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Five Things Friday 4/26/13.

Woot Friday!

Confession: With classes being over, I tend to lose track of days of the week. Oops. But, I can still be excited for the weekend!

Which of course, I will celebrate with my usual Friday lists. Smile with tongue out

5 Things I’ve Eaten This Week:

1. The return of the giant salad.


Apparently, my body was missing out on some veggies because I put together some ginormous salads this week. This is basically the only way I can eat a meal time salad and be satisfied: It has to be absolutely loaded. This was romaine, baby carrots, bell pepper, sweet potato, chicken and almonds, all topped with a pineapple curry salad dressing. Delicious.

2. The best thing about taco night:


The taco salad that occurs the next day, of course. I could easily eat these multiple times a week. The absolutely best way to eat salad, in my opinion.

3. Salmon and bacon-wrapped asparagus.


The ultimate solution to get someone to eat vegetables: wrap them in bacon. It works, I promise – Eric ate three of those bundles. I follow Jessica’s recipe, and it is absolutely amazing.

4. I’m pretty sure this qualifies under Laura’s Strange but Good category.


That would be two buttered popcorn flavoured rice cakes with guacamole and imitation crab meat. I made it again for lunch two days later, so apparently I liked it Winking smile

5. Homemade gnocchi.

My first time making them, and I have to say – I’m pretty proud of myself. They turned out awesome! I made a really basic recipe (potatoes, flour, an egg and salt) and tossed them in marinara sauce and topped with a bit of parmesan – plus a bit of greens on the bottom. Although they definitely look a little haphazard, I don’t quite have the “rolling them over the fork” thing down yet.

5 Things I’m Loving this Week:

1. One of the best things about Nature’s Path Maple Cinnamon waffles is the smell that wafts out of the kitchen when you toast them.


That smell needs to be bottled and sold as a candle at Bath and Body Works, because it is incredible. Think I can sell them the idea?

2. Apparently, today is National Pretzel Day. I’m not much of a salty snack person, but I absolutely adore pretzels. I’m pretty sure they’re the most versatile snack ever: They’re good with chocolate, dipped in peanut butter, hummus, honey mustard, regular mustard, mixed in trail mix, eaten on their own…and of course, Sally had to post this yesterday, and now I want to make ALL OF THEM. After reading that, I threw this together for lunch part 2/lunch dessert/snack that happened 10 minutes after lunch:


Pretzels, almonds, and chocolate chips. I kind of wish I had peanut butter chips to throw in there too, that would have been fabulous.

3. This guy wins for most inventive marriage proposal I’ve ever seen:

Wow. How freakin’ awesome is that?!

4. This salad dressing.


When I mentioned salad dressing earlier in the week, almost everyone said that they make their own. I usually do too, but I’m really happy I bought this one – I credit it for maximizing my salad love this week. It’s sweet but with a bit of kick to it, which is fabulous.

5. Real maple syrup.


I convinced myself for so long that sugar free syrup was amazing and just as good as the real thing. Umm, no. 100% real maple syrup is unbeatable. In fact, I don’t think I could even do table syrup nowadays.

5 Awkward Google Searches that Brought Someone Here:

1. “Royalty free images of deep dish pizza”

I don’t know how I would feel about Kate Middleton all up in my deep dish pizza, either.


2. “where can I dispose my rainbow trout’”

Not here. Why would you want to dispose of it, anyways? Trout is delicious.


3. ‘”monkey attack trainer high def pic”

I don’t even know.


4. “leapin’ lemurs cereal sprouts”

DSCF5206Now all I can picture is yesterday’s green smoothie breakfast growing little sprouts. Creepy.


5. “barbie sandals for 10 to 11 year old”

Well, my feet are fairly massive, so any sandals of mine probably won’t fit a ten year old. Nor does barbie adorn any of my feet, except these barbie shoes:


But your ten year old probably can’t walk in those.

Hope you have a fabulous Friday!

<— What’s your favourite thing to do with leftover taco filling? Making burritos is pretty high up there too.

<— If you could create your own candle scent, what would it be?

<— Salty, crunchy snacks: pretzels, chips, nuts, other?



WIAW #15: Ice Cream Is A Topping.

Hello Wednesday.

AKA: What I Ate Wednesday! Thanks to Jenn for hosting.

So, I feel like a lot of my meals yesterday fit in quite well with Laura’s #StrangeButGood campaign. Weird, yes. But delicious.


This has become my newest breakfast addiction. As in, eating 5-6 days a week right now.


Oats made in the microwave with half water, half almond milk and cinnamon/vanilla stevia mixed in. Topped with strawberry jam, nut butter (I went with Justin’s Vanilla Almond this time….and killed the jar. Sadness) and 1 sunny side up egg + splash of egg whites. Seriously, in love right now.


Followed by the advent calander chocolate, of course. Although, could someone please explain to me what a mushroom has to do with Christmas? (added: oh wait, I think it’s supposed to be a bell…nevermind).

After breakfast, I had a bit of shopping to do. Not Christmas shopping, mind you – I  managed to get that done last week. That’s a bit of a Christmas miracle right there, I’m usually shopping up until a few days before.


Nope, I needed a new phone.

My mom, my brother and I had been on a family plan with another company for years…since I was in high school. Well, contracts kind of suck. So we all decided to get new phones/plans.


I finally own a smartphone! Seriously, I’ve been behind on this trend for a long, long time. Anyone else have an HTC One V? So far, I’m really liking it.

One of the first things I did?

Joined Instagram, clearly.


Follow me @betterwithsprinklesblog !

I’m still figuring out the fine points, but I can tell I’m going to get addicted to this thing fast. Time sucker, yes?

Highlight of the trip to the mall:


Eric modelling what may be the worst hat I’ve ever seen.

Seriously, reminds me of this:

Whoever buys that hat does not need to worry about aliens, apparently.

(Side note: Abigail Breslin is a freakin’ doll in this movie. Then she grew up. Between her and Dakota Fanning, I just feel old).


For lunch yesterday, I decided to break out the tempeh I bought last weekend.


I made an open faced tempeh sandwich with spinach, a bit of mayo, honey mustard and pickles. On the side I had steamed broccoli, carrots and the rest of the tempeh.

It was ok – I don’t think I’ll be in a huge hurry to buy it again though.


So…my camera ate my afternoon snack picture. So this is what you get:


Your welcome.

Yes, that is some elite Paint skills right there.

The afternoon/evening was spent playing around with the phone, catching up on TV, and wrapping Christmas presents. Seriously, loving vacation.



Continuing with the Asian theme of the last few days, apparently. A brown rice stirfry with chicken, veggies and my homemade stirfry sauce. Hit the spot!


For my before bed snack, I couldn’t decide whether I wanted yogurt or ice cream. So, I went with the only logical option:


Chocolate casein yogurt with an ice cream topping. Open-mouthed smile Yea…I’m an interesting one.

Jenny’s Christmas Challenge:

Oh, stockings. Seriously, one of my favourite things about Christmas. In our stockings, there’s usually some combination of the following:

  • chocolate (usually Reese’s, because everyone in my family is a huge peanut butter and chocolate fan)
  • socks and/or underwear
  • deodorant/hygiene stuff
  • clementines
  • other odds and ends (nail polish for me, chips/pringles, energy drinks for my brother, pens)…really, whatever my mom can shove in there!

Have a great day!

<— What sort of stuff do you find in your stocking?

<— Anyone on Instagram/know of anyone I should be following?

<— Would anyone wear that hat?