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WIAW: Eating in Real Life.

Good morning and happy Wednesday!

Which of course, means What I Ate Wednesday. We all enjoy our little bits of foodie voyeurism, don’t we? Winking smile

So for today’s post, I’m recapping my eats from this past Saturday. I was at a conference the vast majority of the day. I left the house at 8:45 in the morning, got home at 5:30 to rest for about 10 minutes before heading back out to the dinner/social. I ate breakfast at home, but my lunch, snacks and dinner were provided for.

Of course, a few years ago I would have driven myself nuts with anxiety over what my food options were going to be and peppering myself with questions. Were there going to be healthy options? Would I be able to resist the unhealthy ones? What snacks should I pack in case the food options didn’t meet my criteria?

But nowadays, I realized…I just don’t care. In fact, one of the organizers told me a few weeks ago what the food options were going to be, but I forgot. Completely forgot, because it didn’t matter to me. When it came time for meals, I looked over my options, picked what sounded good, and ate it. And that sort of freedom is pretty fabulous.

So, on with it!


My usual ACV mix and a quick breakfast before I left the house.


One of my coconut-dipped baked banana donuts that I baked last week, and two fried eggs. Easy and delicious.

The conference was being held at the school, which was definitely convenient. This was actually the first one ever, put together by two school friends of mine. It wasn’t too big (about 20 presenters) but it was a success. They did a fabulous job putting it together!

My volunteer role for the day was running the Twitter account. Basically, being the official “Tweeter” (I need a fancier title though…Social Media Executive? Twitter Hostess? PR Manager? Something along those lines). Running an ‘official’ Twitter account is pretty fun…it makes me want to be more active on my blog twitter account.

And I was part of a group presentation, so I got some experience in that way. Note: I am such an awkward presenter.

I have absolutely no idea why my legs are crossed like that. My friend Zoey told me I looked like some sort of pretty flamingo. I suppose that’ a compliment, of sorts? Smile with tongue out

Another shot:

Apparently, I don’t know what to do with my arms either. So.awkward.

But moving on…


Lunch was catered by a local deli, so that meant sandwiches, pasta salad, and egg salad.


I went for two half sandwiches: roast beef and cheese (I think it was swiss?) on marble rye and salmon salad with cucumbers on what I believe is ciabatta. I also took a small scoop of pasta salad, because I’m always excited to see an oil-based pasta salad as opposed to a mayo based. Pretty tasty!

Exciting moment of the conference: over lunch, we got to see speeches from the Brantford Mayor, the local MPP (Member of Provincial Parliament) and MP (Member of Parliament at the Federal level).

Pretty cool stuff!

There were more presentations before breaking for afternoon snack.


Apple and chocolate – gotta have balance, right? Winking smile And…I went back for a third chocolate. Of course.

There were more presentations before closing with the keynote speaker, one of the professors at Laurier. I have to say, I think what I love most about my program is the ridiculous amount of topics that you can cover, and they’re all so interesting to me. For example, my focus is on media representations (of crime and government, for the most part), but others in criminology focus on global issues, political issues, stigma, homelessness, mental illness, white collar crime and corruption, criminal law, cybercrime, sexism, Aboriginal issues…there are so many things to look at. Ahh, love.


I headed home to rest my feet for a few minutes and pick up the boyfriend before heading to the Hawk and Bell (a pub in Brantford that just opened) for a buffet dinner and social. Dinner options were salad, garlic bread, perogies, vegetarian penne, chicken parmesan, and butter chicken with basmati rice. A good variety, clearly!


(excuse the poor restaurant lighting)

I went for salad with balsamic, perogies, and butter chicken. Umm, that butter chicken might be some of the best I’ve ever had. From what I understand, the family that owns that restaurant is Indian and that was an old family recipe. It used shredded chicken instead of the usual chunks of chicken breast that I usually see in butter chicken, which was delicious.

Apparently, conferences made me hungry because I went back for seconds on the butter chicken.



I was definitely tired after my day, so we didn’t stay at the social to long. We headed home, where I promptly collapsed on the couch and turned on a movie Smile

11:00 pm munchies:


Graham cracker with peanut butter. Did the trick.

So the conference and eats there made me realize how normal my relationship with food feels. Generally, people don’t worry about what food is going to be served when they have a lunch or a conference (of course, different story for allergies or necessary dietary restrictions, but you get my point). They show up, they eat what’s there, and they move on. No concern about whether or not the options were healthy enough or met any sort of criteria…they just eat it. I love feeling that sense of normalcy around what I eat!

