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Five Things Friday: 04/19/13.

Happy Friday! Despite the fact that I haven’t had classes all week, I’ve been insanely busy. I don’t really have exams in grad school, but I’m definitely weighed down with final papers/assignments. Plus, I’m trying to work on my thesis proposal AND job hunt.

So…yes. Glad it’s almost the weekend. Open-mouthed smile

Lists of things!

5 Things I’ve Eaten This Week:

1. Homemade applesauce (?)


I don’t know if I can really call it applesauce, because I let all the liquid soak up so it’s just the cooked, cinnamon-y apple pieces. Suddenly I understand what all the applesauce fuss is about (Khushboo and Amanda!). I’m pretty sure most of this stuff has been eaten directly out of the fridge with a fork. So good.

2. Annie’s Mac and Cheese with hot dogs, broccoli, and ketchup.


Note: mac and cheese of any sort must include ketchup. But, it must be squirted on top and never mixed in. Mixing the ketchup in just ruins it. Smile with tongue out

3. A turkey and hummus wrap and a cheese string, eaten for lunch at school.


Usually I arrange my schedule so that I don’t have to go to school until after lunch, or I just go home during. I kind of hate packing lunches…it’s going to suck when I have a job that requires me to actually leave my house for most of the day.

4. The wafflewich.

I’m pretty sure that this is the reason why freezer waffles exist. The best things you can do with waffles, in my humble opinion. Especially when you go for maple cinnamon waffles and throw some jam on there…sweet and savoury at it’s best.

5. Chicken tortilla soup.


I’ve never actually had chicken tortilla soup before, let alone made it. So this was a “throw-together and hope it works” sort of meal. Worked pretty well, actually – although really, it’s hard to go wrong with anything that’s topped with grated cheese, avocado and crumbled tortilla chips.

5 Things Happening This Week:

1. The first really warm day of the year (Monday) this happened.


That would be a vanilla and chocolate swirl soft serve cone with a cake batter dip. It is just as fabulous as it sounds. I made a trip with some friends to the Dairee Delite in Brantford, which is a soft-serve, seasonal, walk-up ice cream place. I knew I wanted a cone with a chocolate dip, but then I looked directly above my head and saw a list of at least 15 kinds of dip – white chocolate, peanut butter, cotton candy…but cake batter seemed like the way to go.

When I got the cone (regular size) I took one look and thought “wow! that’s really big, I should have got a child’s, I won’t be able to eat all of this!” Then I laughed at my silliness and proceeded to devour it. So.good.

2. It was 25 degrees yesterday. 25!!! It was amazing. I wore flipflops. In April. Day made, right there.

Except I will never complain about warm weather…I kind of thrive in humidity.

3. I won Vice President for my Student Council for next year!! Open-mouthed smile

And by I won…I mean I ran unopposed. But nonetheless, I am excited. Smile with tongue out

4. I’ve presenting in and volunteering at a conference on Saturday. When handing out roles for the volunteers, I was offered the role of the official “tweeter”. Umm, that is pretty much the coolest volunteer position either. You guys set up the food, I’ll sit on my computer and tweet about things Smile with tongue out Awesome.

5. Between Boston and Texas, I think we could all use some happiness next week. Still sending positive thoughts to all those who have been affected.

5 Reasons I Can Waste Hours on Buzzfeed.

1. The 40 Greatest Dog gifs of All Time.

I actually can’t even handle how cute that is. Jesus, I need a pug (so do you Caitlin!)

2. The 7 Funniest Frustrated Gordon Ramsay Memes.

Yes, it is vulgar. But it is hilarious. And my inner nerd always appreciates a Mario reference.

3. 25 Foods You’ll Never Be Able to Eat Again.

Please tell me that you remember these. And you miss them. The jalapeno cheddar flavour was amazing.

4. 26 Ridiculously Amazing Sweatshirts you Can Actually Buy.

Umm, I just posted a recipe for donuts yesterday. And the sprinkles go without saying. Clearly, I need this.

5.Peter Dinklage’s Hottest Moments as Tyrion Lannister.

He’s already the wittiest character on the show, but he’s also compassionate? I’m sold.

