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WIAW: Brunch and Linner.

Hi there!

Yup, it’s Wednesday already.

(Thanks for hosting, Jenn!) Anyone else kind of surprised by that? This week is definitely flying by.

So I’m going to be showcasing my eats from Monday. It was Family Day around these parts, so Eric had the day off as well. And because I’m not going home at for my reading week, my parents came up to visit and treat us for dinner. Always happy to see them!


Because my parents were going to be coming by in the early afternoon, I decided to head to the gym first thing, rather than waiting until late morning like I usually do. I downed some BCAA’s and a SimplyWhey Apple Cinnamon Bar (look for my review tomorrow!) about 45 minutes after I woke up, and headed off.


My usual gym (at the university) was closed on Family Day, but I had heard that the YMCA a few blocks away offers two free guest passes per person, so people get a chance to check it out before committing. So, the Y it was.


Monday was an upper body day, followed by 15 minutes of intervals on the treadmill. Overall, it was a decent gym – the locker rooms were nice and the equipment was in good shape. It was a little crowded, but I think that had more to do with the fact that it was a holiday than anything else. I liked it, but I don’t think I liked it enough that I would switch from my current (free) gym. I was glad I got the opportunity to go though, and I’m sure I’ll use up the other free pass in the near future.


By the time I got home and put breakfast together, it was almost 11:00. So…brunch?


I mixed about 1/2 scoop vanilla protein powder with about 1/2 cup 2% Oikos Greek yogurt in vanilla, then plopped it on two toasted Nature’s Path Apple Cinnamon waffles. Made me happy.

I’m So Disorganized.

I always go back and forth on what to do on holidays (especially a random one, like Family Day). Take the time to relax, or take the time to get shit done? I went with the latter, and tackled something I have been putting off for a LONG time.


I’m pretty sure I can hear the collective shudders.

In my apartment, the couch is pushed up against the stairs, making under the stairs the perfect spot for storage. When we moved here, we would toss random stuff back there in an attempt to get it out of the way (notice empty wine bottles, boxes, dumbbells, my yoga mat…) and we have just kept it up for the last 6 months. So Monday I finally got it done:


Still not beautiful, but a vast improvement. (And Eric decided to bottle wine for the first time. Hence, the massive amounts of wine bottles).

I needed something to munch on after that:


Bigger than a snack, not quite a meal. A piece of slow cooker banana bread with almond butter, baby carrots, grapes, and shaved ham. I went back for more carrots and another piece of banana bread.

My parents showed up around 3, so we hung around and chatted for a bit. We also watched the first episode of Downton Abbey so my mom could see it – she loves anything to do with historical fiction and Coronation Street (anyone/anyone’s parents watch that show? My mom’s been watching it for decades) so I knew she would love it. Of course, now she’s asking for the rest of the season!



I need to mention something here – while we were watching Downton, we suddenly heard a loud bang, and the screeching sound of metal on metal. Of course, we rushed outside and saw that there was a bad accident at the end of my street. The scariest part was that a child in the back (looked like about 12-13, a passerby who walked by us later told us) had not been wearing a seatbelt. When the car was t-boned, he spilled out the side door onto the street. He was conscious, but he couldn’t stand up. I haven’t heard any updates on the story since, but I sincerely hope he’s doing ok.

I felt the need to add this in here as a plea to PLEASE wear your seatbelt! When I was 16, we lost a family friend in an accident (she was 17 at the time) because she hadn’t been wearing one. Just do it – there is absolutely no excuse not to.


So, back to the food.

My mom has been wanting to try the Moose Winooski’s in Brantford, so we headed there for an early dinner. Moose Winooski’s is a strictly Canadian, but nonetheless typical chain restaurant.


Spinach and artichoke dip with chips and baked pita triangles to share – it’s kinda green, so that means there’s more than 2% spinach in there, right?

I decided to order the chicken fajitas for dinner. You know how when you’re trying to decide between two options on a menu, you pick one, and then as soon as the waitress walks away, you regret it? Yup…that was me. I was looking at the Thai lettuce wraps, I should have gone with those.


Sizzling plate of onion, pepper strips and chicken.


The tortillas and the fixings (lettuce, tomato, sour cream, salsa, cheese). I also had guacamole in there (although the waitress did not inform me that the guac was an extra charge…grr).

I made myself two fajitas with everything, and then proceeded to throw some toppings on the sizzling plate and eat the rest of the chicken, peppers and some of the onions with a fork.

Overall…meh. It was a typical chain restaurant experience – the hot stuff for the fajitas were oily and greasy as all hell, and the dip (and my dad’s potato soup) were lukewarm. Serves as a reminder as to why I prefer locally owned, at least! Not my worst dining experience, but still pretty subpar. The company was good, so that’s the important part.


The before bed snack:


Cottage cheese, almond butter, strawberry jam. I wasn’t really starving before bed, but if I didn’t eat I knew I’d wake up about 4 hours later feeling pretty ravenous. Before bed snack = necessity.

Today is more thesis reading (I’m almost through my pile of books though!) and heading over to the gym for a bit. Hope you have a great day!

