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The Colourful Side to Healthy Living.

Rehashing January.


Recapping the best of the last month!

Recipe of the Month Club:


Working on My Fitness:

  • Another Week Off – Why take one deload week when you can take two?
  • BCAA’s – First time using Amino Acids before my workout. It’s like coffee, except I don’t think it’s horrid.
  • Clothes to Sweat In – Buying some desperately needed workout clothes.


Moments of the Month:


Random Stuff I Blog About:


Hope you have a lovely Saturday!

<— What were some of your best moments in January?


28 thoughts on “Rehashing January.

  1. Love all of these posts! Definitely a good month for you 🙂

  2. Love your tattoo! I have one in script lettering on my shoulder blade. Did your ribs hurt super bad?

    • It’s hard to say, because my tattoos are on my ribs, behind my ear, my hip, and my leg just above my foot – aka: everywhere that tattoos are supposed to hurt the most, lol. I didn’t find it too terrible, but whenever I get tattoos I tend to zone out and not notice the pain as much after about 20 minutes – endorphins are useful for more than just exercise, apparently!

  3. This is such a great way to reflect on the last month!! I really enjoyed reading theses 🙂

  4. wine poached talapia sounds amazing! I love talapia anyway! What a great month 🙂

  5. I’m glad you are liking the BCAAs! Ever since I started on them I haven’t though twice about needing a coffee on the morning.

  6. January moments for the win! You had a great month or at least it seemed like it. I need to catch your cooking bug, you keep making more and more delicious creations.

  7. My best moment in January was finding out that I was not my love interest’s “type” and then becoming his best friend 😉

  8. Best thing about January? Uhmmm… birthday! 😀 That and getting to test out the stand mixer I got for Christmas… and of course enjoying the spoils of those baking experiments 😉 Hope that February is equally as awesome for you!

  9. Another month of fabulous posts girl…love yourself first is still one of my favs 🙂

  10. I’d say you had a pretty darn good month!! Hope February is just as amazing for you! I’m sure it will be though:)

  11. Our meet up definitely makes my “best of January” list too! 😀 Also the Food and Wine show, dinner at Tru, and getting a job at Organic Works!

  12. I would say a meet up with miss Chelsea would make a top post! One day perhaps all three of us will meet together… wait not perhaps, it will happen 🙂 You really did have a great month Sam, looking forward to reading how February plays out for yeeee

  13. You wrote some incredibly inspiring and thought-provoking posts this month, Sam! I especially enjoyed the FrEDom post, and loved learning about the inspiration behind your kick *** tattoo. 🙂 The Thai sweet potato soup has been bookmarked as well; I’m looking forward to making that one. 🙂

    Best moment in January: buying a ticket to Blend in May (I think YOU should come, too!) ❤

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