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!

<— Regular ice cream or soft serve? What would be your ideal ‘dip’ for a soft serve cone? I might have to go back and ask them if they can mix the peanut butter and chocolate varieties…

<— What’s a discontinued food that you wish still existed? The green/purple Heinz ketchups was on that list too…as gross as it looked, it was oddly compelling.


Five Things Friday: Feb. 15th/13

Good morning! I hope you enjoyed your Valentine’s yesterday, whatever you did! Mine was pretty tame, but I did get a nice surprise delivered:


You guys over at Mott’s, you’re too nice Smile

I have one class today, and then I am officially on READING WEEK! I’m pretty sure if you listen carefully, you can hear the collective sigh of students everywhere.

So while I’m enjoying the beginning of my week of freedom, here’s my Friday list for you:

5 Awesome Things I’ve Eaten Lately:

1. Simply Protein Chips (chili flavour) dipped in Skotidakis Jalapeno Greek yogurt dip.



2. Ice cream.


With sprinkles, of course. Gotta live up to that blog name Smile with tongue out

3. Banana pancakes and bacon dinner.


This was on Wednesday, so I guess we were a little behind on the pancake Tuesday thing. And I had some maple syrup on the side for dipping – including the bacon.

4. Smoked salmon with spinach cream cheese on a whole wheat English muffin with a side of roasted red pepper and tomato soup.


The soup was missing something (and side note – clearly exploded in the microwave a little bit) so I added dried basil and cracked black pepper. This also served as a reminder why I don’t buy smoked salmon often – $7 and I got two small portions out of it.

5. Sick-boyfriend Valentine’s dinner of chicken breast and mashed sweet potatoes.


Eric’s still on the mend from the flu, so instead of our planned lobster meal I made chicken and mashed sweet potatoes. Hopefully, he’ll be feeling recovered enough that I can break out the lobster tonight.


5 of My All-Time Favourite Books:

1. Wuthering Heights – Emily Bronte

Now that is one hell of a love story.


2. Pet Semetary – Stephen King.

I’m a huge King fan and I’ve read the majority of his books. But this is the one that I keep going back to – freaks me out, but I love it.

3. Game of Thrones – George R. R. Martin.


So, if you’ve held a conversation with me that lasted more than 10 minutes, you probably already know that I adore this series, both the books and the TV show. I’ve read them all (there’s a fifth, but I borrowed it from someone) but the first one is still my favourite.

4. Angels and Demons – Dan Brown.

The movie, not so much.

5. Intuitive Eating – Evelyn Tribole & Elyse Resch.

This book was seriously vital in teaching me how to listen to my body signals and just eat what my body wanted me to eat. Whenever I feel like I’m losing that connection, I read it again. Apparently, they’ve released a new edition – thinking I’ll have to find a copy!


5 Better With Sprinkles Search Terms:

Because really, it just makes me laugh.

1. ninja saw teeth.

sounds dangerous.

2.I am queen of cupcakes.

I will be challenging your title.

3. hummus good for hair.

Well, it has olive oil in it so…maybe? it might not smell the greatest afterwards, though.

4. toned girl lifting a barbell.

Why, thank you. Smile with tongue out

5. cheese crackers cure for headaches.

Let me know if that works for you?

5 Best Ice Cream Flavours (in my humble opinion)

1. Chocolate chip cookie dough. Really, who doesn’t have this as one of their favourites?

2. Reese’s. My love of peanut butter and chocolate extends to ice cream.

3. Moose tracks. Vanilla ice cream with chocolate peanut butter cups and fudge swirls. Cannot go wrong with that!

4. President’s Choice Candy Cane. I’ve been trying to ration it, but I only have about one serving left. Sadness.


5. Bubblegum.


That right there is essentially childhood on a cone.

Enjoy your Friday!

<— Favourite ice cream flavour?

<— Favourite book of all time?


Sunday Wine + Goal Talk-February.

Good morning! Who watched the Superbowl last night?

I…did not. The boyfriend and I don’t have cable and neither of us cared enough to venture somewhere to watch it. My parents have a get together every year, but considering that I’ll be making the trip to London Wednesday, it wasn’t worth it to me to make two back-and-forth trips in one week.