<— Ever do the ‘immediate regret’ thing right after ordering at a restaurant? I blame my indecisiveness.

<— Had a less-than-ideal dining experience lately?


Livefit – The Slightly Hungover Edition.

Yea…we’ll get to that. 🙂

First up, my adventures yesterday.


Every July, my great-uncle throws a pool party/family reunion of sorts. It’s a chance to see a lot of older relatives we don’t see too often anymore, and just a chance for all us to get together. So around 2:30 yesterday, Eric and I packed up and headed over there.


When we got there, I realized I had forgotten the cupcakes I had made for the occasion. Fortunately, we only live about ten minutes away so I jumped back in the car to drive home and grab them…only to reverse directly into my cousin’s car, who was parked behind me. Oops.

Fortunately, there was no damage, and I got the cupcakes back to the party (clearly, the most important thing).

It was nice to chat with family members for a while. Even though I didn’t go swimming, my uncle has an awesome in-ground pool that everyone was enjoying. For appetizers, there were some chips and crackers and various dips set out, including some rice crackers and greek olive hummus. Clearly, I dove headfirst into that. 🙂

This is my older brother, Craig. He kind of acts like a ninja and likes to perch on things. 🙂

I loved being able to see him. We don’t get to hang out too often any more and I love him to death, so being able to catch up with him definitely made me happy.

For dinner we had typical BBQ fare – burgers, hot dogs, sausages, salads, and baked beans.

My plate:


I wasn’t really feeling a hot dog or burger, so I stuck with baked beans as my protein source, as well as a deviled egg, greek-style salad, and a vinaigrette based coleslaw. I was so happy the coleslaw wasn’t mayo-based, not a fan of the stuff at all. I went back for a small scoop of potato salad, some pickles and another deviled egg.

The obsession my family has with deviled eggs is actually kind of hilarious. They must be present at every family event, and we all fight over them to get as many as possible – if you have 12 of us at a family event, we can put away like 30 of them, easy.

Eric’s plate:


Apparently, he was making up for the burger I wasn’t feeling. 🙂

And of course, one of these babies for dessert:


I was very happy with how these turned out. Especially the cream cheese icing – so good! I usually go with buttercream, but I may be making the switch more often.


And dessert had a round two: a big chunk of watermelon and a little bit of a dessert may aunt made called “Stained Glass”. It involves a lot of jello and graham crackers – neither of which I’m a huge fan of, so it was just ok.

All in all, it was a lovely afternoon with the fam. And when we left, a cousin of mine and his wife announced they were 3 months pregnant! Congrats Adam and Melissa – so happy for you!!


Night Out

Last night was my friend Brittney’s boyfriend Adam’s 28th birthday – so clearly that meant a night on the town. They had rented a hotel room for the pre-drinking, so around 9:30 Eric and I headed over there. I’m not a huge drinker by any means, but once a month or so I feel the need to go out and act like the 22 year old/university student I am – head to bars, dance a lot and drink too much. 🙂


Clearly, the drinking had already started.



Birthday Boy!


I don’t even care that this picture is blurry – it’s that awesome.

No party is complete without glowsticks.




The whole group ready to go:


We left the hotel around 11:30 and headed down to club Onyx – a club on Carling Street in downtown London.

Yea, I was not the biggest fan of this place. They played house music and only house music – which I kind of hate. And they played it so loud you couldn’t hear the person next to you screaming in your ear; it was literally vibrating the floors. I really don’t think it was worth the $5 cover we each paid to get in.

The one redeeming factor: the bartender gave Brittney, Mel and I free shots. 🙂 Swedish berries -a mix of banana liqueur and Raspberry Sourpuss that is ridiculously delicious. It actually kind of tastes like the candy (if you soaked it in alcohol for a while).

At about 12:45, a few of us were getting antsy and sick of the music, so we split off and headed around the corner to Poacher’s Arms.


Muuuuuuuch better. Poachers is probably my favourite pub in London – it’s spacious, the service is good and the music they have (especially on weekends) is awesome. Tonight, we heard an acoustic cover of Spice Girl’s “Stop” – my night was made right there.


Dear random guy that jumped in my picture: if you photobomb a blogger, you wind up on the internet. 🙂

We stayed at Poachers until last call, when we headed back to the hotel for one last drink. And in my case, copious amounts of Smartfood popcorn. That stuff is amazingly tasty, and good drinking food. 🙂

Basically, I spent my night doing way too many shots and dancing up a storm – definitely ended up being an awesome night! Eric and I got home around 3:00 am and collapsed into bed around 3:30.

The Morning After

Needless to say, I was not feeling my best when I woke up this morning. Clearly I had a nice hangover going on. When I drink, it really affects my ability to sleep – I woke up around 8:30 am, laid in bed for a while before getting up at 9:30.

I had my workout planned for the day, so after I had walked around for a little bit and drank my weight in water, I headed over to the gym.


