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MIMM: Staying In.

Good morning and happy Monday! Hope yours has started out marvelously Winking smile

Thanks to the Diva herself for her fabulous weekly linkup!

So, I had a quiet weekend. Lots of relaxing and hanging around with Eric – exactly what I was hoping for! Last weekend was busy and we’re back in London next weekend, so I was all too happy to keep this one quiet and (mostly) confined to our apartment.

Friday night started off with a tasty dinner of homemade “fried” chicken (skinless chicken drumsticks breaded in cornflake crumbs), sweet potato fries, and salad.


I found myself with a froyo craving and it was pretty nice out, so we took a walk down to Yogurty’s (A few days ago, Amanda was talking about those sorts of cravings where you’d run someone over that got between you and the desired food. Yea, it was one of THOSE cravings).


In the mix:

  • a combo of cookies and cream, snickers, and birthday cake froyo
  • frosted animal crackers
  • yogurt covered pretzels
  • s’mores topping (!!!!) – definitely a new one, and of course I went a tad nuts with it.
  • caramel truffles

And then we managed to stumble across a random fair. Kind of surprising – I thought fairs were a fall thing?

It made for a nice walk, anyways.
Side note: how awkward is it to be a couple walking past all the carnival games when there isn’t a lot of people around? I’m pretty sure every single one of them tried to play off the “win the lady a prize!” thing. I’m pretty sure I could never do that job. That’s some intense sales pitches right there.

Saturday was shopping…so much shopping. April-June is pretty crazy around here, birthday/holiday wise. In a time period of about 7 weeks, I have 4 birthdays to buy for, plus Mothers Day and Fathers Day. Insane.

I usually don’t cook Saturday nights, so when Eric requested Harvey’s for dinner, I went with it.


That would be a veggie burger with everything, onion rings and a diet Coke. Yup, I eat fast food sometimes. It’s obviously not something I would eat all the time (or even more than once every couple of months) but once in a while, it’s fine. And Harvey’s actually does a pretty decent veggie burger, whole wheat bun and all. It used to be something I was absolutely terrified of and would not touch, but now I’m fine with it.

It’s interesting how healthy living bloggers are fine with decadent desserts and sweet potato fries once in a while, but fast food seems to be completely demonized. Just something I’ve noticed!


Sunday involved so tasty snacking:


So I was powering through those all afternoon. They are awesome – definitely reminded me of Nacho Cheese Doritos. Right down to the orange powder that gets everywhere afterwards.


And some homemade applesauce. I swear, I will never buy commercial applesauce again. Just

And I spent some time doing a bit of blog work behind the scenes. I’ve got some exciting changes and announcements for Better With Sprinkles coming up soon – so keep an eye out Winking smile

And I put that applesauce to good use for dinner – pork chops with applesauce, quinoa, and green beans.


Yes, that pork chop is massive. And yes, I dominated it. Open-mouthed smile

So the weekend for me was basically: relaxing, reading, eating, shopping, and couple time. Absolutely what I needed – an easy weekend smushed in between two busy ones. Now I’m feeling charged and ready to go for the week ahead. Sometimes, you just really need a simple weekend at home!

Hope your day is fabulous!

<— Do you have a certain couple of months that are just full of celebrations? Everyone in my family is born between April-June, and I’m over in October. Awkward.

<— Fast food: once a week, once in a while, only in emergencies? 

<— What did you do this weekend? Best thing you ate? I’d say the froyo, of course.


MIMM: Monday Confessions.

Hello and good morning! I hope everyone had a delightful weekend. Friday and Saturday were crazy busy for me, but fortunately I was able to fit some relaxing in. Absolutely necessary for my sanity, especially because I’m hitting the books again this week.

But to start the week off on a fun note, I’ve got some confessions for you today. Because confession is good for the soul. And if it’s good for the soul, that means it must be marvelous, right? Winking smile

And of course, happy, light fun stuff is marvelous in itself! Thanks to Diva Katie for the linkup!

