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Meal Inspiration + White Chicken Chili.

Good morning!

Today is the last day before the Easter long weekend…definitely cause for a happy dance! As of 11:30 this morning, I will be off for four days Open-mouthed smile

So…I like to cook. I spend a lot of time during the day perusing blogs, Pinterest, cooking magazines, cookbooks…looking out for recipes that stand out to me or look particularly tasty.

The only problem is, I forget about them almost an hour later. So I decided I needed a way to keep track.

Meet my meal inspiration board:


(yes, that is my handwriting. There’s a reason why I type everything).

Whenever I see a come across a recipe that I want to try, it goes on the board. So up there, I’ve got Skinnytaste’s Cheeseburger Casserole, and the squash and pierogi stew recipe is from Food Network magazine. I add old recipes of mine that I’m craving (my seafood lasagna), things I want to bake (cinnamon buns) and new recipes I want to put together (gnocchi, panzerottis (or calzones) and black bean burgers). If Eric wants me to make something, he’ll add it to the list too (maple bacon poutine…no surprise there). When I put together my meal plan each week, I look at the board and see what I can work into it. Definitely a way to keep me trying new things and being inventive in the kitchen!

Something that had been on the board until last week: White chicken chili. So…I put together a recipe. Open-mouthed smile


White Chicken Chili

Serves six. Inspired by Giada De Laurentiis White Bean and Chicken Chili.


  • 1 tablespoon olive oil
  • 1 slow roasted or rotisserie chicken, shredded and deboned with the skin removed
  • 1 large onion, chopped
  • 2 teaspoons garlic
  • 2 tablespoons cumin
  • 1 tablespoon dried oregano
  • 2 tablespoons chili powder
  • 2 teaspoons salt
  • 2 cans white kidney beans, drained and rinsed
  • 1 can green chilies, drained and rinsed
  • 2 cups chopped kale, stem removed
  • 1/2 cup corn
  • 1 cup peas
  • 4 cups low-sodium chicken stock
  • salt and pepper
  • grated parmesan cheese for sprinkling


1. Heat olive oil in large soup pot. Add onion and cook until soft. Add garlic and cook for 30 seconds.


2. Add chicken, cumin, oregano, salt, and chili powder. Stir to coat.


3. Add kidney beans, kale, chilies, corn, and peas. Add chicken stock and bring to a hard simmer.


4. Reduce heat, cover, and simmer for 60 minutes.


5: Ladle into bowls, and top with salt, freshly ground pepper and grated Parmesan cheese.


So…you should try this. It still has a little bit of liquid in it, so I guess it’s more a ‘stoup’ than a chili? But nonetheless, it is delicious.


I know it’s getting a bit warmer and we’re slowly moving away from soups, chilis and other warm, comforting meals, but believe me: make an exception for this one. It is fabulous!

Enjoy the last day before the holiday!

<— Do you keep track of recipes you want to try? How?

<— Soup or chili? I couldn’t pick between the two Smile with tongue out

<— Your handwriting: neat or messy? Mine looks the same as it did when I was about ten years old. Not impressive!


Who Do You Do it For? {VLOG}

Good morning!

So…I have a video-recorded rant for your guys. Smile 

Hope you enjoy!

If you can’t/don’t want to watch the video, or I’m kind of all over the place and you need some clarity, here’s the Cliffnotes version:

  • if you haven’t read this article on Thought Catalogue – go do so. Like now. Although I don’t think the author doesn’t quite get all the nuances and complexities of eating disorders down (although to be fair, that’s hard for anyone to do), he has a lot of great insights through watching what his wife has gone through.
  • Really focus on that last paragraph. It struck a huge cord with me, especially in regards to ‘fitspiration’ and similar trends popping up on Instagram, Pinterest and the like.
  • When I find myself getting down on myself for not having the ‘discipline’ to sculpt a six-pack or get myself down to an impossibly low level of body fat, I ask myself – who I would be doing that for? So random people on the internet/at the gym will be impressed? The people that would be most impressed with those feats are the ones that matter the least.
  • The people that matter most in your life are the ones that do not care what your body looks like. They will love you whether or lose 10 pounds, or gain 50. Anyone who puts that much value on your appearance does not deserve to have priority in your life.
  • Food is fun. Life is better with some chocolate thrown in there, as opposed to living 24/7 on the broccoli and chicken breast diet.
  • The next time you get down on yourself for not living up to a media-promoted ideal, ask yourself why. Who are you doing it for? The approval of strangers and acquaintances are not worth it. Your personal health is one thing, but health does not necessarily have to be what’s featured in a fitness magazine.
  • Priorities need to exist outside of the gym. I’ve had relationships become severely affected in the past by my need to stick to my schedule and hit the gym. Is it worth it? Absolutely not.
  • Basically: Do not think of yourself as any less worthy thanks to some ridiculous ‘fitspiration’ ideal. I’m not going to let it affect me anymore, and I think you should try to do the same.

