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Just Baking in the Slow Cooker.


Hello friends!

I hope your weekend was lovely. And if you have today off, I hope it’s enjoyable as well!

I’m on my reading week, so I actually have the entire week off from classes – but I will be working, I can guarantee that. Woot grad school!

So let’s talk about my weekend, shall we?

If you follow me on Instagram, you would have seen my excitement over what I discovered on my way home:


The variety store that is half a block away from my house sells these. Why am I discovering this after I’ve lived here for 6 months?! I had a vanilla coke obsession as a kid, so the fact that these still exist make me so, so happy. I try not to overdo it on pop, buuuut…considering that I walk past said variety store 2-4 times a day, this will be happening once in a while.

For dinner, I made up the lobster tails I had originally planned for Valentine’s Day (the picture of which got eaten by the camera). I made them the same way I did on New Years, and served them with quinoa and green beans. Delicious.

Eric and I had decided that we were going to exchange gifts on Saturday, but he sprung mine on me Friday night.


so…do you think I like chocolate much? I’ve got two Aeros, two Caramilks (all in large size), two packs of Reese’s, a Mr. Big, gummy bears, and Werther’s Chewy Caramels. I think the chocolate stash is pretty set for a while. Smile with tongue out

And here’s what I got him:


Chocolate and alcohol. We’re all about the vices on Valentine’s Day, apparently. Smile with tongue out

I’m not a huge whiskey fan, but this stuff is pretty delicious. I might make him share a little!

Sushi Date

My handsome date and I went for all-you-can-eat at Sushi Eight, our favourite sushi place in town (it also helped that we got a buy one get one free coupon in the mail earlier in the week).


(hello, bright lighting directly above my head and staticky hair. Winter, please go away)

Any sushi experience should start with seaweed salad, in my opinion.


And sashimi should go in there too.


We also split an order of veggie tempura to start.


Before dinner, I decided that I was going to order us rolls that we had never tried before. We tend to gravitate towards the same things…so, that wasn’t allowed this time. I picked all new ones for us, including some of the more creative offerings on the menu.


First up was a Shrimp Crab roll: shrimp tempura, crab meat, eel sauce. I had actually ordered this as a hand roll, but I didn’t care enough to correct them.

Next up:


  • Toronto roll (on the left): cream cheese, surf clam, eel, avocado, crab meat.
  • Special Sushi 8 roll (middle): shrimp tempura, eel, crab meat, avocado, tobiko.
  • Eel special roll (right): spicy crab roll topped with eel, avocado, tobiko and eel sauce.


Brantford roll: deep fried roll with red snapper, crab meat, cucumber, tobiko, eel sauce, spicy sauce.

We both agreed that the special eel roll was our favourite – but, I always gravitate towards eel (notice how it appeared in 3/5 rolls). I’m pretty sure that has become my favourite item when I go out for sushi – salmon would be my second choice. The Toronto roll was pretty fabulous too, I loved the cream cheese addition.

Neither of us were big on the Brantford roll – there was just too much going on there! The deep fried aspect didn’t really do much for me; it just felt unnecessary.

We both definitely had to be rolled (HA!) out of there when we were finished. So full, so delicious.


Sunday, typical Sunday. I went to the gym, did some reading, did some cleaning. Annnd…I baked. Sundays just feel like baking days, don’t they?

But I wanted to try something different. I got a Crockpot cookbook for Christmas, and the last few recipes are all things I never would have thought to make in a crockpot: desserts (pudding cake and cobblers) and drinks (lattes, mulled teas). The very last one was for a banana walnut bread, so I decided to test it out.


I made a few alterations to the recipe – I subbed out two tablespoons of butter for applesauce (because I ran out of butter), used 3/4 whole wheat pastry flour, reduced the sugar a bit, and subbed the walnuts for chocolate chips – because banana bread just needs to have chocolate chips, in my humble opinion.


It turned out pretty good! The one side turned out a bit crispy, but the flavour is definitely there. I don’t know if I would make banana bread this way all the time (because when I want banana bread, waiting 40 minutes to an hour in a regular oven in long enough. 3 hours is a tad painful) but it was fun to try.

Dinner was quick and easy:


Oktoberfest turkey sausage with ketchup, honey mustard and banana peppers on a toasted whole wheat bun and a side salad that I topped with balsamic and olive oil (seriously, I love those oils and vinegars as salad toppers). Yum.

Even though it’s my week off, I’m not planning on going home at all – but, my parents are going to come down to visit and treat us for dinner. I’m always excited when they make the trip! I’m also planning to hit up a new-to-me gym this morning. The gym I attend at the university is closed for the holiday; but I was told yesterday that the Y a few blocks from me allows students to have 2 trial passes. I’ve never been inside, but it looks nice and I’ve heard good things. I’m excited to check it out.

Have a great day!

<— What did you get up to this weekend?

<— Have you ever made anything unconventional in a slow cooker?


41 thoughts on “Just Baking in the Slow Cooker.