So, the confessions.

1. Whenever I park in a large parking lot (like at the mall or a movie theatre) I will always forget where I parked. And spend at least 5 minutes wondering around the general area of the parking lot where I think I parked, looking for my car. Once, the best friend and I spent ten minutes circling a parking lot, convinced that her car had been stolen because we couldn’t find it. Yea…we parked in the lot around the corner. We were pretty proud of ourselves that day.


Side note: I really want to do this to people who park like that.


2. I cannot go into a mall without making a beeline directly for the bookstore. Umm, book nerd much? I’m pretty sure I could browse Chapters all day.


3. This is what happens when I paint my nails;



Yup, unsteady hands over here. And while were on the topic, somebody needs to paint these for me:



I can’t even handle how awesome those are.

4. I consider Cosmo to be one of my biggest guilty pleasures in life.


I get a subscription for Christmas every year, and I love it. Easily one of my favourite “turn off my brain” activities.

5. I really, really hate croutons. Even when I was younger and wouldn’t order any salad besides a Caesar, I would always ask for it without them. The thought of chunks of stale bread on my plate is completely unappetizing to me.

6. I never wash my fruit before I eat it.


In fact, the only produce I usually wash is lettuce and greens. I realize this is probably a terrible habit and I’m ingesting all sorts of things that I shouldn’t be…but laziness wins out, apparently.

7. On a similar line of thought, I am the furthest thing from a germophobe that one could be. I mean, I do clean, but it’s more out of a distaste for the look of dirt and grime than actual concern about germs and bacteria. I break out the bleach once a week at most (and when I’ve had raw chicken on the counter) and I think that that’s plenty. In fact, I’m entirely convinced that we live in an over-sanitized society – I think that having no exposure to germs and bacteria weakens immune systems. In fact, some research is suggesting that over-sanitization can be partly to blame for the rise in allergies in kids (there’s an article in Jezebel, if you’re interested).

8. I take an “organized chaos” approach to my workstation. Or, maybe just the second part…


This would be “my” side table where I keep all my schoolwork. This is what it’s looked like the last couple of weeks…oops. I did organize it today though, so be proud of me Winking smile

9. My hair routine on an average day involves washing it, brushing it, maybe smoothing some Moroccan oil into it on a good day, and then walking away. I have really thin hair so I have to wash it daily (or else it gets greasy quickly) and adding product to it just seem to weigh it down. So my already straight hair become pin-straight…not really working for me when my goal is to add some volume.

10. Taco night = the best night ever.

I’m pretty sure I went almost two weeks without Mexican food. That’s pretty unacceptable. Also: when Eric and I have taco night, we stand at the counter and eat over the sink. We’re classy.

Hope you have a fabulous Monday!

<— Do you have a ‘guilty pleasure’ book or magazine? What magazines do you subscribe to? I subscribe to Cosmo and Women’s Health, but I’m thinking about adding Food Network Magazine in there.

<— Are you particularly concerned about germs or bacteria? Do you think society is too concerned?

<— Any similarly thin-haired ladies have any magical volumizing tips? 


MIMM: End-of-Semester Celebrations.

Hello there! I hope you’ve got some marvelous in your Monday morning Smile

Of course, it’s time for the most positive linkup I know. Thank you to the wonderful Diva herself for hosting!

So, I don’t have classes anymore. Which means that I didn’t have to get up to an alarm this morning. That in itself is pretty wonderful Open-mouthed smile

But for today’s #MIMM, I wanted to discuss my day last Friday, which included a visit from my best friend, a trip in a limo, a nice dinner, and a dance party. Pretty awesome.

But first, this new-to-me breakfast I made Friday morning.


I decided to try one of those ‘paleo’ pancake recipes out of sheer curiosity. So this was 2 eggs, a mashed banana, and a tablespoon of almond flour turned into a pancake, topped with peanut butter (see? I couldn’t do paleo even if I wanted to) and blueberry jam.

