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MIMM: Staying In.

Good morning and happy Monday! Hope yours has started out marvelously Winking smile

Thanks to the Diva herself for her fabulous weekly linkup!

So, I had a quiet weekend. Lots of relaxing and hanging around with Eric – exactly what I was hoping for! Last weekend was busy and we’re back in London next weekend, so I was all too happy to keep this one quiet and (mostly) confined to our apartment.

Friday night started off with a tasty dinner of homemade “fried” chicken (skinless chicken drumsticks breaded in cornflake crumbs), sweet potato fries, and salad.


I found myself with a froyo craving and it was pretty nice out, so we took a walk down to Yogurty’s (A few days ago, Amanda was talking about those sorts of cravings where you’d run someone over that got between you and the desired food. Yea, it was one of THOSE cravings).


In the mix:

  • a combo of cookies and cream, snickers, and birthday cake froyo
  • frosted animal crackers
  • yogurt covered pretzels
  • s’mores topping (!!!!) – definitely a new one, and of course I went a tad nuts with it.
  • caramel truffles

And then we managed to stumble across a random fair. Kind of surprising – I thought fairs were a fall thing?

It made for a nice walk, anyways.
Side note: how awkward is it to be a couple walking past all the carnival games when there isn’t a lot of people around? I’m pretty sure every single one of them tried to play off the “win the lady a prize!” thing. I’m pretty sure I could never do that job. That’s some intense sales pitches right there.

Saturday was shopping…so much shopping. April-June is pretty crazy around here, birthday/holiday wise. In a time period of about 7 weeks, I have 4 birthdays to buy for, plus Mothers Day and Fathers Day. Insane.

I usually don’t cook Saturday nights, so when Eric requested Harvey’s for dinner, I went with it.


That would be a veggie burger with everything, onion rings and a diet Coke. Yup, I eat fast food sometimes. It’s obviously not something I would eat all the time (or even more than once every couple of months) but once in a while, it’s fine. And Harvey’s actually does a pretty decent veggie burger, whole wheat bun and all. It used to be something I was absolutely terrified of and would not touch, but now I’m fine with it.

It’s interesting how healthy living bloggers are fine with decadent desserts and sweet potato fries once in a while, but fast food seems to be completely demonized. Just something I’ve noticed!


Sunday involved so tasty snacking:


So I was powering through those all afternoon. They are awesome – definitely reminded me of Nacho Cheese Doritos. Right down to the orange powder that gets everywhere afterwards.


And some homemade applesauce. I swear, I will never buy commercial applesauce again. Just

And I spent some time doing a bit of blog work behind the scenes. I’ve got some exciting changes and announcements for Better With Sprinkles coming up soon – so keep an eye out Winking smile

And I put that applesauce to good use for dinner – pork chops with applesauce, quinoa, and green beans.


Yes, that pork chop is massive. And yes, I dominated it. Open-mouthed smile

So the weekend for me was basically: relaxing, reading, eating, shopping, and couple time. Absolutely what I needed – an easy weekend smushed in between two busy ones. Now I’m feeling charged and ready to go for the week ahead. Sometimes, you just really need a simple weekend at home!

Hope your day is fabulous!

<— Do you have a certain couple of months that are just full of celebrations? Everyone in my family is born between April-June, and I’m over in October. Awkward.

<— Fast food: once a week, once in a while, only in emergencies? 

<— What did you do this weekend? Best thing you ate? I’d say the froyo, of course.




So…I think I looked quite the part of a rebel when I was younger.

(and…time for the awkward high school pic).


Yup…black hair (when this picture was taken, it was also purple, dark blue, and black/red throughout my high school years), really pale skin, lots of eyeliner, and way too much jewellery. I didn’t so much act the part (except the time in Grade 12 when I got suspended, but that’s neither here nor there), but I had the look down.

While I don’t really dress the part anymore (clearly, that’s a good thing…I’m better as a blonde) I’d like to think that I still haven’t lost that rebellious attitude.

We all read ‘healthy living’ and ‘diet’ tips…I read them religiously for years whenever I’d stumble across one. I don’t really do that anymore – they’re all the same, aren’t they?

They can have some good points and some habits that I try to stick too – eat mainly whole foods, whole wheat over white most of the time, eat as many colourful foods as possible…but some of their advice, I just can’t take seriously/have no interest in following.

So, I’m rebelling.  I remember most of the tips that I’ve come across in various points of my life…and I choose to ignore them.

1. Don’t keep treats in the house.


(the current stash)


2. Never eat fast food.


(Wendy’s burger last fall!)


3. Always plate your food. Never eat directly out of the container.

PicMonkey Collage

Peanut butter is best when eaten off a spoon.

4. Don’t eat complex carbs after lunch.


(Last night’s dinner: chicken, rice and beans).


5. Go to bed a bit hungry. Don’t eat after 6 pm, 7 pm…or whatever random o’clock some people come up with.


Last night’s yogurt, casein and cinnamon swirl peanut butter snack. For the record, I go to bed around eleven.


6. Wheat is the devil. Some people are intolerant, but everyone else should stop eating it too.


Hello, bread and pasta.


