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Five Things Friday: 01/03/13.

Yay Friday!

Anyone have any exciting plans this weekend? Right now, my plans involve heading to the laundromat on Sunday (ugh). So…maybe less than exciting weekend for me. But in more exciting news: It’s March! Yes, February is the shortest month, but I think we’re all ready to see it go. Now, just give me Spring!

But here’s my Friday lists:

5 Things I Ate This Week:

1. A microwaved cinnamon apple with almond butter. You can always tell when I eat a snack at home – clearly, there was more effort put into that than my usual grab and go snacks.


2. Salmon, quinoa and salad. AKA: Dinner Monday night.


3. Valentine’s sucker. That is some child-like deliciousness right there.


4. Another waffle-wich. an egg, a slice of ham, strawberry jam, and goat cheese. Must get more waffles – these are amazing.


5. Chopped all-beef hotdogs tossed in roasted red pepper and tomato soup.


One of those “crap, those have been in the fridge for a while” sort of meals. It was actually really tasty.

5 Other Happenings This Week:

1. I channeled Caitlin when I got home yesterday – she talked about taking time to relax in her post, which is something that hit home with me. I’m the type that always finds ‘something’ to do; I’m not so good at just relaxing. I have been stressing out and working really hard lately, so I knew an afternoon to just chill was necessary. Do you remember when I mentioned a few weeks ago what my favourite chick flick was?


Yup. Definitely watched Josie and the Pussycats yesterday afternoon. I promise I’m not 12 years old…

2. A few days ago, I  gave Caitlin some knee-problem advice. Apparently, I jinxed myself – I woke up Wednesday with a bit of an aching knee. I took the day off from working out Wednesday, and did an upper body + elliptical workout Thursday without problems. Depending on how it feels this morning (as I’m typing this up the night before) I’ll either hit the gym for a none-knee-stressing lower body workout, or I’ll declare it a yoga day. Between my finger and my knee, clearly not my best week as far as injuries go.

3. I gave the xanthan gum I bought a try in my smoothie yesterday.


I did see a difference in my smoothie texture – more velvety, almost. I hear that it gives it an ice cream-like texture, but I thought it was almost like Marshmallow Fluff, in a weird way. I liked it! You guys also told me to try it in baking and in sauces, so I’ll be playing around with it a bit (but only in small amounts – I was also warned that it’s not the greatest thing for digestive problems).

4. I am obsessed with Mexican food right now. Fajitas and tacos last week, and enchiladas for dinner last night.


Everything tastes better when coated in guacamole.

5. I have officially gotten my mom hooked on Downton Abbey. I put on the first episode when she and my dad came up on Family Day, and she went home and ordered them all. Now I just need her to catch up so we can complain about the season 3 finale together…

5 Things I’m Looking Forward to in March.

1. Going home next weekend! I’ve been making more of an effort to make trips home this semester, and I’ve been loving the extra friend/family time. Said trip home will include a burger date with my favourite munchkin! We’ve been talking about going to The Works, which has some of the craziest burger toppings I’ve ever seen. One option has banana slices, peanut butter and bacon as toppings, and another has kraft dinner. Yup, I am excited Smile

2. Eric and I have an hour-long couples massage booked for the 16th. Seriously counting down the days for that – I think it’s been almost two years since I had my last professional massage. So overdue.

3. Hopefully going to make a trip to hang out with and do some shopping with this girl! Seriously excited to meet Devon in person.

4. Easter! Family + food. Cannot go wrong with that.




Season 3. Need I say more?

Have a great Friday!

<— What are your happenings this week?

<— What are you looking forward to in March?

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