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I Love Vacation Time.


Good morning! Those of you who went back to work yesterday and Thursday – how was it? Who’s still on vacation?

I’ve got another week to go after the weekend, but I’m definitely keeping busy. The boy and I had an awesome day together yesterday, and today I’m driving back to London for my cousin’s baby shower. She’s due in February (the 13th, so of course I’m hoping she’s having a Valentine’s Day baby) and I couldn’t be more excited for her.

Rewinding to yesterday:

Eric and I hadn’t been to see a movie since September, and since he’s off until the 7th as well (yay working in the education system!) we decided to take advantage of a gift card and go see one. We’re both Tarantino fans, so we settled on Django: Unchained.

Umm, please go see this movie.

Definitely one of the best new movies I’ve seen in a long time! Again, I’m a Tarantino fan so I’m probably a bit biased, but it was great. It was long (almost 3 hours) but I almost didn’t notice, I was so entertained. The acting was incredible – I think Christoph Schulz may be becoming one of my favourite actors. Between this and Inglourious Basterds, his pure talent really comes across. And of course, you can never go wrong with Leonardo DiCaprio and Samuel L. Jackson in a movie, can you? Seriously fantastic.

I know there’s some controversy surrounding the film and the use of the “n-word”, but really, it’s unavoidable considering the time period and the context of the film. It did make me uncomfortable, but avoiding it would have made the movie incredibly unrealistic. So if you can get around that, definitely go see this movie!


It was a long movie, so even though I had a snack during (a cheese string and a Clif Z Bar) I was more than ready for (a 4:00 pm) lunch when I got home.


A purple sweet potato, blueberry goat cheese, and two eggs (supposed to be two sunny side up but I broke one of the yolks…oops) on a bed of spinach. A weirder combination, but it worked for me.


We ended up getting a last minute invitation from our neighbours to join them at Taal for dinner. Of course, I cannot say no to an Indian buffet.


Plate 1: salad with some sort of yogurt dressing, some sort of fish (I had absolutely no idea what it was when I choose it off the buffet…yes, I am adventurous), chili chicken, channa masala, and beef korma.


A small plate for round two: tandoori chicken, palek paneer and a piece of pakora. Because of my late lunch, this left me absolutely stuffed and I skipped dessert (seriously, when do I say that? My dessert stomach must have failed me)

After the boy and I got home, we cuddled on the couch and digested while watching a movie. Seriously, perfect day of vacation right there: Dates and relaxing.

Have a great Saturday!

<— Days off: would you rather relax or get stuff done?

<— Last movie you’ve seen in theatres? Plan on seeing Django?


25 thoughts on “I Love Vacation Time.

  1. Your day sounds lovely! I love days like those: fun-filled without having to exert much energy! Last movie I saw at the cinema was Argo which I can’t recommend…absolutely fabulous!

  2. I heard that movie was great! I want to see Les Miserables too though! I am dying to see it!

    Glad your vacation kicked off great! Enjoy the time off girl! ❤

  3. I’m off for another week too. It’s so nice to have such a long break, isn’t it? 😀

    I’ve actually never seen any Quentin Tarintino movies! I like action, but I’m not a big fan of blood and gore, so I’ve avoided his movies. I think I need to suck it up and watch them though because I’ve heard so many good things about them.

    The last movie I saw in theatres was The Hobbit. I’m a pretty big Lord of the Rings nerd. 😉

  4. As much as I would like to say I relax on days off, I have the hardest time feeling like ” I have to get something done!!”, I’m working on that OCD mentality! And glad to hear D’jango was funny-I do love Terentino, as innapropriate as he is!

  5. Yum! Love indian food!

  6. I love Indian food, the chicken tiki masala is my favorite!

  7. I love vacation time, too. It’s the best!! Bluberry goat cheese?!?! Sounds amazing!

  8. This looks awesome 🙂 On my days off, I like to do a little bit of both….always makes it easier to relax if I get some stuff done first…and the last movie I saw in the theaters was Silver Linings Playbook…loved it 🙂

  9. That’s so awesome you have so much time off..I only had a couple days off for Christmas (womp womp), but I will soon be working in education as well and will love that long vacay time! I have never seen or heard of a purple sweet potato…do they taste the same? I usually make my days off a balance of productivity and relaxation. I get too antsy if I sit around ALL day but I also love those hours of nothing to do.

  10. Glad you had a great time at the movies! The last movie I went to see was The Hobbit, and I was kind of disappointed in it 😕 I loved the book, but I found the movie way too drawn out and chaotic – hopefully the second part will be better. And when it comes to days off, I like to have a mixture of both relaxing and getting stuff done. I feel like a bum if I’m just sitting on the couch all day, but I don’t go all out and run all my errands in one day either.

  11. So today is my first day off since the 16th, and I’m PUMPED!! I have tomorrow off too, it’s sad, but it feels like a vacation to me!!
    Thank you a million times over for the thumbs up to Django. I was thinking of pulling my Dad out to see it as a daddy-daughter date afternoon, and this tipped the scales in its favour!! Woohoo!
    And that’s totally my favourite way to eat grilled eggs — both up, one sunny, one yolk broken. It’s like the best of both worlds!! 😀 And blueberry goat cheese — girl after my own heart!! ❤ Fruity goat cheese is my favourite kind of cheese. Not going to lie, I've been struggling recently, and this cheese excitement is totally unexpected, but very exciting!! 😀
    This post totally lifted my spirits. Thanks, hun!! I know I can always count on you for a good smile.

  12. I have been dying to see that movie, now that I heard it was good I guess I really need to see it. I adore goat cheese but everyone hates it in my family so it is like pulling teeth to get it in my house when I am home

  13. Django looks awesome, thanks for the tip, although my first priority for movies is Les Mis, I’m a huge sucker for a musical. I really want to find those purple sweet potatoes too, are they sweet like the regular kind or more like white potatoes? As far as relaxing goes, I’m happy to be on vacation and do nothing for a week, even two, but after that I get so antsy I can’t even take it. That’s the same reason I can’t stand beach resort vacations. Lie on a beach for a week? Not possible for me!

    • I’d actually compare them more to regular white than to sweet potatoes – more starchy and less sweet.

      Totally understand about the beach vacations! I love it for the first 2-3 days, then I get super antsy and have to go do tourist-y things.

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