all my errand running in the morning, walked back and forth to school twice, and helped set up for Saturday’s conference.
  • Saturday: I had my conference followed by a social, so when I got home I had no desire to do anything except lay on the couch. So…that’s what I did Open-mouthed smile

Talk to you tomorrow!

<— Do you buy prepared salad dressings, or do you make your own? I usually stick with olive oil/vinegar combinations, but that one just sounded awesome.

<— How were your workouts this week?


The Meal Plan + A Week of Unplanned Workouts.

Hello loves! I hope you’re all having a fabulous weekend.

Of course, my Saturday started with groceries and meal planning. Which means you guys get to see what I’m eating this week.



  • egg whites
  • canned tuna
  • plain Oikos
  • bacon
  • pork ribs
  • whole chicken
  • raspberry and pomegranate Oikos
  • feta
  • turkey sausages



  • bananas
  • bell peppers
  • grapes
  • broccoli
  • blueberries
  • baby carrots
  • coleslaw mix
  • sliced cremini mushrooms
  • butternut squash



  • frozen meals (boyfriend lunches)
  • chicken wings (ditto)
  • perogies (someone needs to teach me how to make perogies. They are amazing).



  • bread
  • BBQ sauce
  • canned tomatoes

Meal Plan

  • Saturday: out
  • Sunday: Buffalo chicken sandwiches and veggies
  • Monday: Cobb-style salads with chicken and feta
  • Tuesday: Squash and Perogie Stew (from March issue of Food Network Magazine)
  • Wednesday: Ribs and veggies
  • Thursday: Tuna Melts
  • Friday: out

The Workouts

Because I’m not going to be planning my workouts for the month of April, I figured I could take some time on Sundays to talk about how that’s been going during the week!

So, over Easter weekend I finished up the workout program I was on, and was feeling a little bit burnt out on the gym. So, this last week I did not hit the gym once. And it was lovely.

I walk back and forth to school often, which is 10-15 minutes each way. So, I get some daily movement in during the work week. Other than that…not much! My body has been wanting rest this week, so that is what I’ve been doing.

The weather was really nice towards the end of the week, so I got some extra walking in – including a nice walk around the Grand River.

I also did a little bit of exploring on Tara Stiles’ youtube channel and did a couple of 5-10 minute flows. Thank you Allison for pointing me in that direction – I really like Tara’s approach. And I know I can get through 10-15 minutes pretty easily; it’s the long flows where I get distracted.

So, definitely a quiet week on the workout front. But, it’s been nice. I’m getting a little antsy to get back in the gym, so that will likely happen this week. But we’ll see what sounds good.

Talk to you soon!

<— Any fun meals planned?

<— Anyone else able to get outdoors this week?