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MIMM: Staying In.

Good morning and happy Monday! Hope yours has started out marvelously Winking smile

Thanks to the Diva herself for her fabulous weekly linkup!

So, I had a quiet weekend. Lots of relaxing and hanging around with Eric – exactly what I was hoping for! Last weekend was busy and we’re back in London next weekend, so I was all too happy to keep this one quiet and (mostly) confined to our apartment.

Friday night started off with a tasty dinner of homemade “fried” chicken (skinless chicken drumsticks breaded in cornflake crumbs), sweet potato fries, and salad.


I found myself with a froyo craving and it was pretty nice out, so we took a walk down to Yogurty’s (A few days ago, Amanda was talking about those sorts of cravings where you’d run someone over that got between you and the desired food. Yea, it was one of THOSE cravings).


In the mix:

  • a combo of cookies and cream, snickers, and birthday cake froyo
  • frosted animal crackers
  • yogurt covered pretzels
  • s’mores topping (!!!!) – definitely a new one, and of course I went a tad nuts with it.
  • caramel truffles

And then we managed to stumble across a random fair. Kind of surprising – I thought fairs were a fall thing?

It made for a nice walk, anyways.
Side note: how awkward is it to be a couple walking past all the carnival games when there isn’t a lot of people around? I’m pretty sure every single one of them tried to play off the “win the lady a prize!” thing. I’m pretty sure I could never do that job. That’s some intense sales pitches right there.

Saturday was shopping…so much shopping. April-June is pretty crazy around here, birthday/holiday wise. In a time period of about 7 weeks, I have 4 birthdays to buy for, plus Mothers Day and Fathers Day. Insane.

I usually don’t cook Saturday nights, so when Eric requested Harvey’s for dinner, I went with it.


That would be a veggie burger with everything, onion rings and a diet Coke. Yup, I eat fast food sometimes. It’s obviously not something I would eat all the time (or even more than once every couple of months) but once in a while, it’s fine. And Harvey’s actually does a pretty decent veggie burger, whole wheat bun and all. It used to be something I was absolutely terrified of and would not touch, but now I’m fine with it.

It’s interesting how healthy living bloggers are fine with decadent desserts and sweet potato fries once in a while, but fast food seems to be completely demonized. Just something I’ve noticed!


Sunday involved so tasty snacking:


So I was powering through those all afternoon. They are awesome – definitely reminded me of Nacho Cheese Doritos. Right down to the orange powder that gets everywhere afterwards.


And some homemade applesauce. I swear, I will never buy commercial applesauce again. Just

And I spent some time doing a bit of blog work behind the scenes. I’ve got some exciting changes and announcements for Better With Sprinkles coming up soon – so keep an eye out Winking smile

And I put that applesauce to good use for dinner – pork chops with applesauce, quinoa, and green beans.


Yes, that pork chop is massive. And yes, I dominated it. Open-mouthed smile

So the weekend for me was basically: relaxing, reading, eating, shopping, and couple time. Absolutely what I needed – an easy weekend smushed in between two busy ones. Now I’m feeling charged and ready to go for the week ahead. Sometimes, you just really need a simple weekend at home!

Hope your day is fabulous!

<— Do you have a certain couple of months that are just full of celebrations? Everyone in my family is born between April-June, and I’m over in October. Awkward.

<— Fast food: once a week, once in a while, only in emergencies? 

<— What did you do this weekend? Best thing you ate? I’d say the froyo, of course.


Tuesday Thoughts.

Good morning!

It’s a short week for most, so I figured I’d start it off with some random thoughts that have been swirling around in my head lately. AKA: I have no ideas for anything coherent today, so you get rambles Smile 

1. At the end of the night when I’m relaxing in the couch (catching up on TV, reading, blogging, or what-have-you) I absolutely have to take off my socks. In my head, I equate bare feet with relaxation/winding down. In fact, I kind of hate wearing socks – I live for flats and sandals.


and yes…my feet are usually a tad swollen by the end of the day. Sexy.

2. I’ve been locked in a battle with myself for the last year or so over my tongue ring. The best friend and I got them pierced when we were 16, so I’ve had it for…7 years now. I feel like I’m outgrowing it, but at the same time – I’m still so attached. Plus taking it out is the weirdest feeling ever, especially when I try to eat or drink something. Just odd.

3. My greatest blessing in my academic career has been the fact that I am a speed reader. I’m on my 3rd book in about 4 days for my thesis lit review.

4. One day at the gym last week, the Mortal Kombat theme song came on the loudspeakers. And it absolutely made my day. #nerdalert



5. Whenever I eat pancakes, french toast or waffles with maple syrup, I have to put it in a little cup on the side and dip it. Same thing goes for grilled cheese, fries, or anything else I use ketchup with – it must be dipped. Call it my odd little food ritual.


6. I am so ready for it to be Spring. I was at the mall last weekend jean shopping (I broke the zipper on my favourite pair…fail) and I found myself trying on dresses and Spring stuff. I seriously kind of hate wearing pants – I want my dress and skirt weather back!


7. I’ve determined that coconut butter does not exist in Brantford. Paige and Lisa both have me curious to try it (plus really, it just sounds delicious) but nope – nowhere around here. I’m pretty sure I’ve checked every grocery and health food store possible.


8. After spending time in therapy, I’m way more in tune with my emotions than I have ever been before. The problem with this? My eyes have turned into faucets – any time I feel any sort of intense emotion (frustration, anger, happiness, stress) I can immediately feel the waterworks coming. I’m happy that I’m in touch with my feelings, but jesus, it’s annoying sometimes. I’m actually a little scared to think about what I’m going to be like when I get to the baby-making stage of my life and have to deal with pregnancy hormones…I have a feeling it won’t be pretty.



While true…this doesn’t actually make me cry (at least I hope it never does).


And that’s all I got for now…hope you have a lovely day!


<— Do you have any food rituals?

<— Have you tried coconut butter? Did you have trouble finding it?

<— Anyone else a big crier?