Eh. It was ok. It tasted really ‘eggy’ to me – probably not something I’ll be making again anytime soon.

But I digress…

Friday night was the Graduate Students’ Association Year End Banquet, held at my university’s main campus in Waterloo, Ontario (I attend a satellite about 45 minutes away). The GSA graciously offered to send a limo for those of us who wanted to attend, which was awesome.


Eric would be working and wouldn’t be able to make the limo pick-up, so I extended the invitation to Laura. She’s been my best friend since high school, which we figured out has been almost 10 years. Which then made us feel old. She was able to come up, which was fabulous! Plus she brought her boyfriend up to keep Eric company when he got home from work, so it was an ‘everbody-wins’ sort of situation Smile with tongue out

We got ourselves prettied up and headed downtown to meet the…limo?


So…that’s a short bus. But it’s a limo. I had to laugh when I saw it! Of course, the inside was done up like a regular limo (lights, leather seats, tables, wine glasses, etc.) but the outside was kind of funny. It got us there in one piece, which I suppose was the important thing Smile with tongue out

We arrived at the Waterloo just in time for awards and a champagne toast. Of course, my immediate attention went here:


I kind of live for chocolate fountains. They’re just so pretty! Especially when I can dip marshmallows in them Open-mouthed smile

After the toast we made our way upstairs to the reception, where the theme was “tulips”. So cute for Spring!


My lovely date and myself!

Of course, we stopped at the bar.


Apparently, I enjoyed my Tom Collins the week before so much that I wanted another one. The only issue was that they didn’t add simple syrup, so it was so sour! Apparently, it didn’t bug me too much because I had two throughout the night (between that and the wine, don’t be surprised that the pictures got kinda blurry…)

Passed apps!

Passed Apps

  1. cocktail shrimp on a prettily-sliced cucumber. That is freakin’ cute.
  2. Some sort of chicken alfredo flatbread and a crab cake.
  3. Bruschetta. Forever, it will be my favourite bread-based appetizer.

And of course, I enjoyed the company!




Ok, going to sidetrack for a moment. I was really freakin’ bright that night! My original plan was to stick to a simple black dress since my shoes were so attention-grabbing, but I decided to go big.


Or in this case, go blue. For someone who normally dresses almost entirely in neutrals, I’m pretty proud of myself Smile with tongue out

Dinner time! We were asked ahead of time whether we wanted the chicken, the roast or the vegetarian option – I went with chicken.


I asked for “one small extra scoop of veggies” and the server gave me a massive helping. Can’t go wrong with extra greens, right? I was actually really happy with this meal – the chicken had a nice flavour, and the mashed potatoes were awesome.

We happened to choose a table at the back, which meant I had this 2 feet away from me all night:


Which made it entirely too easy to reach behind me and snag desserts and bits of candy all night Smile with tongue out


A macaroon with a bit of crushed mint on top. Umm, whoever came up with that idea is absolutely brilliant.


So…this thing was shiny. And purple. But it was entirely edible – in fact, it tasted like a Lindt milk chocolate truffle. I had a couple of these throughout the night, despite the fact that they left me covered in sparkles.

After chatting for a bit, the dance floor opened up. And that was literally the last two hours of the evening: dancing for a while, getting tired and sitting down for a few minutes, and then getting back up to dance again.


I love me a good dance party Open-mouthed smile

Thanks again to my beautiful date!


We piled back in the limo for the ride home, where the driver was nice enough to drop us off right at my front door. I was in the door at 12:30 and passed out by 12:45. My nineteen year old self would be a tad ashamed Smile with tongue out

Definitely a great way to celebrate the end of classes. Although, I still have papers to work on. Basically, what my plan is today.

Have a good one!

<— If you wear colourful or bright shoes, do you try to keep everything else neutral?

<— What’s a ‘late night’ for you? If I make it all the way to midnight, I’m usually pretty impressed with myself.