And still plugging away at papers today, but I’m almost done my final coursework paper. Light at the end of the tunnel!

Enjoy your day!

<— If you did/are doing post secondary education, what’s your degree in?

<— What was your favourite class in school? Interestingly enough, I think my favourite course that I ever took was the Greek Mythology course I took in my fourth year of undergrad. It was such an interesting course.

<— Do you get anxious if you’re at an event and don’t know what the food options are going to be?


Sunday Wine + Goal Talk-February.

Good morning! Who watched the Superbowl last night?

I…did not. The boyfriend and I don’t have cable and neither of us cared enough to venture somewhere to watch it. My parents have a get together every year, but considering that I’ll be making the trip to London Wednesday, it wasn’t worth it to me to make two back-and-forth trips in one week.

Thankfully though, there is Twitter. So I kept up on all the happenings (Alicia Keys was subpar! Beyonce was amazing! The lights went out! See? I know what went down).

And really, the Superbowl is kind of hilarious on Twitter. #justsayin

But back to yesterday.

Breakfast was one that I hadn’t had in a while…


Yogurt bowl! (I promise, yogurt was in there somewhere).

2% Greek yogurt with cinnamon, a sliced banana, blueberries, Nature’s Path Flax Plus Red Berry Crunch Cereal, and peanut butter. Delicious.

It was a fairly typical Sunday for me – a little bit of work, catching up on TV from the week, and hitting up the gym for a little while.


Remember those steaks I bought?


Yea…those were amazing. With a simple side salad – delicious. And of course:


Dessert = wine (well, dessert part 1. The ice cream came out later). I’m not a huge drinker, but a glass of wine on a Sunday night is amazing.

Especially when you’re drinking said wine while watching Downton Abbey and receiving a foot rub. That is pure perfection right there.

But let’s see how I did for my January goals, shall we?

January Goals

1. Blog Redesign.

All I really wanted to do right now was to change the header – done and done! I seriously will still click over to my blog sometimes just so I can look at the header…it’s so pretty. Seriously, Jenny is amazing. The next stage is to switch to self-hosting and do a complete redesign, which I’m hoping to do in the summer.


so pretty!

2. Learn more about photography and my camera.

While I did (finally) pick up my camera manual and glance through it, I haven’t really put a lot of time and effort into really working on my camera skills. However, my pictures do turn out a lot better in natural light, so thankfully the days are starting to get a little bit longer. And my photography-loving dad just took a photography course a few weeks ago, so I’m going to bug him to tell me about what he’s picked up.

3. Follow my nutrition plan…in a way that works for me.

So, I haven’t mentioned this nutrition plan in a while. I purchased it when I bought my current workout program…and I haven’t talked about it since. Because I’m not really following it anymore. I’ve had a couple of realizations, one being that I realized I was feeling a little too influenced by some peoples eating styles/the photos popping up on my Instagram. To be addressed in a later post!


4. Remember to take my vitamins.

I actually have gotten way better with this one…because I started taking them all at once instead of taking half of them in the morning, and half at night. It didn’t seem to make a difference in how I digested them, so it seems to be working better for me.

Not bad at all!

February Goals

1. Work on my hip mobility.

I have pretty much the worst hips ever. As in, I can’t do an overhead squat – even without added weight. My hips are just so ridiculously tight! So I want to spend some time several times a week doing some hip stretches…half pigeon and I will become very close.


2. Try to keep an eye on my grocery budget.

Lately, I’ve noticed that I’ve been going over-budget on my groceries more than I need too. I’ve gotten bad with “hey, that’s on sale – into the cart it goes!” Not cool. So I want to reign it in a bit, and try not to go over budget at all this month.


3. Figure out a solution to my digestive issues.

While I don’t talk about it too much on the blog (I’m all about sharing, but really, it’s a little TMI for the internet), my digestive system does not work the way that it should. It never really has, but it’s gotten worse over the past few months. So I’m going to make some (minor) diet tweaks to see if I can find a way to solve it. If not, I’m going to start looking into fibre supplements to see if I can get everything working properly.