7. Avoid refined sugar at all costs.


Except I keep a big bag of it on the fridge. You never know when you need to bake some cookies.


8. Don’t eat processed food.


Among the cereals and granola bars, I have sprinkles, vanilla wafers and a giant-ass box of Frosted Flakes. Win.


What I’m saying here is – don’t overthink it. And don’t think that you have to follow a set of someone else’s guidelines or ‘rules’ on how to eat. Eating chocolate when you want chocolate is really not the end of the world. Neither is eating fast food once in a while. Obviously, we should try to stick to mainly wholesome meals and snacks, but it doesn’t have to happen all the time.

Ate too much Superbowl weekend? Or had a bowl of ice cream just because it sounded good? It’s fine. You don’t have to ‘make up’ or punish yourself for anything.

You let your body make the decisions about what’s best for you and your eating habits, mmk?

<—What did you look/act/dress like in high school?

<—What’s your favourite diet rule to break? I’ve been a happier person since I started keeping a chocolate stash at all times.


Fast Food and Weekend Rambles.

There is absolutely nothing tying the majority of this post together, so a list-type post it is. (I’ve done this a lot lately, haven’t I? I love it though).

1. I bought a massive jar of almond butter about a month ago and have been eagerly awaiting it’s demise.


For some protein oats in a jar, of course! (clearly that was a massive jar. That’s 1/3 cup cooked oats + toppings and it barely got halfway up).

1/3 cup water, 1/3 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk, 1/3 cup oats, 1 tablespoon chia seeds and 1/2 scoop protein powder, thrown into a jar with cheerios and Cinnamon Chex. Delicious.

2. I’ve been eating the same post-workout snack for the last several weeks and I have no intention of changing it.


1/2 cup unsweetened vanilla almond milk, a frozen banana, 1 scoop Cookies and Cream Whey Gourmet protein powder, and a handful of spinach. Super thick and custard-y. Of course, eaten with a spoon.

3. Speaking of workouts, I have yet to see another girl in the school gym lift anything heavier than ten pounds. It’s just me and a sea of testosterone over by the squat rack here.

4. My birthday is next Wednesday. That means I am officially in pre-birthday week. First birthday present to myself? A shiny manicure.


The picture sucks and I am far too lazy to try again, but I assure you that it’s pretty.

O.P.I. colours – I remember looking at the bottles and thinking “I should remember the names of these for later!” Did I? Of course not. But the manicure was cheap ($15 all in) and they did a good job, so this may become a regular occurrence. And yes, I have the shortest nails ever. I wore gel nails for about 5 years and just got them removed about 3 months ago. My natural nails are still recovering.

P.S. I love me an accent nail.

5. I have a paper due next week that I meant to start yesterday. Absolutely did not happen. So guess what I’m doing today?

6. The comments on my last post were awesome. I’m glad you guys realize how ridiculous labeling our food is and that guilt is not necessary.

7. Speaking of no food guilt, I had fast food for dinner last night. No other reason besides it sounded good and I had no intention of cooking.


I was absolutely TERRIFIED of fast food for so long. It was greasy, it was unholy, it could not go anywhere near my body.


Not the case anymore, apparently. The only fast food burger in my life I’ve ever liked (and I mean ever, I’ve never even touched a Big Mac) is Wendy’s Bacon Mushroom Melt. I know I like it, but I haven’t had one since I was about 12. Whenever it came out (it’s a rotating item), I would always tell myself I would try one again. Every single time, I would wuss out – fast food was still a bit of a fear food for me. I could handle the occasional fast food salad or chicken sandwich, but a regular burger I had trouble wrapping my head around. No time like the present though! We each got a burger, plus I stole some of Eric’s fries.


It tasted just as I remembered it. A greasy, melty, drippy mess, but a tasty one! I didn’t love it enough that I feel the need to make it a regular habit, but I enjoyed it while it lasted. Plus the stomachache and bloating that happened afterwards is ensuring it’ll be a while before I have the stuff again.

So the lesson here? Fast food once in a blue moon won’t kill me. In terms of my recovery, this was another tiny step I still had to make. Not because I want to eat fast food often, but because I need to understand that EVERYTHING is fine in moderation. I feel like I’ve almost entirely wrapped my head around that concept – I still struggle once in a while of course, but I think I’m doing extremely well.

8. Speaking of fast food, it’s interesting how much it’s demonized in the healthy living blogosphere (that I’ve noticed, feel free to disagree, of course). You can eat froyo several times a week and it’s fine if you eat sweet potato fries at every restaurant you go to, but to actually eat fast food causes a lot of shame and need for justifications. Almost every time I’ve seen fast food on a blog, it’s followed by “I had absolutely no other option” or “it was a dumb decision.” Not that you should be eating it on a regular basis, but I don’t think it warrants any more thought than any other bout of less-nutritious meals.

9. I’m writing this at 11 pm on a Friday night, and I’m about ready for bed. Yup, I’m an old lady.

<— Did you ever wear gel nails? I miss mine, but it was too expensive of a habit to keep up when I got laid off and then went back to school.

<— What’s your favourite fast food item? Or, what was it when you were a kid? I used to love me some McNuggets.