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Five Things Friday: 04/05/13.


Good morning! How’s everyone doing today?

I had a really short week…but I’m still really excited it’s Friday Smile

Lists of things!

Tasty Things I’ve Eaten this Week:

1. Leftover turkey…lots of leftover turkey. Both my mom and Eric’s mom sent us home with leftovers, so we’ve been picking at those this week. And turkey sandwiches are my favourite way to do so – open faced turkey sandwich with olive oil mayo, spinach and tomato.


2. Homemade black bean burgers. The flavour was there, but they were crumbly so they still need some work.


3. Said black bean burger stuffed into a massive sweet potato with spinach, tomato, avocado and sour cream. Favourite lunch of the week, easily.


4. Cream cheese, ham and eggs on butter popcorn flavoured rice cakes with veggies and pretzels.


5. Chocolate. I knew I loved Easter for a reason.


Also included in the stash is the Mini Eggs and Reese’s Eggs I bought. And the Kisses and M&Ms I won. My sweet tooth is so happy right now.

5 Happenings this Week:

1. Even before I decided that I was going to be taking a break from planning my workouts this month, I had been feeling like I needed a break from the gym. I haven’t been all week and it has been lovely. Woot rest!

2. I’m sadly disappointed by Canadian Target.


The one in London is open, so I asked (demanded) that Eric and I check it out last weekend. It’s ok. I was hoping for some of the fun brands you can find in the States, but the vast majority of the foodie things were the same I can find at other grocery stores. The clothes were cute, but the prices weren’t that great. Target, I am let down.

3. While I was in Target, I got a craving for trail mix, but they were out of the only ones that were jumping out at me. So, I hit the bulk bins when I was at the grocery store a few days later.


Deluxe mixed nuts, banana chips, dried papaya, dried pineapple, raisins, and pretzels. Banana chips are always my favourite. And it looks that much prettier in a mason jar.

4. When I saw my mom last weekend, she excitedly told me how she’s been eating oatmeal for breakfast in the mornings and she loves it. Is it weird that I got really excited over that?

5. My face is so.freakin’.dry. I usually get dry skin in the winter, but it’s the transition from winter to spring when it really acts up. So in an attempt to soften it a little, I tried an avocado and honey mask the other day.

Sexy – as seen on my instagram!

It made my face softer, but it didn’t do too much for the dry-ness. So, back to the drawing board on that one.


5 Shows I’m watching right now:

1. Game of Thrones. Of course. The opening episode wasn’t too exciting, but I’m just happy it’s back on TV. I know they’re setting up for the exciting stuff later on Open-mouthed smile

2. Bates Motel.


Is anyone else watching this show? It’s the story of Norman Bates (The main character in Psycho) when he was a teenager and his mother first bought the motel. It’s really good! Although, I remember when Freddie Highmore was all cute in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. And now he’s a creepy future serial killer. Huh.

3. Hell’s Kitchen. I love any sort of cooking competition show. Now, I just need to wait for Masterchef to start again. And it’s basically my life goal to eat in a Gordon Ramsay restaurant.


I just love him.

4. How I Met Your Mother. Really, who doesn’t love this show?

5. This is an honourable mention because the season just ended but – The Walking Dead. I don’t even know what to make of that finale!


Seems like the best plan in a zombie attack.


Hope your Friday is wonderful!


<— What TV shows are you watching right now?

<— Any miraculous dry-skin cures?


45 thoughts on “Five Things Friday: 04/05/13.

  1. Breaking bad!!! Still working our way through the seasons haha but enjoying it. I’m excited for the return of mad men this weekend, too 🙂 i can’t wait till we have hbo and i can catch up on this season’s game of thrones! I wish i could help with the dry skin, but i tend to be much more oily than dry…maybe try something with coconut oil? I’ve heard it moisturizes really well!

  2. That’s really cute about your mom eating oatmeal…I feel just the same excitement when friends/family tell me that they’ve started to incorporate healthy changes to their diet :)! My favorite shows of late are Modern Family, Suits & Downton Abbey…they just seem to be getting better with each season!

  3. Wait I’m really bummed about the target up there not being very good. It’s like my favorite store! I guess it just means you’ll have to come down here soon 🙂

  4. I’m actually happy with Canadian Target for the sole reason that they carry a lot of shoe styles in the ever elusive women’s size eleven. It was like a choir of angels broke out when I saw that I could in fact choose from a variety of really cute styles.

    Shows: The Following, Castle, HIMYM, Game of Thrones, Bones, Psych… Probably some more, although honestly by “following” I mean catching up in bursts between assignments/exams.

    Dry skin: I’m only ever able to keep my skin non-flaky when I’m exfoliating every day or every other day. In the shower (every other day) I use the good ole St Ives apricot scrub, and follow up with a light moisturizer. On the other days before bed I use another St Ives gentle exfoliating scrub, I believe it’s the olive oil one. Not as abrasive, but helps slough off some of the dead cells that seem to accumulate so rapidly on my face.

    • Oh, that’s good! I sometimes have trouble finding shoes in my size (9) so I can imagine it’s even more difficult for a size 11.
      And I’ll remember that about the scrubs! I’ve used St. Ives before and liked it.

  5. I’m currently waiting on my friend to bring me her Game of Thrones DVDs. I just can’t start from season three, and that show is too dang hard to watch on line. Especially with the top notch quality of my budget internet. 😉

  6. Okay, that black bean burger and sweet potato concoction is such a great idea. Walking Dead was nuts. Do you think Andrea was the one who actually killed herself!?

  7. That stuffed sweet potato looks to die for as does the trail mix! I am not too much into a (american) show, but I do watch old ones of SATC and Desperate Housewives. Can not get enough 🙂 happy weekend girl!!