Livefit Day 48 – back/rear delts/cardio

  • 4 x 8 deadlifts (95 lbs)
  • 4 x 8 incline bench pull (40 lbs)
  • 4 x 8, last @ dropset wide grip lat pulldown (35 lbs)
  • 4 x 8, last @ dropset seated cable rows (42.5 lbs)
  • 4 x 8 straight arm pulldown (30 lbs)
  • 4 x 8 reverse flies (17.5 lbs)
  • 4 x 8 seated bent over rear delt raise (20 lb dumbbells)
  • 30 minutes medium intensity elliptical walk to the gym and then to pick up my car – obviously, there was no driving last night.


You would think that a workout would be really difficult hungover – and it really isn’t a walk in the park. But I find that when I workout the day after a drinking night, it actually helps me recover and feel normal again – unless I went on such a huge bender that I can barely stand the next morning.

So please don’t think this is me ignoring my body signals or not giving my body rest when it needs it – a workout is actually part of my hang over remedy! It probably doesn’t work for everyone, but it works nicely for me. And the best part of this workout: realizing I was at the gym with some glitter/sparkles still around my eyes from the night before 😉



Continuing with the hangover remedies.


The famed Fitnessista breakfast cookie!

For this version, I used peanut butter, chocolate peanut butter protein powder, about 1/4 – 1/3 cup of pumpkin, cinnamon and liquid stevia.

Protein to recover after my workout, fat and carbs from the peanut butter and oats – makes me feel normal when I’ve got a hangover going on. I just made this up before I went to the gym, and it was ready to go for me by the time I got home.

I think I’m going out this afternoon, but until then, my butt is staying planted on this couch – considering my poor sleep I know I’m going to be tired today!


<– Any foods that must be present at your family get-togethers?

<– If you drink (or used to) what is/was your best hangover remedy? Wouldn’t be a bad idea to have a list ready for next time 😉


Hitting the Bend

Hello bloggies!

So ridiculous heat means this needed to happen today….


Although clearly, we were not the only ones with this idea…


(P.S. random beach people – I hope you don’t mind/don’t find out that I posted your picture on the internet. K thanks)

We drove up to Grand Bend – it’s a small beach town on Lake Huron about an hour north of London. In the winter, it’s like 90% retirement community – but it’s pretty much the best beach in the area in summertime. The beach is gorgeous and fully stocked with lifeguards, boat/seadoo rentals, giant trampolines out in the water, ect. (those trampolines are genius, BTW). The main strip is filled with shops, restaurants, and about 12 places you can get ice cream/frozen yogurt. Clearly the most important thing.

Before going, I made sure to stock up on the beach snacks…

WW Pretzels and trail mix. So prepared..

(Why yes, I do like my President’s Choice).

And we were good to go!

Absolutely perfect day for the beach – sunny and hot.

The beach trifecta.

Obviously, sunscreen needed – not that it seemed to do too much in the end. Despite applying (and reapplying) sunscreen throughout the day, I’m still sporting a nice burn along my one side/leg, I really need to learn my lesson and bring some sort of umbrella/shade…my skin is way too sensitive in sunlight!

Note to self: get better at sneaky self-portraits.

We had a little bit of a late start (my fault – my time management skills have gotten lax in the last year or so) so we got to the beach around 1. We found parking (Ugh, parking at the beach. Biggest.ripoff.ever.) Despite the hour, we were able to get a prime spot – nice and close to the water. We stayed there until about 4:30 pm, when we headed into town to window shop/get some food. So nice to catch up with Mel – she’s a good friend of mine I hadn’t hung out with in a while!

Afternoon Eats

I snacked on the pictured pretzels during the afternoon, but we eventually decided we needed some real food. Lunch/dinner…linner?

We went to Cocos lounge – a patio on the main strip. (That’s the underside of the umbrella at our table – a crazy grass contraption. We thought it was awesome)

Jerk Chicken Sandwich and Side Salad

Clearly, the sandwich isn’t too much to look at. Chicken breast, lettuce, pickle, one slice of tomato. The chicken was a bit dry too. However, I absolutely loved the seasoning! I never had anything “jerk” before, but I’m a huge fan of spiciness in my food. It was almost an aftertaste though – like I didn’t realize it was spicy until I finished eating it. Or maybe that’s just a sign that I need to eat a little slower. Whatever 🙂

I also had a bite of the fried pickles that Mel ordered. Umm…yea. I didn’t really like them, but I didn’t exactly dislike them either. I love dill pickles, but having them fried was just weird to me. I’m ok with that though – the fewer things I have in common with Snookie, the better. 🙂

A random pet peeve of mine – I absolutely hate it when restaurants charge a ridiculous amount to get a salad instead of fries. Just sayin’. 🙂

Later at home, I made myself a quick snack (dinner? Is there a word for dinner-snack?)

1% cottage cheese, blueberries, trail mix.

I’m a huge fan of that PC trail mix – almonds, walnuts, banana chips, cranberries, pineapple. It’s the banana chips – so good.

I’m off to bed – I’m at the market bright and early tomorrow.

G’night! ❤

<— Do you burn even when you wear sunscreen?

<— Fried pickles – yay or nay?