4. Not letting myself stress out too much.

School-wise, I have a lot on my plate right now. The way my semester is set up, I have a lot of weekly assignments that are eating up a lot of my time (as I’m sure I’ve complained about…often), while at the same time, I’m beginning work on my MA Thesis. While I recognize that I am in grad school and am therefore supposed to be busy, it’s overwhelming at times. I’m going to do my best not to let it get me down…or make me forget that there is life outside of school and blogging!


Hopefully this won’t happen too often..but I have nothing against the occasional stress-relieving bowl of ice cream. Smile with tongue out

 Here’s hoping for a good month. And I’m hoping that you have a wonderful Monday!


<— What are your goals for February?

<— Ever followed a meal plan? What did you think?

<— Do you think you spend too much on groceries? The plight of a foodie…


Justice and Social Media.

More public lecture talk!

Tuesday night, I attended another Public Lecture put on by Wilfred Laurier Brantford.

The speaker was Dr. Christopher Schneider, an Associate Professor of Sociology out of the University of British Columbia.


His lecture focused on the role of social media in the Vancouver Riots, both in 1994 and 2011. As bloggers, we’re heavily invested in social media. Most bloggers I read make at least partial use of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. So, a lecture about social media is definitely of interest to me.

A quick background:

  • 1994: A riot ensued in downtown Vancouver following Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals where Vancouver Canucks lost to the New York Rangers. Approximately 50 000 – 70 000 individuals gathered in downtown Vancouver, where a riot soon occurred. The riots caused 200 injuries, approximately $1.1 million in damages, and the use of tear gas by the police.
  • 2011: A square had been roped off in downtown Vancouver to watch Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals between the Canucks and the Bruins, with two big screen TVs to watch the game. After the Canucks loss, some spectators began throwing bottles and other objects at the large screens. It soon escalated into overturned cars, cars set on fire, property destruction, and looting. It resulted in 140 injuries, $5 million in damages, and 101 arrests that night.

(source. Of course).


Interesting points of the lecture:

  • During the 1994 riots, police got a warrant for media footage (media had initially refused to give up the material) reviewed it, and set up “viewing boxes” in Vancouver so that the public could help identify rioters. Police were able to edit the footage, taking out any images of anything that could be construed as police brutality or unnecessary roughness.
  • During the 2011 riots, social media was huge. People were posting cell phone footage of the riots to Facebook and Twitter. All in all, over 30 terabytes of data was collected.

Sounds like a useful tool to help police identify and arrest rioters, right? Unfortunately, this presents issues.

  • Cell phone footage is third party data. In order to use it in the court, you have to prove credibility – that is hasn’t been tampered with. Few of the rioters identified and arrested have appeared in court as of yet.
  • In Canada, a minor cannot have their name released to the public. With the 2011 riot, a well known 17 year old was caught on film participating in the destruction of a police vehicle. His name and phone number were released on Facebook by people identifying him online – therefore destroying any chance of anonymity supposed to be guaranteed to him. The harassment got so bad that his family was chased from their home.
  • Another rioter posted a status on Facebook talking about he punched a cop in the face, set a police car on fire, ect. ect. Originally seen as evidence, it was later proven that the individual did not, in fact do anything he had stated.

My first instinct is to think that the role of social media in these sort of situations is a useful one. I mean, if they’re helping the police, it can’t be a bad thing right? It also forces the police to use discretion as well – if any evidence of unnecessary roughness on their part gets caught on camera (and now, there are ALWAYS camera phones going on in these sort of situations) they will receive negative attention for it.

But Dr. Schnieder’s talk did get me thinking – maybe this isn’t as positive as I had originally thought. Because it is so easy to tamper with images (Hello, photoshop) getting the footage to be accepted in courts is a long, drawn-out process. There’s also the privacy issue – when people were identifying rioters on film, they were posting names, phone numbers, occupations, and addresses online as well – NOT something you would ever find in traditional media. Privacy becomes completely compromised – a looter during the riot dropped out of school due to threats and harassment and was fired from three jobs after the incident.


So my question to you is: How do you feel about the use of social media (Twitter, Facebook, ect.) in the pursuit of justice? Is it acceptable, or does it infringe on too many rights? Does it even work?


Side note: I love how for the past two weeks, one of my classes has been held in Williams Fresh Cafe. Super convenient, because it’s a three hour class that runs over lunch.


Although, trying to eat this enormous (albeit delicious – greens, roasted beets, apple, goat cheese, and candied pecan bits with pomegranate dressing) salad is difficult to do while trying to simultaneously type on a laptop. The deliciousness was worth it though. Smile


(all images link to their original source)