  8. I’m not watching a huge amount as I’ve been so busy but Masterchef has been my company to dinner each night this week as James has been away! It is amazing what the contestants come up with. Love the look of that trail mix and it looks gorgeous in the jar!

  9. So sad about Target 😦 Ours will be opening in about a month or so and I had really high hopes… Now I’m feeling all sorts of bummed. BUT! at least GoT is back on TV – And as for the dry skin, a good exfoliator might help. I’m not sure what kind of dryness you’re talking about, but if you have flaky, dry skin then a moisturizer won’t do much good – you need to exfoliate to get that off so that the moisturizer can get to the skin underneath. I use a Clarisonic and that works wonders, but it’s kind of pricey so a good cleansing scrub will probably do a lot of good as well!

  10. I love the idea of stuffing your black been burger into the sweet potato!! Sounds delicious!!

  11. Oh, I heard about Bate’s Motel but never checked it out, now I really, really want to!
    Love How I Met Your Mother, and I’m loving Mad Me. Awesome.
    Oh noooo, so sad to hear about Target! I’m guessing ours will be the same, although it doesn’t open for another month or so. Too bad, but I guess I didn’t really think it would be as good as the States version anyways. Darn that.
    I echo what Amanda said above, get a clarisonic. They are pricey, but it seriously saved my skin! That thing is all kinds of amazing.
    Hehe, I love your face mask;)
    Happy Friday!

  12. what a great way to catch up on my dose of Sam. I have felt major deprived these past few days. Again thanks for guest posting, I really appreciate it and just loved the post!

  13. This is embarrassing to admit, but I’m currently making my way through Gossip Girl. I started from season one when I was sick in bed and now I’m up to season five (I’d seen the first 3 seasons already!). Damn it for being addictive!

    I put a honey mask on my face every morning so I know how sexy it can be haha

  14. The black bean burger and sweet potato combination sounds amazing! I have been putting coconut oil on my face every night, It feels softer but its still peeling some. I am hoping that if If i keep it up it will work its magic…. or that the nice weather will finally just get here already!

  15. I’m a huge fan of leftover turkey sandwiches 🙂

  16. I was disappointed by Canadian Target too! I was hoping to find cool stuff like birthday cake Oreos and chocolate mint marshmallows there. 😛 I did get a cute purse, scarf and top there though!

    Literally the only tv show I’m keeping up with right now is Grey’s Anatomy. Love it! I really want to start watching Parenthood and Girls over the summer too.

    • lmao i wish they had birthday cake oreos…that might be one of those things I look for next time I’m in the States. :-p

      Girls is a really good show! I only got through about half of the second season, I’ll have to catch up.

  17. That jar of trail mix would be too dangerous in my pantry I’d eat the whole thing 🙂

    I’m watching Veronica Mars from scratch and I always love The Good Wife and Bunheads

  18. That sweet potato with the black bean burger looks seriously ah-mazing… and pretty too! Which means extra delicious 🙂
    I am obviously with you on Game of Thrones! You can tell there is going to be some major epic-ness coming up this season, and let me tell ya, I cannot wait. It’s that whole needing to wait a week thing to watch a new episode that is a killer lol. Bates Motel sounds interesting, perhaps another show I could eventually get into!
    I hope you are having a nice weekend Sam 🙂

  19. Hey Sam,
    I get crazy skin with the *lovely* weather here in ON too… I use an exfoliating wash (the brand is Suki, its amazing but expensive) and Burt’s Bee’s night cream and it works great.. I also use Aveeno intensive night care for my hands and feet!
    Also I haven’t been to Target yet, I knew it would be all the some stuff.. just a fancy new Zellers! I was hoping they would carry some cool local stuff, since that’s what they do in each area in the States, but it’s not sounding like it yet!
    And I’m watching Breaking Bad with my man (loveeee Jesse Pinkman.. it’s a problem) think we’re on season 4, and I may be the last dinosaur but watching this last season of The Office.. my fav show ever but I’ve been waiting for a new episode for ForEver.. and on that note I love The Mindy Project.. hilarious 🙂

  20. Love the idea of making homemade black bean burgers. As for TV shows, right now I’m watching the new season of Real Housewives of OC and I just got into Girls.

  21. I’m totally digging the fried eggs on rice cakes combination. Need to try that! I bet it would be pretty fantastic with some avocado or guacamole, too. 🙂

    Major bummer about Target! Are there any products in particular you were hoping for? If so, let me know and I’ll send them to you! I was there this afternoon, and picked up quite a few goodies, but I’d more than welcome an excuse to go back. 😉

    TV shows: Mad Men starts tomorrow night, so I’ll be immersed in the world of ego-driven men and mod fashionistas for the next few months. I also started watching Homeland this week, and I’m HOOKED. One of the best shows I’ve seen in a long time! I breezed through five episodes in two days.

    Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend, Sam! ❤ xoxo

  22. Mmmm! Yay for turkey leftovers….always my favorite part of the holidays! And seriously, a turkey sandwich just isn’t the same without a little mayo action! Love it!

    I have a tough time with dry skin too…I use coconut oil on my body (never tried it on my face but I know some people swear by it) and I found a really good moisturizer from Neutrogena for sensitive skin (AND it has SPF…which is hard to find in the sensitive formulas) and I think it works great! I’ve also been using a new face wash from Biore that’s for combination skin…so I think that’s helping too. I hate the face washes that make your face fell like a plastic sheet after washing! :-/

    Omg, my mom told me a couple of weeks ago that she’s been buying Greek yogurt for her snacks AND adding avocado to her salads and I swear I just about started jumping up and down! She was so excited when she told me too…Ahhhh!

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