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SSE: Phase 3

So, this week has continued to reinforce the idea that I need a puppy.


Leon goes home tomorrow Sad smile We had one bad morning with him (let’s just say that dealing with a dog in digestive distress does not make for a good time) but otherwise, it’s been awesome having a cuddly dog in the apartment.


So…anyone in need of a dog-sitter? Winking smile

Slim and Sculpt Elite: Phase 3

(review of phase 1 and phase 2)

So, the week before Easter, I finished up with The Slim and Sculpt Elite Training program I bought from Carrie at This Fit Chick. I had worked with her before for her original Slim and Sculpt program, which I enjoyed so much I purchased the Elite program in January. This was the superset phase – girl knows how to finish it with a bang! Almost all supersets, all the time. Due to the layout out of the gym I had to break down some of the workouts into single sets, but I still feel like I got a great workout and saw progress.

The final phase had 5 workouts a week; 5 days of lifting and 4 days of cardio, broken down into steady state, intervals, and HIIT. It was an intense four weeks – no wonder I didn’t feel like hitting up the gym at all last week!

  • Workout A + Cardio: I used to hate working biceps…until I actually developed some semblance of biceps Smile with tongue out Now it’s one of my favourites!
  • Workout B: I freakin’ adore working legs. I had to break down one set of supersets here due to my gym layout, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. Although goblet squats = paaaain. I did make some deadlift progress though, which always makes me happy.
  • Workout C + Cardio: Again, due to gym layout had to break up one of the supersets. It was also my first time doing overhead presses – those are definitely challenging. And a friend of mine pointed out that I was making his (male) roommate look bad for pressing the same weight he was (he was joking, obviously). I took it as a compliment…hells yea I’m strong Open-mouthed smile The HIIT almost left me in tears each week. Definitely challenging.
  • Workout D + Cardio: Nothing really of note here…although for steady state cardio, I would usually just jump on the elliptical for a while.
  • Workout E + Cardio: A pretty simple workout for the weekend, which I appreciated. It had been so long since I’d done planks!


So definitely a great plan overall. It was a challenge, but it was doable. I saw progress in my lifts,which was my ultimate goal. I’m continuing to put on (muscle) weight, which I’m happy with. I would wholeheartedly recommend it if you’re in the market for a good workout plan to follow!

So between the two plans, I feel a lot more confident in the gym. I’m by no means a personal trainer (or anywhere near that level), but I feel like I’m starting to figure out what combinations work and what makes for an effective routine.

The next phase: no workout plan at all. I’ve been back at the gym this week, which I’ve been enjoying, but I’m still waiting to see where the unplanned month of workouts takes me.

Now, I am off to my AM class – where the professor is treating us to breakfast at Williams Open-mouthed smile The perks of having a class that consists of six people. Hope you guys have an awesome Thursday! 

<— Any “hell yea!” workout moments for you lately? New PR, hit a new yoga pose, things of the sort?

<— Do you follow routines for your workouts, or do you make up your own?

<— Favourite chain coffeeshop? I think mine’s probably Coffee Culture.


SSE Phase 2.

AKA: Holy crap that’s a lot of lunges.

 Good morning!

So this last Sunday, I finished Phase 2 of the Slim and Sculpt Elite workout plan I purchased from This Fit Chick. I completed her original program back in December, so when school started up again I decided to continue with her Elite program. It’s 12 long, with 3 phases of 4 weeks each.

So phase 2: 4 workouts a week. 2 upper body, 1 lower body, and a full body dropset workout, plus 3 cardio workouts.

Upper body workouts: Definitely well put together. I’m pretty proud of myself – I’m now doing pushups on a BOSU to make them a little more challenging for myself. Yay upper body strength! It also made for a really long time that I’ve been at the same weight for my chest presses, which is why I made it one of my goals this month to up that weight. I did see some good increases in shoulder presses and one-armed rows though, which is lovely.

Lower body workout: two different lunge workouts – one group weighted, one group bodyweight. Have I ever mentioned that lunges are the only lower body exercises that I strongly dislike? I was definitely feeling that one. I hadn’t done one-legged exercises in a while, and I forgot how challenging, but fun they are. I had to skip it in the fourth week due to knee pain, but I’m still happy with my progress.

Dropsets: Yea…these are painful. I didn’t see a lot of weight increases with these, but I didn’t really expect to. Really, I was just happy to get through it each week!

Cardio: The first week was incredibly painful (gotta love HIIT) but it got easier as the program went on. Although, it made me realize how much I’m looking forward to spring weather and a nice long run outdoors – I’m getting a little sick of treadmill sprints.

Other things of note: I made sure to really emphasis stretching after my workouts, which really helped with muscle soreness. I got DOMS a lot in the first week, but they pretty much disappeared afterwards. I also starting following workouts with a real meal (usually, I would eat lunch after my workout) as opposed to a smoothie made with a banana and protein powder. I felt a lot more satisfied – not hungry again an hour later. Real food for the win!

If The Walking Dead is teaching me anything…


The next phase: 5 workouts a week, broken down into isolated muscle groups. Bring it.

<— What are your workouts looking like right now?

<— Do you run outside in the winter? Cannot. handle. it.


SSE: Phase 1.

Good morning from London, Ontario! Right now, I am eating a lovely (albeit early) breakfast at the Hilton Hotel in London, supporting a cause that is evidently near and dear to me.  I got in right around dinner last night, just in time to dig into my mom’s Beef Stroganoff.


If you’re not familiar, it’s a tomato and sour cream-based sauce with lots of garlic, onions, mushrooms and beef, in this case, served on whole wheat egg noodles. Seriously amazing…especially because I finished it off with two rather delicious cookies.

I thought I would take this morning to talk about the workout program I’m currently undertaking.

As you may remember, I was offered the chance to complete This Fit Chick’s Slim and Sculpt program in the fall. I had just finished Livefit and wasn’t quite sure where to go from there – I knew I didn’t have enough time to dedicate myself to over an hour workouts 6 times a week anymore (and frankly, really didn’t want to) so when Carrie offered me the chance to complete her workout, I went for it.

And I loved it! Exactly what I was looking for – an effective heavy lifting program with some high intensity cardio thrown in, that wouldn’t take me all day every day to complete. So when Carrie came out with her Slim and Sculpt Elite Program, I immediately purchased it.

I finished phase 1 last week (which was 4 weeks long. There are 3 phases in total), and so far…just as awesome as the original program.

It was set up with two upper body days, two lower body days (two of which ended with a quick cardio workout) and a fifth day with a short HIIT treadmill run.

The first week, I had some of the worst DOMS I’ve had in a looong time…which I will take as a sign that the workout was definitely switching some things up! I saw some improvement in my strength over the four weeks, which is always what I like to see.

I particularly loved the lower body workouts in this phase…but to be fair, I like the leg/lower body workouts in pretty much every workout I do. Most of my strength is in my lower body, so I’m always looking forward to working them out.

Especially deadlifts…deadlifts just make me feel badass.

But one workout move I learned that I particularly did not enjoy?

Alternating kettlebell hang cleans.


It is pretty much impossible for me to do those things without whacking myself in the shoulder or on the arm. Not the most pleasant feeling every, to say the least!

But overall, phase 1 was awesome (especially when I realized I could do a 195 lb deadliftOpen-mouthed smile) and I’m looking forward to phase 2!


Have a good one!

<— What are your workouts of choice lately?

<— Any exercises you particularly dislike?