Thankfully though, there is Twitter. So I kept up on all the happenings (Alicia Keys was subpar! Beyonce was amazing! The lights went out! See? I know what went down).

And really, the Superbowl is kind of hilarious on Twitter. #justsayin

But back to yesterday.

Breakfast was one that I hadn’t had in a while…


Yogurt bowl! (I promise, yogurt was in there somewhere).

2% Greek yogurt with cinnamon, a sliced banana, blueberries, Nature’s Path Flax Plus Red Berry Crunch Cereal, and peanut butter. Delicious.

It was a fairly typical Sunday for me – a little bit of work, catching up on TV from the week, and hitting up the gym for a little while.


Remember those steaks I bought?


Yea…those were amazing. With a simple side salad – delicious. And of course:


Dessert = wine (well, dessert part 1. The ice cream came out later). I’m not a huge drinker, but a glass of wine on a Sunday night is amazing.

Especially when you’re drinking said wine while watching Downton Abbey and receiving a foot rub. That is pure perfection right there.

But let’s see how I did for my January goals, shall we?

January Goals

1. Blog Redesign.

All I really wanted to do right now was to change the header – done and done! I seriously will still click over to my blog sometimes just so I can look at the header…it’s so pretty. Seriously, Jenny is amazing. The next stage is to switch to self-hosting and do a complete redesign, which I’m hoping to do in the summer.


so pretty!

2. Learn more about photography and my camera.

While I did (finally) pick up my camera manual and glance through it, I haven’t really put a lot of time and effort into really working on my camera skills. However, my pictures do turn out a lot better in natural light, so thankfully the days are starting to get a little bit longer. And my photography-loving dad just took a photography course a few weeks ago, so I’m going to bug him to tell me about what he’s picked up.

3. Follow my nutrition plan…in a way that works for me.

So, I haven’t mentioned this nutrition plan in a while. I purchased it when I bought my current workout program…and I haven’t talked about it since. Because I’m not really following it anymore. I’ve had a couple of realizations, one being that I realized I was feeling a little too influenced by some peoples eating styles/the photos popping up on my Instagram. To be addressed in a later post!


4. Remember to take my vitamins.

I actually have gotten way better with this one…because I started taking them all at once instead of taking half of them in the morning, and half at night. It didn’t seem to make a difference in how I digested them, so it seems to be working better for me.

Not bad at all!

February Goals

1. Work on my hip mobility.

I have pretty much the worst hips ever. As in, I can’t do an overhead squat – even without added weight. My hips are just so ridiculously tight! So I want to spend some time several times a week doing some hip stretches…half pigeon and I will become very close.


2. Try to keep an eye on my grocery budget.

Lately, I’ve noticed that I’ve been going over-budget on my groceries more than I need too. I’ve gotten bad with “hey, that’s on sale – into the cart it goes!” Not cool. So I want to reign it in a bit, and try not to go over budget at all this month.


3. Figure out a solution to my digestive issues.

While I don’t talk about it too much on the blog (I’m all about sharing, but really, it’s a little TMI for the internet), my digestive system does not work the way that it should. It never really has, but it’s gotten worse over the past few months. So I’m going to make some (minor) diet tweaks to see if I can find a way to solve it. If not, I’m going to start looking into fibre supplements to see if I can get everything working properly.


4. Not letting myself stress out too much.

School-wise, I have a lot on my plate right now. The way my semester is set up, I have a lot of weekly assignments that are eating up a lot of my time (as I’m sure I’ve complained about…often), while at the same time, I’m beginning work on my MA Thesis. While I recognize that I am in grad school and am therefore supposed to be busy, it’s overwhelming at times. I’m going to do my best not to let it get me down…or make me forget that there is life outside of school and blogging!


Hopefully this won’t happen too often..but I have nothing against the occasional stress-relieving bowl of ice cream. Smile with tongue out

 Here’s hoping for a good month. And I’m hoping that you have a wonderful Monday!


<— What are your goals for February?

<— Ever followed a meal plan? What did you think?

<— Do you think you spend too much on groceries? The plight of a foodie…