  1. Best. Gifts. Ever. You two are people after my own heart :p

  2. Haha oh my goodness Sam I just laughed a lot at your Valentine’s Day presents because they would be PERFECT for James and I – we always give each other chocolate and whisky! That sushi looks insanely good. So glad you had a good time!

  3. You can BAKE in a slow cooker?? That’s awesome!! And that bread looks fabulous 🙂 I’ve never made anything beyond soups/stews/pulled meat of some kind in there, but I really want to try lasagna…and now bread! I have to agree with Allison, too….your gifts are wonderful 😉

  4. All you can eat sushi?? AMAZING!!! I’ve never baked in the slow cooker… just dinner stuff!!

  5. Haha I love what you guys got each other. A boy that understands my love for candy is the only one I need. Your banana bread sounds pretty yummy! I really want to make a chocolate cobbler thing in the crock pot. We’ll see if it ever happens…

  6. Chocolate, alcohol, and sushi. Um, can you say PERFECT? Haha I would have been a very happy camper 😉 Happy Monday girl!! ❤

  7. I’ve always been curious about making dessert in a slow cooker. I saw a recipe for carrot cake once and wondered how the heck that even worked… but I guess it’s worth experimenting. I’ve yet to even buy a slow cooker (oops!), but I can definitely see myself making something like banana bread when I do eventually… maybe 😆 You’re right that having to wait that long would be a little torturous.

    • I’d be curious to try a carrot cake in there, all the cake recipes I saw were for pudding or sauce cakes…I may have to seek that out.
      And I might make it my mission to force everyone I know to buy a slow cooker. They’re just brilliant.

  8. now you are making me all kind of jealous, I love finding unique candy like that. and while I gave up diet soda I do enjoy a can once in a while, that would be a winner for me.. or diet root beer. DROOL

  9. Loving the gift exchange here… nicely done Sam 🙂 I have never tried making a dessert in a slow-cooker though I have plenty of recipes saved for such a time I do it! Worth experimenting for sure, especially since I am always looking for new ways to use my slow cooker! Great sushi choices btw…I do enjoy eel as well, though only a few pieces. If I start to have too many, I get quite grossed out lol. Mixing it up with tuna and salmon, my other favorites, creates a rather perfect sushi experience

    • I just noticed I didn’t have any tuna…that is unusual for me! I wouldn’t try eel for a long time, but once I did, it was like “crap…I love it. Does this make me weird?”

      It turned out pretty well, as long as you have the patience for it!

  10. Oh that sushi — YUM! And I was just talking to someone about baking in the crockpot earlier today, I really want to try that! The most unconventional thing I’ve made is applesauce (pretty boring!). Happy Monday 🙂

  11. I adore your presents to each other. I’d much rather have stuff I can use (read: drink or eat) than flowers!

  12. Looks like a great weekend! I’m drooling over that sushi (basically constantly craving it) and please share the chocolate love? haha, he totally spoiled you with chocolate which is awesome. I’m kind of fascinated with slow cookers lately, you can even make bread? So cool!

  13. Hello awesome gifts for each other! Ha, I’d definitely rather have stuff like that. That is perfect in my books.
    That’s totally crazy you can “bake” in a slow cooker! I had no clue, I’m intrigued by this.

  14. I love your valentines gifts, how perfect! Sushi all looks so good, I always love going out to sushi and like you almost always order the same rolls.

  15. I had no idea that you could BAKE in a slow cooker. How cool!! 🙂

  16. I love that you got rolls you’ve never had before! You know I’m proud. I loooove eel rolls! I’m not a huge sushi fan but eel is so unique that I have to love that right?!
    OMG I love Jack D Tennessee Honey. It’s so good straight. I’m not surprised you like it, lots of non whiskey drinkers I know do! And for that reason I know some whiskey snobs who turn their nose up at it. But hey, tastes good to me, I like it a lot. Once I had a Mint Julep made with it. Oh yes baby it was so tasty.

  17. I like to have pop every once in a while too. I tried being all “OMG no artificial sweeteners!!!” for a while, but I gave up on that. I like pop and the occasional one isn’t going to kill me. 😛 I’ve never tried a vanilla Coke Zero though – I need to find one to try!

    Also your sushi dinner looks so good. I love eel too!

    This weekend I went home and went shopping with my mom, had lunch at Whole Foods, went to a smoked meat night at our family friends’ house, and went out for breakfast with my parents this morning for Family Day.

    • my thoughts exactly – I don’t exactly want to get back into my 1-litre a day habit (it happened my first year of undergrad…little over the top) but once in a while doesn’t have to be a bad thing. The vanilla version is awesome, you definitely have to try it sometime!

      Sounds like a great weekend – I’d be intrigued by a smoked meat night!

  18. I actually haven’t had a soda in about 6 years!

  19. Sushi looks great! And we love a good whiskey!
    We just recently got a slow cooker so still figuring out things to make in it 😉

  20. Haha, it is so true that the way to a woman’s heart is through her stomach and the way to a man’s is through [the destruction of] his liver. Mad sushi craving right now. I needs it!

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