Thanks for watching/reading!

<— What did you think of the Thought Catalogue article? Did he have it right?

<— Do you let yourself get affected by ‘fitspiration?’ How do you try and prevent it?


St. Patty’s Meal Plan + BlogLovin’.

Good morning! If you were out for St. Patty’s last night, I hope you had a fabulous time, and same goes if you’re heading out tonight to celebrate! With the holiday being on a Sunday this year, I have absolutely no idea if people are going Saturday night (which would be more fun) or Sunday (which would make for a terrible work hangover Monday, but date-wise it’s more appropriate). The fact that I have no idea makes it pretty obvious that I’m not really celebrating it, doesn’t it?


I’ve never really been one to go all out on the holiday – last year, I was working an overnight shift, so clearly wasn’t getting into the spirit then. And the year before, I have absolutely no idea what I was doing. Either way, I hate beer, so I’m not missing anything by not drinking the green variety this weekend Smile with tongue out

But because I love making food reflect the spirit of the holiday, I am planning on making beef stew for tonight with Jenna’s Irish Oatmeal Soda Bread. I’ve never actually had soda bread, never mind made it, so hopefully it turns out well.


I had to split my shopping into two parts this weekend, so I give you grocery haul one and grocery haul two.

One – Proteins, Grains and Frozen Foods


  • eggs
  • shaved ham
  • frozen meals (boyfriend lunches)
  • english muffins (they were on sale, so there’s three bags back there. I keep them frozen and thaw one bag at a time)
  • egg whites
  • cottage cheese



  • white kidney beans (apparently ‘Haricots blancs’, because I failed to notice I was pointing the French side at you)
  • canned green chilis
  • kale (I’m as surprised as you are with this one. I’ve never tried kale chips, so I figured it was as good of a time as any)
  • grapes
  • baby carrots

Haul Two

Proteins, Grains and Dairy


  • buttermilk
  • white flour
  • oats
  • butter
  • tofu
  • salmon
  • stewing beef
  • 2 whole chickens



  • kitchen garbage bags
  • Mr. Big bar (I had Eric with me for round two. We were waiting in line when we grabbed it and threw it the cart and declared “impulse purchase!” Fair enough – and yes, it’s already gone).
  • caramelized onion hummus (love)
  • romaine
  • mio (sometimes I get bored with plain water, so I like to keep one of these around)
  • Vaseline body butter (I swear by this stuff)
  • red bell pepper
  • 10 lbs potatoes (expect to see a lot of potatoes around for a while…)

Meal Plan

  • Saturday: out
  • Sunday: aforementioned beef stew and soda bread
  • Monday: salmon, rice and cauliflower
  • Tuesday: BBQ Chicken wraps
  • Wednesday: pulled chicken nachos
  • Thursday: wing it/leftovers
  • Friday: White Chicken Chili (Caitlin gave me a craving for chili, but I decided to mix it up and try a version with chicken and white beans).


So, we’ve all heard the news about Google Reader.


I spent some time playing around with BlogLovin’ yesterday – I’m still adjusting, but it seems to be a nice alternative to Reader! I’ll miss it, but I suppose all good things must come to an end.

And of course, when you make your switch to BlogLovin’ (I’ve been hearing some good things about Feedly as well) remember to follow me!  –> Button’s over on the side there! 🙂


Have a fabulous St. Patty’s!

<— What are your St. Patty’s plans?

<— Have you made the switch off of Reader yet?

<— Any methods/recipes for making kale chips? We’ll see how well this turns out.